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    Today, 2:35 PM · 58 replies and 520 views.
    And this is where I'm sad to say, Mobius has its place. You can still get the enjoyment of happening to cross another player in a location (eg: the HIP wreck) and enjoying the social aspect of that, but knowing you won't get the pointless ganking. I feel almost sad that I'm actually recommending Mobius TBH. It's an acknowledgment of the game's failings IMHO.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 2:28 PM · 58 replies and 520 views.
    Alien sites, CGs, Shinrata etc will still have CMDRs hanging around in engineered combat ships interdicting anyone/everyone they can, ideally the lower the class, less able to defend themselves, less combat capable the better... The more pointless and one sided the destruction, the more grief, the better... ie: Business as usual... After what I witnessed recently at the community events I've bothered attending, I actually (after 2+ years) registered with Mobius I've got so sick of the toxic inane activity going on, with the game still not giving two hoots to try and create an OPEN environment worthly the community trying to play in it.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 PM · 68 replies and 1021 views.
    Indeed... Seems to be a good outcome. The best outcome I could envisage! But marred for me by the fact its for a mechanic/element of the game I still think does more damage to ED than good. ie: It's just degrees of broken for me TBH :(
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    Today, 2:03 PM · 186 replies and 7851 views.
    That makes it sound almost like there's some depth, challenge and skill involved...
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 1:03 PM · 186 replies and 7851 views.
    TBH, I'm surprised they had the appropriate information stored away to react to this...
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 12:21 PM · 78 replies and 3451 views.
    Ahhh... For the sake of 10-20 I'd rather keep up to date and have less faffing about TBH. So I'll aim to get the game with the 3 DLC's and then run the latest Promod...
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 12:13 PM · 78 replies and 3451 views.
    Oh.. But the official page states it does require all the three map DLCs? Confused! eg: -
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 PM · 186 replies and 7851 views.
    When will combat loggers be getting hit? I'd hope when pointless toxic unsociable ganking done purely to cause grief to other CMDRs is finally reined in via a long overdue C&P (karma) system? That would of course be the logical time to do it, unless you're someone of course who gets off on the afore mentioned mindless ganking for nothing but the lolz?
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 12:03 PM · 186 replies and 7851 views.
    "Users affected by this change will have received a notification and warning through their in-game inbox. " Cool... So to confirm... If you don't receive a message, you haven't been adjusted?
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 PM · 83 replies and 3098 views.
    Are only CMDRs with modules being removed/adjusted getting that message? ie: I've never used the exploit, and don't want to have to go into the game to check each and every one of my modules to make sure FD haven't erroneously changed mine. So it would be nice if I can see, I haven't got a message, so I know I haven't been "adjusted"!? EDIT: FD's official post implies you only receive the message if you're being "adjusted" - "Users affected by this change will have received a notification and warning through their in-game inbox. "
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 11:54 AM · 78 replies and 3451 views.
    Just looked at ProMods and it says, 'requires all three map DLCs: “Going East!”, “Scandinavia”, and “Vive la France !”.' There's no Steam option to buy all of those in one go... SO just got to hope so offer comes up over the next week to get them all at a reduced price. eg:- +
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 11:16 AM · 581 replies and 16615 views.
    It of course reads far more simply than the reality of it :) eg: The issue of when/where combat is legal or illegal is a good one. eg: You and I are signed up to different powers. When/where can you attack be legally? But I'd hope even this could all be addressed via fairly obvious mechanics of systems where Power X and Y are clearly in conflict, combat being legal, and ideally tasks pushing CMDRs against each other there in interesting combat scenarios. If the game stays like it now, without any more involved combat scenarios/mechanics for PvE let alone PvP, that doesn't seem a good thing to me...
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 11:08 AM · 60 replies and 2797 views.
    I look at the orrey map and just see us plotting the path of our X exploration drones to go off into the orbit of object X, and then Y, and at each location returning a video feed if we wish and doing a detailed surface scan etc. Before then, using the orrery view to plot all the drone coming back to a logical location where you'd be to redock with your shiop before then moving onto the next system.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 AM · 28 replies and 891 views.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 11:01 AM · 581 replies and 16615 views.
