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    Today, 12:26 PM · 58 replies and 998 views.
    Yes, and unfortunately The Ronin can't quite make it to Beagle Point unless I strip it down, which would kind of defeat its purpose in the first place, so I have another ship on standby collecting dust for a trip out there later this year, or whenever I get around to it, The Ranger, a Cobra Mk. III build. Loadout here. → Naturally I did pack it with a few extras, since I had the room. To me though, even this seems a bit excessive, and I won't be concerned at all with the lack of hull limpets. Sadly, I personally don't really see much appeal in the Cobra Mk. IV beyond maybe using it as an ironic tank of sorts. But of course, to each their own.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 12:24 PM · 4 replies and 86 views.
    What's needed for this rig? Ive got a plasma Telly that I think will do 120hz. I keep thinking it can be done.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 12:14 PM · 8 replies and 175 views.
    And now you have an email address to go with your new CMDR. So you can have a new Facebook account and twitter feed and Reddit identity and you can make them all 100% Elite Dangerous. Then a couple of T shirts, mugs, then a tattoo, branding and uh sorry I got carried away there.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 12:09 PM · 58 replies and 998 views.
    Thanks. The ship handles quite well for a look around above world surfaces, and the shields help there a bit as well when making a few... miscalculations. Not quite as up close and personal as an SRV of course, but then I don't have to worry about its frailty nor gathering fuel rocks and the like. Cheers.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 12:08 PM · 7 replies and 94 views.
    California Nebula. Asp X. If you figure it out it will change your game.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 12:01 PM · 19 replies and 236 views.
    LOL That is totally what piracy is: robbing others of their hard earned. Actually there was a CMDR hanging out on the approach to Qwent and pirating Modular Terminals. I got mine through a different sort of player interaction, but full respek for the Pie Rats.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM · 16 replies and 231 views.
    I'm hoping to go back to flight sims around August, ahead of a couple of hours flying booked at Christmas, but I have my suspicions that I'll be needed here.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 11:39 AM · 12 replies and 398 views.
    There's one of those things at the entrance to Kings Canyon near Uluru in the central desert. Very Mad Max. Won an architecture award.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 11:36 AM · 3 replies and 93 views.
    So... the pictures are AWOL then? Shame. It was a nice bit of nostalgia seeing the old loadout menus from time to time. If any of you can actually see the two pictures, forum staff or otherwise, and post copies to Imgur or something for me to download them, I would very much appreciate it.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 AM · 58 replies and 998 views.
    This is my current loadout, including a tier 5 FSD range mod. → I haven't done much Engineering at all and could do with some more. It can be a bit of a drag though, so I haven't been in a rush about it. Presently I've left the Skull and Crossbones Nebula and am a few thousand LY in heading toward the ETA Carina Nebula. Here's The Ronin's registration and write-up, if you're curious. →!/page3?p=2828837&viewfull=1#post2828837 I generally stay out for weeks or months at a time, but I keep a well stocked reserve of tea, biscuits, coffee, Scotch, and brew for refreshment.
  • Obsidian Ant's Avatar
    Today, 10:42 AM · 2074 replies and 141137 views.
    Nice! Which site is that at?
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM · 58 replies and 998 views.
    Might not be a bad idea, since we can often help out as escorts or guards during expeditions. On the other hand, that might encourage another element to get involved. It seems most group expeditions are formed in private groups anyway. Still, it might be interesting for posterity and to show others that there are other ways to play this game while efficiently going exploring as well. I very much enjoy playing the game as a survivalist, and to me the biggest risks are other players followed by NPCs. It's a mad galaxy, it seems, and one has to learn how to protect themselves. Of the five times I've lost a ship in this game, I've never lost a ship while out exploring; not even close, with the lowest being 96% hull on my first real expedition, which was out to Sgr A back in 3301. Three were PVP related, one was related to station security, and one was getting board farming NPCs – thankfully I've avoided being that sort of meta gamer since then; it really didn't suit me anyway.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 10:31 AM · 27 replies and 757 views.
