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    Yesterday, 10:02 PM · 131 replies and 3115 views.
    Gotta agree, this seems like a bad comparison, and even worse predictor of success to blame Eve. Eve was a 3rd person MMO game and had no business making it an FPS since the leap in mechanics was extraordinary. Elite is already 1st person cockpit game which is basically a FPS already but with a huge heavily armed flying "wheelchairs" and hit boxes. So the mechanics are already fundamentally in place. All Frontier has to do is: the monumental work of filling the missing assets making the graphics scale decently with greater zoom making sure VR isn't a vomit comet providing halfway decent gameplay that isn't much worse than what we already have (it's not like we're expecting a miracle here)
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:02 PM · 307 replies and 7630 views.
    4 collisions since January is unprecedented in any modern Navy. Something is definitely not working properly. Not sure if the Admiral is to blame, but he sure has the responsibility if they were all his ships.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:14 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    To those debating Patrick Minford and his magical economic ideas, here is some reading.
  • Adept's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:27 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    When he doesn't descend into sickening stuff like the transphobia here, FJ's contributions read like competent satire pieces on rabid nationalism. It's hard to take him seriously.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:54 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Well then... ...hardly complementary but this could be the beginning of the end of this stupidity.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:02 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    The case of Dr Holmberg has been picked up by the Finnish media. Adept might know more but it's an example of how bad this country is becoming. She's actually married to a Brit and she is being kicked out of the country. I didn't think that was legal, but apparently the law was changed to allow this in 2012. No prizes for guessing which racist nutcase was Home Secretary at the time. In the meantime, businesses are starting to feel the pinch of immigration control. Remember - Britain has not even left yet, and this crap is happening now.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:50 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    This is a nightmare. Who the hell is in charge of this ludicrous circus show of a government?
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:52 AM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Well in Terms of Performance its actually doing Better. Going by that Chart its Debt levels are Growing Slower than that of the UK.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:18 AM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Yes, proving how absolutely ridiculous the Brexit farce has become. What the hell is "direct jurisdiction" supposed to mean? A court either has jurisdiction or it doesn't. There is no halfway. UK gov either know this and they're feeding the Brexit press and people what they want to hear, or they really believe this and are operating in La La Land.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:15 AM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    I hesitate to ask, but why is the word "woman" bolded there? You have done no such thing.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 9:52 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    It also appears to make the rather absurd argument that regulation by definition is bad and reduces trade, when some sorts of regulation can actually enhance trade.
  • Mephane's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 8:56 PM · 42 replies and 975 views.
    Also for modules and other equipment. It's too small.
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 8:36 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Well. The Bad thing about Democracy is. That People Voting are neither Experts nor always Rational. (In Fact I think they are often very Irrational) So it being possible is often not really considered. They Vote based on the Wish and Promise... And the Companies which Profit from it dont really care about others... They want to make more Money themselves even if the Losses for the Majority are much Bigger than their Personal Gains....
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 8:20 PM · 59 replies and 1345 views.
    I have NO idea what other species might be like, or from what they might have evolved, and how they might carry forward primitive impulse thinking as we do. A species that descended from something like spiders fills the mind with dread possibility regarding their behavior. The time of our unstable chemical only physical brain is drawing to an end, as we start reading the codes and putting in implants. Colonization of space is only possible via the solution of the transport problem or the mortality problem. I'm thinking the mortality problem looks like the easier lift.
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 8:04 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Well ultimately I think thats exactly why many Big Shots in Economy Sponsor the Brexit and Pay for the Ludicrous Propaganda. Isolating a Country gives Great Power to the Big Economy Factors inside the Country. Both Politically and Economically. Many Big Companies currently cant really tell the UK to change Laws on certain Aspects like Basic Worker Rights etc. Because even if they are pretty Big in the UK. They are not that Importand in the EU. Now once the UK is out of the EU. These Companies will gain alot of Influence on Laws. They can reduce Worker Laws because they are a Large Tax Factor for the Country and can Pressure it through because they can make the Argument that otherwise they might just move to the EU.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 7:58 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    In other news, Project Fear rumbles onto Project Obvious: European Investment Bank cuts off cash for British building projects due to Brexit
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 7:53 PM · 59 replies and 1345 views.
    The issues humans have can be simplified into 2 dimensions: vertically, and laterally. Laterally, we clump into groups and then have horizontal conflict with other groups over resources, or over differences. We toss our waste horizontally at them. Savannah-think. Vertically, we stratify our own group and create a class system. Social hierarchy can sublimate into religious beliefs: the best people above transmute to the idealized Gods, and the scum below us degrades into the Demons who live underground in Hell, where our trash and waste and our dead go. This is Tree-think, from our arboreal origins. Our wars come from Savannah thinking mostly. And things like Republican Health Care plans emerge from Tree thinking, where the poor and sick get screwed over to enrich the richest some more.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 7:02 PM · 307 replies and 7630 views.
    No it is not. Before leaving office, Steve Bannon admitted that there is no military option open to the US in an interview. Although others disputed that, it's pretty obvious that Bannon was already leaving, and was no longer invested in lying about positions. So the exercises go ahead, the weapons development goes ahead, China pretends to impose sanctions, the US pretends to be in control. Zero change on any side, no actual news involved. Just hot air from the hot air buffoon.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 6:21 PM · 307 replies and 7630 views.
    Tucker Carlson. His intelligence cannot be underestimated.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 5:26 PM · 2993 replies and 215332 views.
    When you get the job but lied on your CV....
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 5:20 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Then lets Check some of these Numbers Claimed. 1.2 Billion per Year of Net Cost 3 Million per Day of Net Cost. (Which does not even add up because that would only come out to 1.1 Billion.) 3500 per Year per Unskilled Immigrant. (Which is pretty much Impossible because even if we assume the Skilled EU Workers to make an pretty big Contribution you would get only like 1 Million Unskilled Workers out of the over 3 Million which is very Unlikely and which is already near impossible to get with Immigration Restrictions) Now some Numbers I got to add to that. There is about 3.2 EU Immigrants in the EU and roughly 4.3 Immigrants from non EU Countries. The Non EU Immigrants which are FULLY under the UKs Immigration Laws. According to the Reports cost the UK 17 Billion in the same time in which the EU Immigrants cost them 1.2 Billion That alone should already tell you that the Idea of only getting Skilled Workers is Absurd....
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 5:07 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Merseyside can't really afford to pay for much at the moment. They can't even afford to deal with that explosion we had a few months back. Yep. That's the point though. If one wants limits of freedom of movement then why would one allow us northerners allowed to go down into London and take all their jerbs? Whether the difference is Sunderland - Bristol or Frankfurt - Paris the distinction is pretty arbitrary.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 4:47 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    Should the people of London accept it when people from Liverpool want to go and work there? Maybe there is something to this brave new world where nobody is allowed to leave the city they were born in?
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 4:21 PM · 307 replies and 7630 views.
    Just unbelievable! The most pathetic thing I've ever seen from Fox, and that really means something.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    22/08/2017, 4:17 PM · 3717 replies and 121560 views.
    The economist behind this has gone full on tinfoil-hat (I will not link the Express, so here is a pic). It's a conspiracy. But entertaining the delusion for just a moment, one must wonder why "big industry" is against Brexit if Brexit is going be a land of milk and honey? Meanwhile, in Germany.... :p
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