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  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 1:06 AM · 75 replies and 2508 views.
    My favorite quote from the article: This is a prime example of why David Braben is my favorite human being in software development. He is using his platform not just to entertain, but to expand the minds of people who already have a passion for space. The intuitive understanding about the structure and size of the galaxy that almost all Elite players have is heads and shoulders above what the average Astrophysics undergrad knew with the internet of 20 years ago. And for anyone who is interested, here are Maxwell's Equations: ^^^ These are a cornerstone of classical physics and modern engineering that made everything we know today possible. I think my favorite result of which was a prediction of the speed of light as being determined by the speed of propagation of the electromagnetic field.
  • who?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:05 PM · 6 replies and 141 views. the impact with the skimmer insta-kills your shields.
  • who?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:03 PM · 78 replies and 2997 views.
    I'd advise you to stay well away from software development then. You really wouldn't like it here.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:44 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    I hope so. But for some folks, there really is NO reason that would be sufficient because of something that I cannot understand. I'm maybe not like regular people. I don't have religious, or sports or political affiliations, and don't self-identify with such clubs. So there's an undercurrent of connectiveness in society that washes by me. This prevents my complete understanding of my fellow men.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:25 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Can you explain that last part some more? WHY is all lost if a bad President gets replaced by Mike Pence? Is Mike Pence that bad? I would also note the use of "for any reason", which rather explains your bias, doesn't it?
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:24 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Ok. Welcome to Ignore. You are a waste of time. You're the only one on my list. Congratulations!!!
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:20 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Remember Ken Starr? Here's a legal memo from the Justice Dept. During his tenure: Sauce for the goose.
  • who?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:47 PM · 19 replies and 262 views.
    Unless they're some particularly zany bug here (which I doubt), I think there might just have been something confused. The data-link scanner is only for scanning nearby beacons, uplinks and the like, with a range of just 200m; it has nothing to do with celestial body detection or scanning. The DSS gives you extra rewards for scanned bodies, and more info on the body scanned (e.g. materials on the surface); it also can be engineered so needs to be installed if you want to upgrade your discovery scanning. The discovery scanner (typically the 'Advanced' ADS) is the only one required and related to discovering bodies. You only see the names of the bodies if you've already target-scanned them previously; or there are some systems in the bubble that don't need to be scanned, your ship already knows them and their bodies.
  • who?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:36 PM · 52 replies and 4805 views.
    who? replied to a thread [ANNOUNCEMENT] gamescom 2017 - Frontier Community Meet in News and Updates
    I suppose if you look at the upcoming releases (2.4 sounds a bit like a 'soft' release, insofar as it's being released but much of the content won't be known to the public until certain events are triggered; and the subsequent releases focus on the core game rather than splashy new features), they're not exactly ideally suited to a big, games-floor announcement. It's probably far better that these upcoming features are announced to a narrower, more targeted audience; such as an ED-only event somewhere.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:16 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    You deeply deserve each other.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:52 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    You mean like this: "Obama is the Founder of ISIS" - Don J Trump "Obama wiretapped me" - Don J Trump "Obama colluded with Russia" - Don J Trump "Obama did nothing about the Russian meddling in the election" - Don J Trump "Obama was not a natural born citizen" - Don J Trump "Ted Cruz's Father was meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald just before JFK got killed" - Don J Trump "Hillary's e-mails might have been read by the Russians!" - Don J Trump
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:21 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    This inability to detect falsehood is a real thing. It happens to brains as they age. Hence the Fox news demographic.
  • who?'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:22 PM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    I am kinda fascinated by the suggestions of a pre-emptive pardon. Does such a thing really exist? Whatever about the notion (and improprieties of) a 'self pardon', surely granting a pardon before the details, breadth and scope of the supposed crime have been determined is too much. What if the pardon prevented the investigation continuing and potentially finding more details which made the offence non-pardonable?
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:14 AM
    This is a theoretical question, which may suddenly become very practical. I would like to know what you think. Just as laymen. Or if you're legally trained, better. Here's some news coverage. Here's my take: No, he cannot do so ethically. But it might be legally possible because it isn't specifically prohibited.
    5 replies and 112 views.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:37 AM · 2206 replies and 49693 views.
    Was anyone convicted when Bill Clinton underwent impeachment?
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