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    Today, 7:53 AM · 22 replies and 729 views.
    If you wanted to try running in a tea-bagged conda or iCutter, then I'd be happy to try and help fill you up. If 2-3 of the supply stations go into boom within Asp-X range of each other, it should be quite easy to fill up quickly. Personally though, as with Drakhyr's BRC: The Long Haul race to Jaques during the initial Colonia CG, I'm just going to try to post a fast time regardless of haulage based scores. :) I'll be hauling 40t and using neutron boosts as practice for an A* challenge run - the heavy load will impact my range and there's no Asp-X unlimited A* times for comparison, but I'd be disappointed if it took 3 hours to reach Dunker's Rest (I did The Long Haul in 6h36 with 50+ tons of cargo in the pre-Neutron era).
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:00 PM · 165 replies and 20271 views.
    Fly fast (by T9 standards) CMDR Bruski. The updated race is just waiting for 2.4 as the new pirate rum definitely has to be included. I'll need to go with booze and tobacco to ensure there's enough illegal items, but I won't be including narcotics.
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    Yesterday, 1:22 PM · 195 replies and 6087 views.
    By the way, regarding video recording - does anyone know how to get AMD ReLive to recognise Elite as a game for recording? I've given up with OBS for the moment, as I've had trouble getting a smooth recording and also had poor audio. ReLive works fine without any fiddling about and seems better than the older Raptr software, but as it doesn't recognise ED as a game running I had to "record desktop" to make it record - so it's recording any alt-tabbing that I do, rather than just the game window. I'll do some Googling to look for a solution, just wondering if there are any other AMD users who know how to fix this.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:12 PM · 22 replies and 729 views.
    I missed this thread until a day or two ago. As there's no deadline, I'll almost certainly have a go at this in between BRC races. I'll be in my Asp-X The Nomad, so I'm likely to have about 40t of rares teas and beermats on board in a Neutron-hopping configuration.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:04 PM · 165 replies and 7050 views.
    I count in 3 out of 8 of those CG figures, but will never appear in the steam figures that Eymerich quoted, as I bought direct from FD and never bothered with a steam key. I'm probably playing 3-4 days per week on average, on PC. On the other hand, I'm also 2 of DB's sales since I bought a second PC account, but I rarely use the alt account (it stays in the bubble if I go out exploring), so that account is possibly dead to FD for future revenue.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:24 AM · 195 replies and 6087 views.
    Congratulations to cookiehole and to all those who won the 'not as good as cookiehole' places, and to those who just had fun like me. :) I wish I'd managed to be a little more competitive, I need to get my planetary approach / orbital cruise skills sharpened as I'm fairly sure that a more skilful pilot could have made a run in The Nomad about three minutes faster than mine. I don't think that this was a race that particularly disadvantaged the AspX, so I was hoping to at least get within a couple of seconds of CMDR Jak's excellent Adder time. I'm going to watch all the videos to see how to do things better, so far I've just watched cookiehole's Crater Creator run - wow... :eek: I'm especially impressed with how you skim over the top of the different orbital zones while getting your vertical speed to the correct levels. It's also nice that your entry into OC at MH wasn't very much different to my final 'too fast for OC' attempt. I'm glad that I sat back and waited for you to pass after messing up...
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:37 AM · 92 replies and 3761 views.
    I kind of feel that this is a clickbait thread from a 'fake' account, but it's a good one so I can't help adding my own thoughts. :) After reading the OP I was going to post more or less the same thing as Arc. The current mission system is pretty dull unless you enjoy manipulating the BGS for yourself or a player faction, but joining in with 'community created content' brings the game to life. I've been playing since beta and would probably have stopped long ago if it wasn't for the ideas brought to life by posters on these forums and reddit. My assets are still less than 1 billion, because I've been concentrating on enjoying the game rather than getting rich. ElectricZ probably saved the game for me with his series of Buckyball Runs, his sense of humour and the great camaraderie that I found in the Buckyball Runner community - which eventually spawned the Buckyball Racing Club. If you feel you've mastered what the game offers, then perhaps try to beat CMDR cookiehole at one of our events (this one...
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