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    Today, 12:11 PM · 471 replies and 85158 views.
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    Today, 10:34 AM · 197 replies and 7667 views.
    It's so weird when you say beta "tomorrow" because it's still Tues night where I'm at!
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    Today, 8:30 AM · 13 replies and 367 views.
    Well, get grinding mate. I had to get R7= Ensign to be part of the Ross 128 takeover. But realistically, Exbeur is not a viable target. BBFA are well established, well organized and Exbeur is a high population system so change there would be slow, heavy work. "Tell him he's dreamin'" But while ya waitin have good butcher's at this:
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    Today, 8:01 AM
    Something I'd like to see in the post 2.4 overhaul of core game-play is much more interesting variations within existing passenger missions-using both adaptations of Mission Wrinkles & Follow-on Missions. -For example, it'd be nice to see passenger missions that require Commanders to make rendezvous with other ships-either via the inbox messaging system, or using the current Mission Locator system. These rendezvous could be to transfer your passenger(s), take on an extra passenger(s), take on cargo/data the passenger(s) needs, or hand over cargo/data on behalf of your passengers. -A slight variant of the above passenger mission is the one where your passenger asks you to drop in on a USS to pick up something they're looking for-like personal effects, or Encrypted Data, or Trade Data, or Prototype Tech, or Rebel name just a few. In some ways, the above two variants can sometimes be linked together to form a single mission. For example, you take on a mission to transport a rebel...
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    Today, 4:28 AM · 16 replies and 730 views.
    I think actually that is a pretty common feeling. Elite has this strong "Blaze your own trail" ethos. You are welcome to go and be part of things but really - its up to you. You can be sufficiently Empire to have prismatics but also Fed enough to put them on your Corvette. And mission types are the same whoever you barrack for. So it's easy to view the powers as undifferentiated and opt to start afresh. Groups like the Mercs of Mikuun and The Winged Hussars really carved out a place for themselves. I imagine that's what a lot of Player Groups think they are going to do. Opt out of the big politics and be their own thing. It's not hard to be moderately successful. And as the groups mature they often find they have a position regarding the big powers. But there's so much lore and background to wrap your head around.
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    Today, 3:34 AM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    ugh.... you just spoiled eggs for me :D
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    Today, 3:24 AM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    On a related note, when I was a little kid... like real little, I thought the way that we got eggs was at a factory somewhere someone would open up the shell and mash up the little chick inside. I didn't think anything of it... I still ate eggs. I just thought that's how we got them :D *edit* If you guys are still mad at me for winning, I'll be heading over to the butt-end of civilized space to help out some religious fanatics... in case anyone feels like blowing me up :)
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    Today, 2:19 AM · 13 replies and 367 views.
    Yeah, nah - one is. I live in Darwin IRL and I spent a couple of months out at Darwin Research Laboratory in the California Nebula flipping the system to Alliance and making my first Billion. Lotta parallels, and half the stuff in Darwin is named after Charlie IRL. There's Charles Darwin University, and Charles Darwin National Park and so on. They are both really remote, research hubs and kinda hot, kinda crazy and full of tourists and military. That's grouse.
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    Today, 12:06 AM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    No... you literally made it illegal. That's not changing people's minds through awareness and education. That's just stifling expression via fear of persecution.
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    Yesterday, 11:35 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    And just a s sleut pointed out - there are legal and social processes for doing so, both of which have worked quite well in other situations... ...and neither of which you will ever hear me complain about.
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    Yesterday, 11:24 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    I didn't. You trying to make it so is just an attempt at false outrage so as not to stay on-topic.
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    Yesterday, 11:15 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    Wow, that was very nicely put, sleut! +1 If you don't mind, I'm going to shamelessly plagiarize that for all future discussions I have about Free Speech :) Statue of liberty hates cop cars...
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    Yesterday, 10:16 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    See, and were you a U.S. Citizen, your right to say such a thing would be totally and completely protected. Nice, isn't it? Here we go again... guns and nuclear bombs and shock collars... everything but people destroying private/public property. Cute.
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    Yesterday, 10:14 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    I'm not going to play your game, boomer. I've deflected nothing, and have stayed right on target.
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    Yesterday, 10:08 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    It's called having principles. Free speech is free speech. When you advocate for government control of speech that you don't find acceptable, you advocate for government control of speech that you do find acceptable. Free speech must be protected, as it protects the people from the government.
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    Yesterday, 9:59 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances I dare you to find a majority opinion, liberal or conservative, that disagrees. No.
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    Yesterday, 9:49 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    The town administration had decided, actively or passively, that the statue is appropriate. The only "accountability" at hand is the criminal responsibility of the alleged vandals. We are a nation of laws. You don't just go destroying private or public property because it makes you "weelly weelly mad". If you want to change things there are peaceful and rational ways to go about doing so.
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    Yesterday, 9:47 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    Why are you changing the subject? What does this have to do with destruction of property that doesn't belong to you? If you have a problem with something that some journalist said, then go take it up with that journalist.
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    Yesterday, 9:41 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    If you run someone over with a car, you're a criminal (allegedly, until proven guilty in a court of law). Next?
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    Yesterday, 9:41 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    Aw, boomer throwing out the "genocide and slavery" card. You might as well stomp your foot and go home. What level of society decides? The City? The County? State? Nation? This particular statue was public property. The town (or whatever) decided that the statue was acceptable, as was their first amendment right. Society didn't choose to tear it down, a handful of individuals did.
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    Yesterday, 9:32 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    So you, as the actor, get to arbitrarily decide what is and is not an undesirable message. Got it. So what happens when the actor decides that your message is undesirable? Yeah, it's too bad we have all this free speech, otherwise we could prosecute our citizens for anti-government thought crimes, the way European nations do.
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    Yesterday, 9:30 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    So... the problem that you have with American freedoms... is that they provide too much freedom?
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    Yesterday, 9:24 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    Well, the police wouldn't take it down, as it would violate Jenner's First Amendment rights. So what if it were a rainbow flag? Would you be cool with someone coming along and tearing it down?
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    Yesterday, 9:12 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    I just hadda do it ;)
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    Yesterday, 9:05 PM · 119 replies and 1911 views.
    Of course they would - no one likes the French Flag So, just to be clear, you advocate for the destruction of private property that one might find offensive?
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