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    Today, 9:59 PM · 83 replies and 4589 views.
    goemon replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Expanding Maia - Empire in Community Goal Discussions
    a war will block lockdown, minimum duration 4 ticks/days after it went active (not sure when that was) you can always transfer moduls and ships to another station, even when the station where the module or ship are is in lockdown.
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    Today, 7:33 PM · 120 replies and 20249 views.
    Are non-pmf imperial rebels gone with the extinct of emperors dawn? if not, any exampels? those given by are just corrupt data.
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    Today, 3:01 PM · 11 replies and 562 views.
    goemon replied to a thread FDL or Gunship in Xbox One
    i own both. FDL is a beauty, and surely excells at bountyhunting, but also every other way of combat. it's the largest ship which still is a small fighter ;-) FGS is my preferred fighter carrier. if you like to pilot larger ships (like python and conda), get both.
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    Today, 2:51 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
    I'm pretty sure that the effect you are experiencing is not down to the buffed influence effect of bounties, but an effect of multiplying positive actions per superpower aligned minor faction. as the number of actions goes up, the effect of each action goes down ... to back that up, here quoted a carefully worded support answer: "lots of positive influence effects" and "actions for other factions" are the important words here imho, as the system mentioned has 4 superpower aligned minor factions. each single superpower bounty redeem would count as 4 actions, creating 4 "positive influence effects" - at least that is what i believe is the case. so reducing the influence effect of bounties wouldn't be a solution to the underlying problem.
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    Today, 1:58 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
    reducing the influence effect of bounties would be no solution to the multiplication of actions via superpower bountie redeems, which leads to diminuishing effects for any other action in system, and is a large part of the current frustration of many player groups. i'm with schlack here, basically, the superpower bounty effect as we probably see it currently requires a lot of cmdrs and random traffic. i still remember the original implementation of powerplay, when only after beta the effect of that many crimes in systems were visible (and FDEV later on changed powerplay action to non-crime in BGS terms).
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    Today, 1:52 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
    well, i also can't really have a good suggestion... as said before, i think there are 3 problems with the implementation. - multiplication of actions (superpower bounty redeem) by number of factions leading to diminuishing effects (if that is the case, which i belive). I have no idea, how FDEV fixed the 1-t trading exploit, but i assume that they somehow collect several small transactions per cmdr per instance or something, counting several actions as one action. maybe they have introduced a gate, like only trade actions of 10 t counting... i don't think that could be a solution for superpower bounty redeems, as those are redeemed by different commanders, though. if the BGS algorythm can work with fractions of actions, that would be another way (in a 3 superpower alligned minor faction system with 60%, 30%, 10% give them a 0,6 action, 0,3 action, and a 0,1 positive influence action)... but i assume, that both things aren't possible with the current way influence is calculated, so i simply would suggest to...
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    Today, 1:29 AM · 13 replies and 331 views.
    did you check/reset your filters in the left panel? you can filter out signal sources.
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    Today, 12:16 AM · 3 replies and 176 views.
    i intend to take my surface explorer out there.
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    Yesterday, 9:46 PM · 7 replies and 142 views.
    the bottleneck will be the corrosive.
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    Yesterday, 9:21 PM · 7 replies and 142 views.
    1 corrosive, rest auto-loader?
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    Yesterday, 9:00 PM · 55 replies and 1853 views.
    the point where we chime in and tell the op, that there are only sidegrades, no upgrades to a cobra mkIII pve (even if some rather interesting sidegrades), and he can enjoy and survive anything in game in his cobra, is the point where you can explain how one can finance the rich mans hobby pvp most efficiently without spending too much time on CR earning :D
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    Yesterday, 8:30 PM · 26 replies and 757 views.
    + FAS ... :-)
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    Yesterday, 8:16 PM · 26 replies and 757 views.
    fighter bay would be another option.
