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  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 AM · 9 replies and 263 views.
    Just one final mission before bed... yes. Go on! Just one more mission... :D To be fair I often have excitement when I fire up the game, lift off from a planet and forget I've not started the virtual joystick programme... throttles work fine though, just not the stick -_-
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 8:43 AM · 19 replies and 234 views.
    Pretty much this. I'd done a loop through the 'loop' (Barnards Loop!) and aimed for Heart and Soul but got stuck in a sparse area and couldn't get back out again!! Massive panic and considered having to self destruct before a kindly CMDR on here pointed me at EDSM flight logging etc. This was in the days before 'visited stars' etc. Once I had escaped from my prison I head back via California Nebula and places like that. Basically as it was my Annie didn't have nearly enough jump range for that kind of exploration. Then I plugged around in the bubble ranking up etc, doing the engineer thing until pew-pew killed my elbow and I set off for SagA*
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 8:36 AM · 119 replies and 1599 views.
    :rolleyes: Mmmhhh
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 8:34 AM · 74 replies and 2079 views.
    OP: I paused the game and now I'm dead!!! Community: Listen, and understand! That Terminator Elite Dangerous is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead!
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:42 PM · 74 replies and 2079 views.
    Pause? If you press 'escape' you should notice that the game keeps on playing behind that menu...
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:33 PM · 56 replies and 1526 views.
    Haz-Res bounty hunting.
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:53 PM · 3 replies and 117 views.
    GunnerBill replied to a thread Orbiting Six Stars in Exploration
    Would it ever be dark?
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:33 PM · 19 replies and 234 views.
    Where did the water go? Either it's on the ground or in the atmosphere. It can't just disappear.
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:22 PM · 49 replies and 2327 views.
    Because you're next
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:11 PM · 17 replies and 340 views.
    Have never tested it myself so couldn't say for sure. Discussions I've seen in the past have always stated 25% per PIP. considering WEP is just a cooling system, 25% per PIP makes sense.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:32 PM · 36 replies and 886 views.
    I wouldn't even say debatable, if you suck using pedals then obviously twist is the better option. There is a reason you don't have twist action or KB/M in Fighter jets or drone stations.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:28 PM · 17 replies and 340 views.
    SYS is definitely curved, ENG & WEP is linear. WEP is apparently 25% per PIP Normally I would back up my posts with hard data, it's Friday and I'm off out to get drunk. There are a few posts buried somewhere, they discuss this all in detail.
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:22 PM · 19 replies and 317 views.
    GunnerBill replied to a thread I made it! in Exploration
    Well done! But I am not sure how much serious outfitting you'll be able to do at Colonia.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:02 PM · 36 replies and 886 views.
    IMO correct setup is essential before you even begin to attempt learning to fly FA-OFF. When I say correct setup I mean what feels comfortable for you. In my case the following is essential - A comfortable seating & flight control position and a place to rest my arm so that control is steady. I keep the sidestick and throttle low down to either side of my gaming chair, when the stick is pushed full forward (nose down) my arm is just about at full reach, same with the throttle, at full throttle my arm is almost completely extended, both arms are firmly on the armrest of the gaming chair. For a joystick I go with the Logitech attack 3, it's a short throw stick without any twist action, the stick is very cheap but incredibly precise, reminds me a lot of the A320 sidestick. Pedals are optional, for me it is essential, throttle I stick with the X52. In-game setup, the controller options in ED is an incredibly powerfull tool, way too much to go into here, however correct setup including dead...
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:16 AM · 244 replies and 7527 views.
    Is that a giant mushroom, floating in space, in your sig?
  • furrycat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:04 AM · 12 replies and 413 views.
    I've seen it without boost, lending further credence to the 1000Ly idea.
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:25 AM · 595 replies and 43516 views.
    4 DAYS!!! That's over 15,000 ly a day :eek: The most I ever managed in a 3 or 4 hr session was 5,000 and that almost left me catatonic :D
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:58 AM · 424 replies and 10604 views.
    Hey Devari, half 12 here so I can't reply to everything, gotta be up real early. Just wanted to pick up on your point about the rudder: I have no idea where you are getting your info from? The vertical stabiliser on modern jets are incredibly powerful (with sufficient airflow) Avoiding catastrophic failure from excessive rudder use is trained worldwide, most high profile case is AA587, read up on it. Rudder ratio is there to prevent violent movement along the yaw axis. Without mechanical or software limits - Stamp on the rudder and two things will happen, the aircraft will violently yaw in the direction of the input, then roll inverted (if still intact) As far as occupants onboard, you can't compare yaw in a helicopter to yaw at the pointy end of a machine that is 100+ft long, or in the case of something like the cutter 600+ feet long, your distance from the center of gravity makes a huge difference to the forces you experience. Anyway, the above is for another forum, I did state that...
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:06 AM · 40 replies and 771 views.
    Sorry, my misunderstanding buddy :-) Anyway, as the video shows, keep it below 2 m/s and you'll be fine.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 11:40 PM · 40 replies and 771 views.
    Yeah not too sure about that, I often fly freighters without shields to planets ranging up to 6g, no issues. As mentioned, there wasd a bug with the landing gear contact points, the devs fixed it, still needs a little tuning however you can land without a scratch as long as you are smooth. 2G planet, flight assist off, no need to toggle it on and off. Here's a quick test vid I just made. The integrity callout is another bug (can disable it in options) The hull is not taking any damage, no matter how many times I land the the ship. Just fly smooth, I landed at 2m/s, ideally it should be at 1 m/s just under 200 fpm. To give you a real world comparison, anything above 600fpm (3m/s) requires a hard landing report and hull inspection. So if you want an imaginary ingame guideline, keep it below 3m/s
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    Im at Diso and funnily enough was thinking the same thing.

    Fancy a 1v1 scrap? Im in a combat rated Vulture and at Expert level but no PvP action as yet...


    Add friend if you wish to locate.
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