    Well the first one was an accident, but they're kind of like bubble wrap or potato chips, you can't pop just one. And no they are not OP. If you have 4 pips to shields, they do almost no damage.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 10:03 AM · 75 replies and 2388 views.
    Yup. API naooow! I want full instruments fed to my second screen. Just like I can in a swathe of flight simulators.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 9:58 AM · 27 replies and 757 views.
    if you run over them with your wheels then they actually damage your srv when they explode
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 8:42 AM · 3 replies and 44 views.
    That would be true but, as some have said elsewhere, what is a 4m Cr rebuy if you're worth hundreds of millions of credits? My idea would remove "self destruct" as a bounty wiping exploit altogether.....& I feel it would make bounties much more worthwhile.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 AM · 91 replies and 3969 views.
    I only ran over one egg... on accident :P
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 6:19 AM · 79 replies and 3426 views.
    That was a beautiful fight. Cheers to both of you.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 91 replies and 3969 views.
    I enjoyed it! My only criticism, FD, is that I learned about it from the forums.
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 AM
    I just wanted to start by saying that I applaud FDev's efforts to improve the "Crime & Punishment" system. However, I have a few ideas about how it can, IMHO, be improved even further. Death shouldn't wipe bounties: Pretty much what the title says. To me, the best solution to the Suicidewinder exploit is to have it that player death never wipes-nor even makes dormant-the active bounties a Commander has. At best, player death should cause a bounty to go dormant for a short, set period of time (say, up to 1 hour) before becoming active again. The only way a bounty should ever become dormant in the longer term is by having it expire naturally. Then, when the Dormant bounty expires, it converts to a Fine, which can turn back into a bounty if it is not paid within a set period of time. Grades of Wanted: As a trade off for non-expiring Bounties, I think we need grades of "Wanted", based on how big our current bounties are-from Petty Criminal, to Minor Criminal, to Major Criminal, to Notorious Criminal all...
    3 replies and 44 views.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 3:31 AM · 713 replies and 13034 views.
    The Department of Education is unconstitutional and should be disbanded. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. That means that any power not specifically written into the Constitution for the Federal Government is a power that is then reserved for States. Well, since the Constitution makes no mention of the Federal Government running an education system... Along a similar vein, if the American people want nationalized health care so badly, then they can amend the Constitution. Until then, we have this little thing called the 5th Amendment... ...nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM
    So here's the deal.....I absolutely *adore* this game, & am seriously looking forward to what 2.4 & beyond will bring. However I've been playing the game almost continuously since December 2014, which has led to several other great games I've bought in that time falling by the wayside-almost un-played (a testament to how addictive this game is ;) ) & also has me concerned that I could end up becoming burned out on the game. So I'm turning to the community for advice. As I see it, I have 3 main options- (a) Keep playing as I always have, & deal with any burn-out if or when it actually occurs. (b) Keep playing, but make it my secondary, rather than primary game (assuming I can even manage to do that!) (c) Just stop playing altogether, at least until 2.4 Beta drops....& use that time to play some of the other long-neglected titles on my "shelf". So, guys, I'm leaving it up to you to help me decide. I'm leaning heavily towards option (b), but fear that I won't be able to stick to it! Any advice you...
    16 replies and 231 views.
  • Obsidian Ant's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 AM · 91 replies and 3969 views.
    This is exactly what I keep telling them. :(
  • Obsidian Ant's Avatar
    Today, 1:09 AM · 91 replies and 3969 views.
    *Scampers away to paint shiny white exterior* (Seriously though, I will still call Frontier out when it needs to be done. I have a sneaky feeling this alien structure will not be one of those times though).
  • Obsidian Ant's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 AM · 91 replies and 3969 views.
    I totally agree. That's why I've never been interested in buying a Ferrari, it's just another crappy reskin of all those other cars. (Not gonna visit Canada either - it's just a reskin of New Zealand). :rolleyes:
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