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    Today, 10:15 AM · 30 replies and 1195 views.
    CMDR Flirble Rasok Date: 20. September 3002 Location: HR 6164 "Get us out of here!", London Collier, my crew member, screamed with all the power of her lungs, voice filled with desperation and panic. Modules were failing left and right, catastrophic damage reports were coming in from all over the ship and we were about to die. Few natural life threatening dangers exists in the Galaxy, one of them is finding yourself inside the cone of a Neutron star. It is an almost guaranteed death sentence. Nevertheless, as part of testing the ship and crew before the imminent circumnavigation expedition, I chose to exit into normal space inside the Neutron star cone in HR 6164. It was nearly a fatal mistake. "Steady, London. Ready with the AFMU on the canopy, if the canopy blows we're in big trouble", I said. "Keep an eye on the FSD and Thrusters, we need those to get out here. Thrusters to full, now!". London engaged the thrusters, and I tried desperately to hold Icarus steady as she was thrown like a leaf in the...
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    Today, 9:15 AM · 1465 replies and 63571 views.
    Yup, very much interested in waypoints along the edge of the Galaxy. I've updated the route in EDSM with your suggestions. Oedgaf DL-Y g0 looks like a great spot for a meetup in orbit.
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    Today, 8:32 AM · 1465 replies and 63571 views.
    Welcome aboard, CMDRs!
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    Today, 8:13 AM · 673 replies and 77185 views.
    My imagination wrt to the AI Relics only extends so far as to the AI Relics being a hacking mechanism helping to decrypt the SAP 8 Core container. That being one assumption, other ones are that the Sap 8 Core Container can be decrypted by the Thargoid base map room, and the SAP 8 Core Container crystal shards actually contains pertinent map information.
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    Today, 7:14 AM · 673 replies and 77185 views.
    I have a mission assignment for anyone interested: Collect 1 SAP 8 Core Container, last known location: Wolf 903 Collect 1 AI Relics, last spotted in Bunda in Degraded SS, Threat 3. Be very careful, it's a trap with 6+Vultures/Anaconda's. Lost a Python last night. Collect 1 UA + 1 UP Transport items to the Thargoid map base and see what happens when a SAP 8 Core container and AI Relics is attempted to be placed along with UA & UP in the placeholders Theory: Thargoid map base shows a map of Thargoids bases in the Galaxy when a UA, UP & UL is placed in the placeholder. SAP 8 Core containers supposedly contains map fragments, the base may be able to decrypt the contents and give leads to the location of Raxxla. As for the AI Relics, well, why not.
    Today, 4:33 AM · 44 replies and 1266 views.
    More kickstarting is not the solution. We don't want this to turn into a mini Star Citizen situation! :eek: Cmdr Braben would never let that happen so I'm not worried.
    Today, 4:29 AM · 61 replies and 3166 views.
    Give a wider camera angle, some nicer body shapes, skimpier costumes and people wouldn't notice as much! That's what all the other games do! ;)
    Today, 4:24 AM · 65 replies and 2070 views.
    Space shades, space hair ... don't care! Let's get this Thargoid thing over with! I want ED space legs sometime, preferably in my lifetime!
    Today, 4:20 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    +rep Totally agree and let's get this Thargoid thing over with so ED can get my space legs before I die!
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    Today, 4:11 AM
    How do you feel about them?
    10 replies and 349 views.
    Today, 4:08 AM · 18 replies and 534 views.
    Does putting corrosive on a LARGE MC buy you anything more than if you put it on a medium MC? I've always thought that you put the corrosive on a smaller MC.
    Today, 4:02 AM · 18 replies and 534 views.
    +rep! I have to same two highly engineered multi-purpose ships. The rest of my ships are single purpose. The only thing these two ships would definitely not be good at is PvP. I can't imagine a successful multi-purpose Corvette though. The Jump range is too low for me to take (even when engineered) for one thing.
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    Yesterday, 8:44 PM · 4 replies and 191 views.|jumponiumRichSystem
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    Yesterday, 8:06 PM · 1465 replies and 63571 views.
    Welcome aboard, CMDR! Not in the cards.
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    Yesterday, 6:27 PM · 1465 replies and 63571 views.
    On the 14 Oct. 3303 at 16:00 IGT, we'll start the DECE expedition from HIP 23759 1. HIP 23759 is situated above the Witch head Nebula which makes for a very nice sight. We'll start the meetup planet side on HIP 23759 1 (0,0) at 14:00 IGT, head for orbit at 15:00 IGT, and mass jump to hyperspace at 16:00 IGT. If you don't want to miss the departure, please make sure you're in good time before 16:00 IGT, as gathering the group in one instance can take a while. HIP 23759 hosts the asteroid base Witch Head Science Centre, and I suggest you make a landing there before heading down to HIP 23759 1 just in case. Please be advised that the planet is a 1.81G planet. While scouting the system, I landed on 9 A and found many Niobium & Germanium materials. Could be that I just got lucky, you can check it out yourself.
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    Yesterday, 5:30 PM · 1465 replies and 63571 views.
    The roster is for all platforms, you can sign up here Welcome aboard, CMDR!
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    Yesterday, 4:36 PM · 132 replies and 2883 views.
    No one is telling you you have to Engineer anything. People without Horizons get along fine. NPCs dont have stacks of Engineered stuffs. I think teh joy has gone out of teh gae for you becasu eyou want the bets gear in teh game rather than playing for the best experience. If you were having fun withouht doing engineering just do that. Good luck and I hope you find something tto put a smile on your face. I hope this picture cheers you up I lieked it before engineering and since engineering I liek it just as much. So I ignore engineering and carry enjoying it. I guess when I have a meal and there's something in it I dont like (like a dodgy looking prawn) I put it to teh side of my plate and ignore it and tuck in to the rest :D
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    Yesterday, 1:06 PM · 1465 replies and 63571 views.
    Welcome aboard, CMDRs! This is pure gold, CMDR! Thank you very much. I've updated the route on EDSM with this info, available if you click the waypoint (#18).
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    On every ship, beam lasers need measure firing, you can't hold down the trigger all the time, the Python is no different.
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    Hi, simple actually:,4z...go0KU0KU0nE2UI
    That's a pure fighting configuration. With hardpoints retracted it runs at 95% power use with all other modules enabled. With hardpoints out the cargo hatch, fsd, scoop, interdictor, maintenance units and docking computer power down, ship runs at 98% power then and has everything relevant for combat enabled.
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    Yes, continuous fire overheats the ship, but not very fast and I never reached the point where I actually take module/hull damage so it hasn't been an issue for me so far. Also, the Python isn't the best ship to turn, so if I fight small ships I get fire breaks all the time, only really need to watch this is when trying to get the shields of an Elite Anaconda down.
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Can be found on the tail of wanted pirates and slavers.
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