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    Today, 8:51 PM · 23 replies and 491 views.
    The interdiction minigame has been tweaked so many times, and the result was never good I think. Truth is skill is rarely involved in the result, as it's mostly all about the relative agilities of the ships (with the interdiction factor of each ship determining how long the minigame will last). Either your ship can't lose it even if you barely touch anything (that's the current balance iteration), either your ship can't beat it, and in the rare occasions that player input matters to a degree, it's all down to just steering the ship, which doesn't exactly make for a compelling minigame IMO. I wish Frontier would either develop it at least a bit, add proper timings for various maneuvers, give the throttle a role, or drop the idea of a minigame entirely.
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    Today, 8:26 PM · 91 replies and 1417 views.
    Edit: actually I should handle this in private
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    Today, 7:30 PM · 73 replies and 2375 views.
    Jukelo replied to a thread [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Pilot's Federation Bounty Discussion in 2.4 Beta General Discussion
    This ignores the reason why this is a difficult problem: that would be going against the spirit of the game. That would outright remove risk, when risk being present anywhere you go is supposed to be at the heart of the game. You're supposed to be able (physically speaking) to shoot people, you're supposed to be able to ram people to death. The difficulty comes from tackling edge cases while not going overboard. Your proposal would essentially remove ramming damage around station, which is certainly not intended.
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    Today, 6:58 PM · 91 replies and 1417 views.
    And in real life truck drivers don't make millions, bounty hunters have to work for their pay and not just camp a RES, and historical explorers were prospectors hired by major powers who risked storms and diseases to discover new lands and new people to subjugate instead of mere tourists. Obviously if the game promotes a game style that game style should be on equal footing with the rest.
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    Today, 2:58 PM · 32 replies and 1002 views.
    It doesn't have to be an external torrent client, the ED launcher could support it natively. That's how I get my Warthunder and World of Tanks update, via P2P through the launcher.
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    Today, 1:25 PM · 91 replies and 1417 views.
    I'm making no such claim and I haven't seen anyone in this thread making it either. I'm just countering the idea that these comments never happens. They happen, even with moderation (by necessity moderation steps in *after* it happens), in various forms, some more or less overt.
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    Today, 1:12 PM · 91 replies and 1417 views.
    You know very well these posts stay long enough before moderation steps in. There is a latent hostility towards pirates and anything even remotely pvp around here, so reports are slow to come in and depending on who's reading the report backlog probably even slower to be acted upon (there is this convenient moderation rule which allows moderators to take part in discussions and therefore prevents - or rather absolves - them from moderating it). You've been around for long enough, you know my integrity as a decent human is being questioned regularly on the forums (and in this regard Reddit is actually usually much more civil) for supporting murder hobo-ism, and I'm of course not mentioning comments IG (but certainly not in character) when I take part in piracy which come in real time. And surely you remember that back in early 2015, when griefing wasn't really a thing and piracy was the big bad wolf, all the armchair psychologists calling griefers psychopaths, were actually directing the very same bile at...
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    Today, 12:59 PM · 91 replies and 1417 views.
    And that rank is called thus because people holding it are supposed to be tough b-s who have seen their share of combat and killed thousands of pilots.
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    Today, 10:03 AM · 89 replies and 1802 views.
    Griefers don't die. The mechanics which allow anybody to escape a gank also work in the favor of griefers.
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    Yesterday, 9:32 PM · 63 replies and 1388 views.
    For the record, I'm in favor of cutting all rewards tenfold and re-introducing the old fuel and maintenance costs. And then adding the module resell tax.
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    Yesterday, 8:57 PM · 63 replies and 1388 views.
    Because I don't believe I should be able to skip the first 5 ships and jump straight into an Asp in the first couple hours, nor reach an Anaconda in a week or two. And before you ask, it is the job of the game to be balanced and put objectives just out of my reach, not mine.
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    Yesterday, 4:48 PM · 73 replies and 2375 views.
    Jukelo replied to a thread [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Pilot's Federation Bounty Discussion in 2.4 Beta General Discussion
    I thought as much, that the big rebuy of the ship you commit the crime in would be the lowest bound for any rebuy. But watching HP's stream right now, that's not how it's been implemented, he has to pay for both the rebuy of his clipper and the naughty penalty on top of that.
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    Yesterday, 4:22 PM · 73 replies and 2375 views.
    Jukelo replied to a thread [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Pilot's Federation Bounty Discussion in 2.4 Beta General Discussion
    As the bounty seems to be the amount of your rebuy, this is going to make station ramming a lot more popular amonst naughty people. I can't wait for the surge in discussions about speed limit enforcement.
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    Yesterday, 1:12 PM · 5 replies and 265 views.
    Stations don't attack the player for being wanted. For the most part bounties can be ignored, the most significant aspect being you have to beat interdictions by BHers every 6-7 supercruise/hyperspace transitions, but as Frontier has made interdictions ridiculously easy to beat that's more of an annoyance than a real factor.
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    Yesterday, 10:45 AM · 46 replies and 5865 views.
    Will you be adding monocles to the store?
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