    Oh definately! Arena's would only help some players, and in reality not help/cure the toxic activity we all too often see at the moment in the game, which to be honest is what forces more and more CMDRs out of OPEN. But let's assume at some point soon Sandro puts his C&P (karma) mechanics in. And let's assume it does actually tick all the boxes (at least I think are required):- - Allows a little illegal destruction (of CMDRs and NPCs) within period Y. - Penalises increasingly heavily more than X illegal destruction (of CMDRs and NPCs) in period Y. - Illegal destruction even in anarchy systems is measured. - The penalties are not huge bounties, but instead being denied docking at more and more stations or indeed denied permits to entire systems. Even being marked as a psycho on otehr CMDR's scanners and assigned a permanent bounty. - Ideally exiting to menu is improved to show the counter to all CMDRs in the instance and the 15s is increased to 30s or more seconds if hit. - Combat logging it...
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 10:46 AM · 78 replies and 3451 views.
    So what does this "ProMods" actually do. If I understand, you need ETS2 with all the (3?) major DLCs for it? And these DLCs for ETS2 are just more countries/regions? ps: The Steam Summer sale starts tonight I believe so I'll be keeping an eye out for an offer for ETS2+DLCs? Or ATS?
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 AM · 581 replies and 16615 views.
    I don't understand why FD at least haven't put in a couple of dedicate areas in a system in the bubble for "arenas", where anything goes for TV programs, and all rebuys are covered by these TV companies. And obviously it would all be legal combat too. They could change periodically to be in open space, asteroid fields, around assets like the ones in CQC (that are already in the core game now). They could even periodically be limited by ships type so for example one arena could only permit Vipers. Surely this would at least let people interested in PvP find a means more easily to fighter others? Surely this might take some of the pressure of the all to often used alternative? ie: Interedict anyone/everyone you can?
  • MAIN SEQUENCE's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM
    Is there a delay (deliberate or otherwise) on the forum's RSS feed? Here is what the chrome RSS extension currently shows for Dangerous Discussion (generated by clicking on the orange RSS icon for that forum): It gives the most recently created thread as "Explorers: Share your motivation!". That thread was created 5 hours ago. There have been 5 threads created since then which do not show in the RSS feed.
    0 replies and 69 views.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 10:22 AM · 396 replies and 13602 views.
    I'd suggest you're risking wasting your time as we seem to be entering into White Knight/head-in-the-sand territory with some folks on this thread. We have 25 pages of people discussing and suggesting maybe KB leaving is symptomatic of, a) the direction the game was going, and/or, b) the designs that were making it out of meetings into the actual game. And for all this discussion about what's worked well, and what hasn't, they'll repeatedly seemingly nit-pick semantics and make bizarre non-points of, why are you guys so fussed about a youtuber? Or questioning KB daring to release a youtube video showing himself playing a PvP first person shooter. As if no one who's played ED is allowed to play any other genre of game now? Over and over these individuals are wantonly, or simply failing to understand, many people in this thread simply see KB leaving ED as not a significant thing in itself, but instead just another sign of the state we're currently in:- - Seemingly a lot of complaints of where the...
  • MAIN SEQUENCE's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 AM · 62 replies and 1658 views.
    Do not retract landing gear until you have exited the station. When taking off from a starport, do not immediately retract your landing gear. Boost is disabled all the while landing gear is down. This way you will not face plant into the station wall if you accidently hit the boost button. Retract landing gear once through the slot.
  • MAIN SEQUENCE's Avatar
    Today, 9:37 AM · 190 replies and 57495 views.
    Hi Alec, just noticed that the link to the official manual is now out of date, latest one is at:
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:25 AM · 23 replies and 1271 views.
    No doubt ! It's good for ED :)
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:20 AM · 2076 replies and 53946 views.
    And also the pensions of the British civil servants in Brussels (pensions which are included in the 60 billion requested by the EU to London), and who so much love the United Kingdom, their country, that they ask for many, the Belgian nationality for not lose their benefits :)
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:13 AM · 2076 replies and 53946 views.
    I suppose that for some fanboys of EU, this must be like an acid gnawing, to hear that London will become the EUROPEAN headquarters of Google :D
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM · 2076 replies and 53946 views.
    Brexit ? But you know well, it has not yet taken place. So no possible answer to your question
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