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  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 10 replies and 288 views.
    Remember to pay the fine...
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 AM · 22 replies and 709 views.
    We already knew. ;)
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Today, 11:33 AM · 311 replies and 8633 views.
    Aye Commander. It's been a while, but it never gets old: Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 11:24 AM · 7 replies and 199 views.
    That is LIT .
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 11:21 AM · 8 replies and 117 views.
    Gully_Foyle replied to a thread Murder? in Newcomers Forum
    I carry 4 mod terminals in my FAS for baiting these guys. Had one yesterday, this feller demended 9500. of whatever over and overr so .... He shot first, went wanted. He got MC rounds and lasered. I scooped his cargo in front of approving cops.
  • Frank_G's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM · 29 replies and 394 views.
    I have only 3 ships in my fleet, a racer for fun (Imperial Eagle), an exploration vessel (Asp Explorer) and a long range mission runner (Cobra Mk. III). I play the game for almost 3 years now and these ships are sufficient to do everything i like. An ideal build for what you plan is non existent in the game, but i would suggest to go with either the Cobra (more combat focused, but a decent explorer as well) or the Asp Explorer, which has more internal slots and more utility and weapon mounts, so it might suit your multi-role approach better. Of course there are bigger multi-role variants, like the Python and the Anaconda. I owned both, but always came back to my other 3 ships. I choose the Asp over the Anaconda, because of the cockpit. The view in the Asp is extraordinary (second only to the T9 cockpit), especially when you play in VR. And it is smaller and more maneuverable and that always helps, when landing on high-g worlds or rough terrain. It is more fun to fly around planetary surfaces and...
  • Frank_G's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 AM · 29 replies and 557 views.
    Honestly i didnīt know that the mission respawns... when i did something like the OP, i let the mission run out and payed the fine. I wasnt even thinking of a second chance and i wouldnīt have taken it either. Because THAT is immersion breaking. I also like your suggestion of getting a bunch of bounty hunters on your back, for messing up the deal with that crime syndicate. Paying a fine to the honest contractors is fine as it is. This game really needs consequence to make your personal narrative worth telling it. I am not the OP, but humor?
  • Frank_G's Avatar
    Today, 10:41 AM · 29 replies and 557 views.
    Yes OP, you are right! Cargo canister behavior isnīt what it should to be lately. Also my immersion is ruined because space is too big, the planets are too old and not flat. Earth is not the center of the universe and they didnīt even list subterran reptile lifeforms as Earths main population... Do the SCIENCE FDev! And now back to playing the game. Because it rocks :)
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 AM · 311 replies and 8633 views.
    The community is fantastic, David said. No problem
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 8:49 AM · 2 replies and 45 views.
    Excellent !
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 7 replies and 254 views.
    The new gold rush, no doubt
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 8:40 AM · 5869 replies and 291279 views.
    Welcome back to the great family of the Elite and welcome on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe :)
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 8:36 AM · 3 replies and 44 views.
    Welcome back to the great family of the Elite and welcome on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe :) ---- For the fuel, the excellent solution : ;)
  • john willi's Avatar
    Today, 5:10 AM · 42 replies and 1963 views.
    Work on ED instead.
  • Frank_G's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 AM · 119 replies and 1668 views.
    Well, gas giants have interesting atmospheres. Going deep into the atmosphere would lead to nothing, as we indeed would get crushed (okay, we can land 13g worlds without having problems to breathe in Elite...). But it would be nice to skim the upper atmosphere. Floating gas mine stations would be awesome, hidden pirate bases deep in towering clouds and they would be ideal sources to refuel. Combat between clouds, with lightning hazards and radar blocking cloud formations... the possibilities of gas giant gameplay are quite rich. i just recalled a dev diary... gas giant gameplay speculation starts around 4:15 -
  • Frank_G's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:51 PM · 119 replies and 1668 views.
    I want atmospheric legs! Actually i do not care what comes first. One will add more new things to explore, the other would add more depths to gameplay and how you look at things in general, so again a lot more to explore. Both are great additions and both would do the game a lot of good. Maybe we see lifeless atmospheric worlds or some with simple organic life sooner than we think. I think ammonia worlds and gas giants are not the lowest on the list ;)
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:25 PM
    Has anyone else noticed that audio is completely missing from the 5.1/7.1 audio out when using digital surround sound? I've got a 5.1 home theater setup and someone just brought to my attention that the .1 (sub(LFE) isn't working. I've checked every which way and the sub works fine until you use 5.1 or 7.1 (Windows audio devices). No audio below 120 hz (my subs crossover frequency). It's there when I use 2.0 digital stereo, and gone when I use 5.1 digital surround. Huge bug in my opinion. If you have this problem too, drop by my bug report and share your sentiments:
    0 replies and 27 views.
  • Globusdiablo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:16 PM · 73 replies and 2390 views.
    I think it might be. I was pretty zealous about the digital surround when the game came out. I must have just stopped paying attention. Anyway. Created a bug report. If anyone in this thread would like actual audio coming out of the sub/LFE .1 output, feel free to drop by and share your sentiment:
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    Thanks very much for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks for the rep commander

    Fly safe, trade smart
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    Thank you for repping me
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    Thanks Commander

    Fly safe
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