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    Today, 12:52 PM · 4595 replies and 524798 views.
    Update released: Full-Version installer (40.8 MB): Update (2.45 MB): (Full-Version required) Changelog: - Added a Donation field to the Expenses category of the Credit Balance at the Personal panel. - Added a mouse-over tooltip of influence values at the faction chart of the Faction panel. - Added a mouse-over tooltip of money values at the credit chart of the Personal panel.
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    Today, 8:42 AM · 4595 replies and 524798 views.
    There must be a problem with your TCE.config file at the root folder of TCE, maybe it is damaged? Send it to me, so I can take a look. If you can't fix it on your own, delete it. TCE will create a new on start. But you have to configure some parts of TCE again. But if you have an outdated archive or installation on your drive, you can take it from there, but you have to edit the TCE_Version row at the file to be the same as your actual TCE version. That reminds me to add the TCE.config also to the daily backup file.
  • punkerich's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 AM · 2721 replies and 261783 views.
    Does it has to be a warning kind? You could just set the speed in ED to 0 in those commands / events if you map the control keys in ED for that. E.g. i set mine to 0 after hyperjump. @VerticalBlank: by chance, any news bout the gravity reporting?
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:11 PM · 17 replies and 346 views.
    Have never tested it myself so couldn't say for sure. Discussions I've seen in the past have always stated 25% per PIP. considering WEP is just a cooling system, 25% per PIP makes sense.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:32 PM · 36 replies and 891 views.
    I wouldn't even say debatable, if you suck using pedals then obviously twist is the better option. There is a reason you don't have twist action or KB/M in Fighter jets or drone stations.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:28 PM · 17 replies and 346 views.
    SYS is definitely curved, ENG & WEP is linear. WEP is apparently 25% per PIP Normally I would back up my posts with hard data, it's Friday and I'm off out to get drunk. There are a few posts buried somewhere, they discuss this all in detail.
  • Komemiute's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:53 PM · 696 replies and 32339 views.
    Wait... I lost something, again? More 800$ Jpegs? What are they selling now?
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:02 PM · 36 replies and 891 views.
    IMO correct setup is essential before you even begin to attempt learning to fly FA-OFF. When I say correct setup I mean what feels comfortable for you. In my case the following is essential - A comfortable seating & flight control position and a place to rest my arm so that control is steady. I keep the sidestick and throttle low down to either side of my gaming chair, when the stick is pushed full forward (nose down) my arm is just about at full reach, same with the throttle, at full throttle my arm is almost completely extended, both arms are firmly on the armrest of the gaming chair. For a joystick I go with the Logitech attack 3, it's a short throw stick without any twist action, the stick is very cheap but incredibly precise, reminds me a lot of the A320 sidestick. Pedals are optional, for me it is essential, throttle I stick with the X52. In-game setup, the controller options in ED is an incredibly powerfull tool, way too much to go into here, however correct setup including dead...
  • Eventure's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:59 AM · 4595 replies and 524798 views.
    I require the journal log for this session, if you haven't sent it already. @Received, found and fixed with the next update.
  • Komemiute's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:58 AM · 211 replies and 9079 views.
    I'm with OP here. To be honest the thread title is a bit flame-ish but let's face, if it wasn't I'm not sure I'd have read it. It mighr be long BUT it's well explained/worded, it makes sense and it actually comes from people playing the game so.. all thumbs up from me! What can be done to rise awareness on this? Do we start Tweeting about it? Any more ideas?
  • Komemiute's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:16 AM · 696 replies and 32339 views.
    Ironically, beside space legs, Elite has basically caught up in literally everything promised by SC. Count in more ships inbound, different aliens, squadrons, Player owned Space Carriers, beside the usual landslide of QOL improvements... Tell you what, I'm so proud in being a Premium BEta backer with Life Time DLCs!
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:58 AM · 424 replies and 10616 views.
