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    Today, 4:22 PM · 2076 replies and 170836 views.
    Hey please don't! :eek: It's a special little ship, and to everyone in this forum those non-boosted records are always meaningful. My own personal best AspX time is rather old these days - I had my eye on the 9-hour barrier before Shizuka and Rusti beat me to it. I understand the amount of effort that goes into planning a record run, and I knew as soon as they set off that Shizuka and Rusti would break the 9-hour barrier (from my own planning calculations and tests). I just wasn't sure it Rusti would re-take the AspX record at the first attempt. I also knew that Alot would break the 8 hour barrier sooner or later, and look forward to seeing what the engineered version of Rhonda can do. But old time or not - what I never, ever expected to see was a Hauler beat my AspX time. I've watched every AspX attempt wondering if I'd be pushed down further, but in 2 years only 4 have bested me. And then you did it in a hauler. For me it's the most stunning A* run of them all. And really it's only to the...
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    Yesterday, 5:59 PM · 22 replies and 1070 views.
    As I'd mentioned in the BRC thread, I had intended to get day tickets for the Saturday and Sunday, and just find an alternative hotel. Sadly this hasn't worked out - due to a prior commitment. :( Assuming that there's a Lavecon 2018, I'll make damn sure that I'm there.
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    Yesterday, 5:49 PM · 2076 replies and 170836 views.
    Fair enough. I'll back out of this particular chat, as I'm more or less in agreement with you anyway. I certainly never intended to annoy you with my earlier posts. :)
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:28 PM · 2076 replies and 170836 views.
    Well, it keeps things simple. As you say, there's no way of knowing what will be introduced into the base game, so the current rules allow for anything to be added. Hopefully FD will never add a one-shot transgalactic hyperdrive to any version of the game. This is where I totally agree with you. @Rankaze: Given the massive amount of work that you've done, without actually finding a suitable Hauler route, I don't think you've too much to fear. I get it that it'll hurt if Allitnil beats your time, but NS-boosts in a non-engineered run is just too hard-core, hardly anybody is ever going to even try. Flying a hauler to Sadge is going to be a rare event anyway, nearly any more casual runner is going to be flying direct in an engineered DBX, AspX or Conda. And as a veteran BBRA runner, I don't see the attraction in a boosted "classic" run, except as a wacky experiment. If I ever go to the trouble of a pre-plotted NS run, it'll be in unlimited. My 3 BBRA runs used the exact same list of non-optimal...
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:30 PM · 2076 replies and 170836 views.
    Sorry Rankaze, like Alec I was trying to smooth things over, and hoping to lighten the mood in here. :) I hope that your medication does the trick, depression is a terrible thing. Drakhyr allowed Neutron boosts so that "classic" runs would allow anything that the base game permits, and "unlimited" would allow anything that DLC permits. I believe that NS-boosts will just give a "S" marker next to the run. I'm personally more in Rankaze's camp of not liking the decisions that were made, particularly as a boosted run in "classic" by a CMDR would delete their own existing "purist" record run, but I understand Drakhyr's reasons for the decision as it makes the rules and classes future-proof.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:23 PM · 1901 replies and 132298 views.
    Raiko replied to a thread [EVENT] Buckyball Racing Club in Dangerous Groups
    I think that one is a white dwarf.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:14 PM · 2076 replies and 170836 views.
    I'll congratulate anyone who successfully races a hauler to Sadge, regardless of their time ('cus they're all maniacs!!). Erm Rankaze, I think that you're letting your current frustrations with FD and their game spill out into your post. I've read every single one of your posts in this thread, and would have cheered you on had you decided to make a NS assisted hauler run (and I still would do). You've been tearing your hair out over the last few weeks about this though, and appeared to have reached the conclusion that it would be very difficult or maybe even impossible to break your existing record using NS-boosts. Whereas Allitnil thinks that the current hauler record can be smashed (and that a NS-boosted hauler might even beat Alot's time). Surely, as we sit by the bar at Rebuy Prospect, that kind of bet/challenge is the true spirit of the Buckyball Run / the BRC?
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