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    Today, 6:48 PM · 103 replies and 3753 views.
    Ziljan replied to a thread Thargoid Challenge Level in Aliens
    1) I wouldn't read too much into a video for detailed mechanics 2) we have no idea what the Capacitor usage is on each of these items, nor what the reload/recharge times may be. 3) if the fight is as brain-dead as "front load your DPS with IWIN-button heat seeking missiles" then I'll eat my SJA fan club hat. I highly doubt Thargoids will be killed so easily. 4) the Thargoids will likely have other tricks up their sleeves as well besides regen. 5) I doubt that the missiles and anti-EMP devices are the last bit of anti-Thargoid tech we'll be seeing, likely all of our weapon types will be seeing updates (at least ammo/engineer-wise)
  • Deggial's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 PM · 38 replies and 0 views.
    I think, FDev finally managed to increase download speed! Well done! And also a reason for a little bit more income, as I don't see the need of switching to steam any more. :)
  • Deggial's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 PM · 8 replies and 0 views.
    I am not sure, but could it be 1?
  • who?'s Avatar
    Today, 6:21 PM · 756 replies and 85649 views.
    Oh wait, is this a cynical way for FD to get around the "too bright" planet surfaces people have been complaining about? ( :p )
  • who?'s Avatar
    Today, 4:42 PM · 17 replies and 506 views.
    who? replied to a thread Spoilers in Dangerous Discussion
    Well, spoilers tags in the subject line, by and large, don't work. You're requiring pretty much every single poster on a forum - even forum newbies: a) to be aware spoiler markers are required b) know what exactly should be spoilered c) remember the spoiler marker every single (spoiling) post. A far more effective system would be a tag. Assume everything is a spoiler, unless marked otherwise. You're only then likely to see something you want to avoid, if someone deliberately abuses the tag, or if a non-spoiling conversation meanders to spoiler-worthy content. I don't know if there's any way of filtering to only bring back tags, but it'd be helpful. If you see threads " The Event in Maia", then even that is a spoiler in itself.
  • who?'s Avatar
    Today, 2:45 PM · 756 replies and 85649 views.
    I don't have access to my gaming PC for the next few weeks (meep!) but if 2.4 Live is anything like 2.4 Betas, it'll be harder to infer anything from the game-files - which is probably a good thing! In 2.3, the folder names & structures were revealing, whereas in 2.4 Betas they were more obfuscated; so you'd only learn anything by digging into the files or hacking into the game in memory in some fashion.
  • Deggial's Avatar
    Today, 11:07 AM · 756 replies and 85649 views.
    Soooo... mysterious locations as Non-Horizons content, eh?! Not ships, but locations! And in space! I am intrigued ... :D
  • Deggial's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:34 PM · 95 replies and 2445 views.
    I've halveway engineered two ships for my Thargoid encounters: - An Asp Scout ("Tyr") as ... well, a scout. Careful probing, relatively cheap rebuy. Just to see what to expect. - My main aT combat ship (if needed) will be my brand new Python (the "Shiroi Senshi"). Both ships are only outfitted & engineered for speed and jump range (including a max sized fuel scoop) in order to travel fast towards any place where the action is happening and - when there - have maximal mobility. More speed can never be bad, I think. Everything else is unknown so far (which weapons beside the upcoming missels might be useful? Which defense system grant any protection? Will there be useful engineer mods?) and I see no point in any premature preparation without any knowledge to base my decision on.
  • Deggial's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:37 AM · 337 replies and 39992 views.
    Aaaaand I was wrong! :p While tomorrow still migth be earlier then Cosmo expected, it is definitely not what I had in mind. And while it happens all the time that people state all sorts of nonsense here at the forum and never come back to their claims and eat their words, I want to do better ... What I thought and seriously believed in was, that FDev had "snaked in" a surprise Thargoid attack into the live game code that would happen even before the actual 2.4 patch would be launched. And that a server-side toggle flip would be all that is needed to trigger it. Why did I belive this? - Well, the Thargoid ship models do exist in the game for quite some time now. No suspicious new game data would be needed for them. - FDev decided they need an open beta for this patch, including a CG with decal as a reward. The content to be tested seemed quite marginal to me ... so why an open beta with a very tempting reward to "lure" as many people to download it as possible? What, if FDev had used the beta to...
  • Deggial's Avatar
    24/09/2017, 12:40 PM · 152 replies and 6151 views.
    I am wondering: FDev said when ED 1.0 just launched, that the house was now build and the future would be to furniture it. And everybody (generalizing here, of course) seemed okay with this. Community goals are such furniture. Let's say, the are a cupboard. Yes, this cupboard is now two years old, I get it. But is still there, filling the living room alongside chairs and tables. Why does anybody now expect that FDev will suddenly stop using this cupboard? Of course they will continue storing cups and plates in it! It is part of the house now! They migth polish the wood, maybe paint it anew - but it is still a functional cupboard they did spend some time to create. That doesn't say, I don't want the overhaul/improvement (very much actually) or wouldn't be exited about a new sofa, too. But the expectation that FDev would trash useful furniture just because some guests are used to its look is not very reasonable, imo.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    24/09/2017, 4:02 AM · 25 replies and 381 views.
    If we are preventing something, it hasn't happened yet. If a crime hasn't happened yet, there can't be evidence of it. It's like my relationship with (insert name of any famous actress).
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    24/09/2017, 1:37 AM · 96 replies and 3474 views.
    It wasn't logical. And Sandro wasn't so much convinced as he was berated by jealous rants ad nauseum from people who would lose nothing if Open had slightly bigger rewards. If you Solo/Group you are only competing with NPCs, so what do you care what anyone else gets? And if you're playing "competitively" (ie passive aggressively) from Solo/Group then that kind of sniping from the shadows shouldn't be rewarded. It's just bullying without any personal risk. Ethically, it's no better than SDC invading PGs.
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