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    Today, 10:46 AM · 1612 replies and 105386 views.
    Yeah it wasn't in the video - it was a mental leap (justified also by previous lore) that if we have one alien that we are apparently told is 'so alien in every way' (or words to that effect from DBOBE and the Spaceloach), and now we know that UAs are Thargoid, then it threw up an immediate possibility to me that they're made by an alien which is trying to appeal to humanity (because of the morse). Outside of some *really* devious masterplan to seduce us with UAs in order get us to seed our own destruction (MAs being an immediate 'cure' - but possibly not), it seemed to me we have an alien that's almost desperate to communicate, or at least is happy with us knowing, and even understanding, parts of what they're up to. That doesn't seem like the actions of an ultra-alien species which can lay waste to a couple of Capships. Hypothesis around the UA 'Masterplan'/MA Cure 'doubts' Like many things, now, after so many people's comments over the years, this isn't an entirely original idea
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    Today, 10:20 AM · 101 replies and 10639 views.
    LuckyLuke replied to a thread Update 2.3.10 in Patch Notes
    Play the single player training missions :D
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 AM · 101 replies and 10639 views.
    Sir T.j replied to a thread Update 2.3.10 in Patch Notes
    Nice. :D
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 AM · 2 replies and 94 views.
    Now at 565 incl GA :D Thanks again to the best community out there.
  • LordZoltan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:57 PM · 1612 replies and 105386 views.
    Hopefully the non-ganking Thargoids will also have access to the Frontier store, and will have alien-specific items for their ship and Holo-Tharg so that we can more readily identify them: - Christmas Tinsel to drape across their giant leafy structures - Custom Chitin skins (polkadot, stripes, unicorns) - Giant Groucho Marx disguises - Custom 'honks' for their UAs - The classic 'Arrooga', 'Boing' and sound of arrow hitting a tree FD: Make it so :)
  • LordZoltan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:44 PM · 1612 replies and 105386 views.
    My recent assertion was that the convoys were taking them to the shell - which I disavowed only a page or so back. I guess, though, the idea of a human-alien collaboration can't be discounted. If you have two branches of the same alien species around, one war-like and the other not-so, then - just as humans are experts in killing humans - it stands to reason that the more placid aliens will have the knowledge required to kill the naughty ones. Perhaps there's a human agency behind the scenes which knew this, and has been fostering some kind of relationship before their existence becomes unavoidable common knowledge.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:21 PM · 17 replies and 486 views.
    Anyone ask brett if he fed the hamster?
  • LordZoltan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:26 AM · 1612 replies and 105386 views.
    Hi - it's a great idea, but it's been tried a few times and it actually becomes even harder to track everything because inevitably all the subjects end up crossing over and polluting each thread, with one eventually becoming more visited than others. That's how this thread got born. That's why the mantra of 'check the front page' has become what it is - because the various first few posts contain a great primer and overview of current knowledge across all sciencey-wiencey stuff. Rizal has done a sterling job of keeping that up to date, and now Factabulous has another post there covering the ancient ruins which I hope will become a permanent fixture the next time we blow the forum up(!)
  • LordZoltan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:21 AM · 1612 replies and 105386 views.
    I might not share the odd bit of saltiness, but this is a work of art. Bravo Clavain. Sprayed my coffee all over the wall again! :D
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    Awesome avatar pic Delmonte, big Evangelion myself!
  2. Free hugs for your effort
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