    Hey Devari, half 12 here so I can't reply to everything, gotta be up real early. Just wanted to pick up on your point about the rudder: I have no idea where you are getting your info from? The vertical stabiliser on modern jets are incredibly powerful (with sufficient airflow) Avoiding catastrophic failure from excessive rudder use is trained worldwide, most high profile case is AA587, read up on it. Rudder ratio is there to prevent violent movement along the yaw axis. Without mechanical or software limits - Stamp on the rudder and two things will happen, the aircraft will violently yaw in the direction of the input, then roll inverted (if still intact) As far as occupants onboard, you can't compare yaw in a helicopter to yaw at the pointy end of a machine that is 100+ft long, or in the case of something like the cutter 600+ feet long, your distance from the center of gravity makes a huge difference to the forces you experience. Anyway, the above is for another forum, I did state that...
  • bAdbUd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:08 AM · 4595 replies and 524798 views.
    Is the selling of Commodities to the SEARCH AND RESCUE AGENT also not covered yet? I assume so, as I've recently sold a few items and they remained in the CARGO list. Which I deleted manually without issue. But I also noticed that when selling these items my Balance didn't change in the PERSONAL PANEL. Handing in Rares to Engineer Errors Handing in FUJIN TEA to BROO TARQUIN and I get this error. When this happens TCE remains in PROCESSING mode and I have to quit TCE and restart. I get one of these two errors. And the Rare is not removed from the Cargo Panel. I tried this twice by handing in 1 Rare each time. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text **************
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:06 AM · 40 replies and 774 views.
    Sorry, my misunderstanding buddy :-) Anyway, as the video shows, keep it below 2 m/s and you'll be fine.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 11:40 PM · 40 replies and 774 views.
    Yeah not too sure about that, I often fly freighters without shields to planets ranging up to 6g, no issues. As mentioned, there wasd a bug with the landing gear contact points, the devs fixed it, still needs a little tuning however you can land without a scratch as long as you are smooth. 2G planet, flight assist off, no need to toggle it on and off. Here's a quick test vid I just made. The integrity callout is another bug (can disable it in options) The hull is not taking any damage, no matter how many times I land the the ship. Just fly smooth, I landed at 2m/s, ideally it should be at 1 m/s just under 200 fpm. To give you a real world comparison, anything above 600fpm (3m/s) requires a hard landing report and hull inspection. So if you want an imaginary ingame guideline, keep it below 3m/s
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:53 PM · 26 replies and 413 views.
    You often don't have a choice, I uploaded a video last night, dropping in and out of the instance, peacefully scooping Chemical Manipulators from a Bulk Cargo ship, had mission cargo onboard, constantly harassed by pirates, popped them off one by one, quite satisfying. Not exactly challenging AI, however It's no fun having to run from everything.
  • Eventure's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:44 PM · 4595 replies and 524798 views.
    Alright, should it look like "XX MISSIONS" or "MISSIONS "?
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:31 PM · 26 replies and 413 views.
    Looks good, fine for PvE. Beams are fine on that build since you don't need PIPS in the SYS capacitor for shields. I stick with missiles/torps because I know it works 100% even against an Elite Anaconda, there is also 0 drain on the WEP capacitor. Have always thought a bug exists in the AI logic, you can pummel them with missiles, they'll spend the entire time taking evasive maneuvers as opposed to trying to seriously fight back. Makes things a little too easy but it works. Whatever your build, test it out on some easy AI until you feel comfortable. I also D-rated the thrusters and engineered them. Edit - If you want a great region of space ideal for T9 haulage missions, head to the old I-Bootis cluster, (Opala,Chi Hercules, Styx) a huge amount of star systems all next to each, multiple surface and orbital ports, most of the surface ports are located on very scenic planets (Mountain ranges/small rocky worlds etc) My home base for short haul operations is in Chi Hercules, station is...
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:06 PM · 424 replies and 10616 views.
    Bizzare comment, what do you mean by that exactly?
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:00 PM · 26 replies and 413 views.
    If you are only in Solo or private you can ditch the shields. I run with an engineered hull 2800 armour health, two Cascade grade 5 torpedo launchers and three grade 5 seekers, zero issue with any npc ship of any rank. Currently have a fighter bay on-board with 2 ships and a few other toys (SRV/Collector limpet controller), current cargo capacity is only 416 tonnes, however I can get rid of the toys and bump up the cargo if needed. Current role is mission hauling and gathering stuff for engineers, also have another that is a pure mining ship. LvL-5 FSD upgrade is a must, even with the heavy armour she still does 21LY, and well over a 100Ly's without the need to refuel.
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    lol so true
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    thanks for the rep commander
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    Thanks Commander

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