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    Yesterday, 11:07 AM · 13 replies and 272 views.
    Other missions have been adjusted for distance where it makes sense. Your are thinking of various missions where the target's coordinates are known in advance by the mission giver, this isn't the case for assassination missions. You could argue for the removal of incertitude regarding the target's position, but then that's less a QOL issue than purely a mission design one. It could be nice to have *some* missions where the target's location is already known for people who don't feel like taking any chances, but ultimately you still want missions that have a degree of incertitude as it forces the player to take calculated risks. How would that make any sense in context though? Surely if the minor faction knows where the target is (and therefore takes distance into account when setting the price) they should tell you. If they can't tell you because they don't know, the price can't be adjusted for distance either. Well I don't believe in farming and grinding and stacking missions and I don't...
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    Yesterday, 10:19 AM · 13 replies and 272 views.
    At the start of the mission they don't know precisely where in the system the target is. That the target might be at a body 900k ls away is a risk you accept when taking that mission (check the system map beforehand). Also it's entirely fine to abandon a mission you belive is no longer worth your time.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 11:59 PM · 36 replies and 1065 views.
    I did get killed by NPCs a couple times. ..about two and a half years ago?
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 11:57 PM · 62 replies and 1842 views.
    People complain they get killed for no reason, so some people are too happy to oblige and find one.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 4:14 PM · 8 replies and 300 views.
    Bounties this high can only come from smuggling fines decaying into bounties, so chances are you wouldn't see them in Open anyway.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 3:51 PM · 35 replies and 1355 views.
    There is something you can do, prevent the lockdown from happening to begin with. And if you can't, where is the problem with that? You don't need control over every aspect of every event: sometimes things happen and you can't do anything about it and it sets the backdrop for what you do in the game. In every game out there that gives you a specific, unfavorable scenario, do you complain that you have no control over the starting conditions?
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    18/10/2017, 2:18 PM · 35 replies and 1355 views.
    Again, what is the problem here? This simply means the CG will be harder to get to a higher tier, which I'd say is not a bad thing.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 1:03 PM · 128 replies and 2444 views.
    This stuff happened in an anarchy system. This is exactly what anarchies are made for in gameplay terms, create zones of danger.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 12:59 AM · 35 replies and 1355 views.
    Afaik most CGs are setup to timeout after at least a week, so what is the issue here?
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 11:50 PM · 79 replies and 2524 views.
    IMO external tools are just as problematic as the wonky balance.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 3:45 PM · 126 replies and 2783 views.
    The big three are supposed to be exceedingly rare, it should take a whole year of playing the game to get to one.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 1:01 AM · 449 replies and 9989 views.
    If you could buy a fully engineered anything, Frontier would have a very real incentive to make it that much harder to get anything without paying. It's the core tenet of most F2P games: offer content "for free" at a rate that is unacceptably slow for the majority of people, hook them in early with cheap and enjoyable stuff to make sure they don't just immediatly run away, and give the option of paying to "just make it a little bit faster". Then rake in the cash from all those among your playerbase who suffer from hoarding disorder and get caught in the sunk cost trap and just need to unlock more of the same content even though they've long past used up every ounce of interesting gameplay your game has to offer. The existence of this very thread, the repeated complaints about the grind, show there is a lot of people out there who above all need to unlock things rather than enjoy the core game loop. Do we really want more skinner box elements, and the exploitative business model that never fails to come...
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 10:29 AM · 128 replies and 2444 views.
    You mean like they do every other patch, in between the patches where they make it too hard, because the mechanics are so basic they can't really create an interesting skill-based minigame around it? :D There are exactly three factors that come into play during an interdiction: your ship's supercruise agility (to keep the reticle in the middle), whether you use the superior control method for it (mouse) and the interdiction difficulty factor of each ship (a probably arbitrary number set by Frontier that makes it harder for bigger ships to interdict smaller ones). Size/rating of the FSDI has no impact, neither does your speed/throttle setting that we know of.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 10:25 AM · 79 replies and 2524 views.
    It does impact the OP, since they have to actively suspend disbelief and ignore all the stupidly imbalanced activities that pay more than trading for no extra risk or effort. Obviosuly we're talking about passenger, scan and skimmer massacre missions here.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 11:13 PM · 3 replies and 234 views.
    We don't know, but as they said it's free for Horizon players and a dev said Beyond is not 3.0 (hence 2.X), I'd imagine Horizon beta access would cover it.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 6:45 PM · 449 replies and 9989 views.
    Maybe we should ask Frontier to lock all the assets you currently own, with an option for you to unlock them by paying. Better yet, only give us, the rest of the community, the option to pay to unlock your asset.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 4:49 PM · 7 replies and 132 views.
    Not until we have commodity storage of some sort.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 4:48 PM · 10 replies and 313 views.
    I can't quite reconcile the title of your thread with its contents. 1 million should already be considered very good.
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 4:27 PM · 449 replies and 9989 views.
    Have you ever heard of the concepts lost sales and opportunity cost?
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