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    Today, 5:16 AM · 3 replies and 112 views.
    We don't know, but there is a post where Dav was asking people to describe their issues and what they were doing so he could try to narrow these things down.
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    Today, 5:12 AM · 4 replies and 74 views.
    There is a pecking order of posts around here and saltier the topic, the more contributions you will get. At least you weren't trying to put a guide together or anything.
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    Today, 5:08 AM · 6 replies and 66 views.
    Here I am trying to not throw stones and you dropped a boulder off of the building.
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    Today, 5:05 AM · 10 replies and 155 views.
    That is a pretty nice voice.
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    Today, 4:51 AM · 6 replies and 66 views.
    You wouldn't have had to search. All you had to do was add her as a friend. :)
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    Today, 4:47 AM · 77 replies and 1614 views.
    Yea, I don't know. Where I've grown up in my life, the situation I described can/would happen, that doesn't mean it's a reasonable reaction. That's all my point was. If anything, I was more annoyed that I had finally connected to a Multicrew session after many tries and it ends that abruptly, over something that trivial. Then I went to a Mexican restaurant, had some great food and many drinks, forgot that Elite even existed.
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    Today, 4:45 AM · 7 replies and 787 views.
    Oh dear. I can hear the rustling of jimmies in the background.
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    Today, 4:38 AM · 77 replies and 1614 views.
    Yes, my reaction to no discussion, over one kill, totally warrants the player that I was trying MC with being destroyed. Totally reasonable. I wasn't aware that an entire RES could be claimed by one person. In fact, I wasn't even aware how the tagging system works apparently. I even asked.. "Isn't it shared?" No answer, just pew pew. Hell I didn't even know we were being shot at because the pilot didn't communicate that to us in the fighters that it was happening. It's like accidentally stepping on someone's foot at a bar and having him shoot you. 100% reasonable, you're right. I have no idea what reasonable is, obviously.
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    Today, 4:33 AM · 94 replies and 3604 views.
    Eh, I think it's more that people that play multiplayer want more reasons to group up and play together. Any compelling excuse will do. Outside of these events, not much going on.
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    Today, 4:26 AM · 6 replies and 66 views.
    She was labelled a traitor or terrorist because of the assassination attempt. I think that's about it.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Today, 4:24 AM · 77 replies and 1614 views.
    Well, as long as it's legit!
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Today, 3:48 AM · 77 replies and 1614 views.
    Well, I just had a Multicrew session ended because our ship was destroyed for pretty much accidentally 'kill stealing' from another player. That player might have lost a 100k bounty, so his return was to blow up the Anaconda we were in that was worth millions in rebuy. I didn't even know kill stealing was possible, I thought it was a case of tag and share. Totally legit right? Nothing gained at all by the other player, when we were otherwise just trying to bounty grind. Makes sitting through 'no ship available' and 'failed to connect to multicrew session' totally worth it. It may not be indicative of all the players in Open, but it only takes a few experiences for people to decide it isn't worth their time for the chance at running into unreasonable knuckleheads.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:33 PM · 47 replies and 1323 views.
    They've all been missions going to an outpost, so far, for me.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:29 PM · 10 replies and 205 views.
    It could just be a fight to remain in the system. If they have lost the war before and remained in system, it could be the sign of a bug somewhere and you might report it if that's how it is. I can really only guess since I don't mess with the BGS much myself and they don't do a great job of explaining these things.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:25 PM · 62 replies and 2545 views.
    Well, since David Braben was quoted saying this isn't an MMO, it's more in the vein of Call of Duty, who knows? Maybe they can't agree what it is or should be.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:22 PM · 77 replies and 1614 views.
    Personally I think you should be carted off to the nearest prison colony with a heavy fine attached and have to wait for your ship to be transferred there with the normal delay and fees also applying. That'll learn ya.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:13 PM · 10 replies and 205 views.
    Were they created there or did they expand there? I believe that War comes regardless of expansion date. "Guys from Sol" vs "Gals from Sol" will be a Civil War. "Guys from Sol" vs "Bros from Achenar" will be a War. I'll give you another example. Split the US in half, go to war, it's a Civil War. Don't split the US, go to war with North Korea, it's a War. Civil, in this case, usually refers to personal matters or home matters, if you will. The logic is a bit shaky, but I think that's how it works.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:11 PM · 19 replies and 540 views.
    Make a sandwich and then go back to doing missions for whoever wins.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:09 PM · 12 replies and 2167 views.
    I, for one, welcome our new insect Overlords.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:02 PM · 7 replies and 354 views.
    The original vision of the game didn't have any of this in mind. We're independent pilots belonging to an independent organization that gives us the freedom to do as we wish. Emphasis on the independent pilot part.
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:58 PM · 126 replies and 3234 views.
    Over reacting much?
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:43 PM · 10 replies and 205 views.
    War Civil War The difference
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:40 PM · 62 replies and 2545 views.
    All that is understood. How that turns into trying to be Eve is what is perplexing. Is Eve the only game allowed to do so? Is it the only game that ever has done or tried to do something like this?
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:32 PM · 77 replies and 1614 views. In essence, the name of the game is "Don't take video game titles literally."
  • Dbrn47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:16 PM · 47 replies and 1323 views.
    Complete the chain and let us know. As far as I can tell, they're just follow up missions to keep you working for that faction. All of the follow ups I have received have been for smaller ships than I am flying, but I did not notice any substantial increase in reward. Perhaps the reward just lies in the fact that you don't have to wait on another mission to generate and they stay on the board for longer than usual.
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    Just looking through the forums for a viable alternative to sothis/ceos missions and came across your invite to PM you for big earners? I used to do rares until I discovered 4K runs then discovered sothis and managed to get up to 500M in assets. I was in the middle of A rating my corvette then the latest nerf hit and now I'm stuck with around 25M in cr and a half built monster that needs finishing! Can you help? Cheers bud
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    Thanks, friend me in game next time you on, Commander Shardinara Cry.
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    Thanks again for the rep ! Commander !

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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander !

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