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    Yesterday, 8:09 PM · 26 replies and 757 views.
    can confirm. obviously it is easier in smaller and faster ships than a corvette, though. @OP as others have said, longrange weapons, and i'd add seeker missiles, if the AI doesn't throw themself into range of your slow, but very strong ship anymore. or get a faster ship. corvette isn't the ideal bountyhunter out there.
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    Yesterday, 8:07 PM · 16 replies and 258 views.
    the orca got a massive buff (actually mass reduction) in 2.3. ... unengineered something like 26 ly with 3 cabins. but if you plan to do some engineering, the python is the better ship for all the various tasks you need to do ... even if it could be fun doing so with an orca....
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    Yesterday, 8:01 PM · 14 replies and 184 views.
    check here ... the original coriolis isn't updated since some time.
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    Yesterday, 7:58 PM · 16 replies and 258 views.
    well, as somebody enjoying the dolphin, too - and if you like doing passenger missions - the orca is a great bigger ship of the same. more for general purpose a python, 120 mio will be enough to get you a mission running python, which you than can start engineering (if you have horizons).
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    Yesterday, 7:50 PM · 55 replies and 1853 views.
    - check out this thread on current state of rares trading. especially with markets in boom, that's a serious money maker: - kill stealing from system security in a high res does still work well - as above - planetary scan data missions, from quince or other systems spawning those (no, i won't name them...) - running missions from boom systems, after you have gained some intial rep
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    Yesterday, 3:55 PM · 7388 replies and 439768 views.
    problem is generally how to test mission influence properly.
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    Yesterday, 3:40 PM · 7388 replies and 439768 views.
    BHing isn't out, as long as you are either the only superpower aliged minor faction in system, or you don't cash in superpower bounties. if you have some random traffic in your system with commanders cashing in superpower bounties and 2+ superpower aligned minor factions in system, a sideeffect of the new superpower mechanic might be, that you can't move influence at all positively, but in that case it doesn't really matter what you do. more pronounced the more superpower factions in system. normal bountyhunting should be effective, as well as explo data and trading- depending on state ofc. mining might got a bit nerfed, but i haven't seen number on it. from the missions check out bulk passenger missions especially - they have mostly all noted a large influence increase. a good combination in the right states is passenger sightseeing missions, and cashing in explo data constantly.
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    Yesterday, 2:09 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:46 PM · 113 replies and 3717 views.
    to be correct ... if there is ONE federal faction in the system, the federal bounties will increase its influence. if there are TWO or more, it decreases the strongest federal factions influence, while increases the smallest federal factions influence, if the strongest federal faction is the strongest faction in system. between that there are many possibilites, and depends on number of factions, number of superpower alligned factions, influence levels etc. but generally if you want to back the strongest superpower aligned minor facton, and you have more than one superpower aligned minor faction in system, you'll harm yourself by redeeming superpower bounties. besides diminuishing any other action you take in system. if you aplly the following 4 principles, which most BGS players approve (including the Alliance BGS players, whitch are most knowledgeable and help a lot in finding those principles), you can't come to another conclusion. 1. Influence effect of bounty hunting is massively weighted on...
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    Yesterday, 1:11 PM · 14 replies and 184 views.
    welcome to these forums, toxemic! (i like that name... the best names are those grown on us!) concerning your build ... if you plan on doing cargo missions, don't go with a class 3 shield, if you plan to shoot back.... and with d-class thrusters you won't be fast enough as with a cobra mkIII. once you can finance better thrusters, and fit a-class shieldboosters, you can do with a 3A. so, I'd suggest: 5D shield for the beginning, 4 small missiles racks, 2 medium pulses/bursts (till you have the money for beams), chaff, especially point defence on your rear (you don't want your thrusters shot out if fleeing), no KWS, shieldbooster. enjoy!
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    Yesterday, 12:59 PM · 2 replies and 47 views.
    welcome to these forums! check the xbox-groups subforum, i'm sure there are many who would like you to join. fly safe! (not into powerplay, so can't help with that, but if i would, I'd join one of the powers with low standing ... you know, helping the outsider!)
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