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  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 9:11 PM · 228 replies and 7697 views.
    That's a rather black and white way of looking at it. Why not look for out of the box solutions, rather than asking FD to keep repeating the same old formulas that have been done to death? How about this one. Rather than a mission board that generates random (or proc gen) missions. You could state what you are looking for, and the mission board generates an appropriate mission for it? Player still needs to put in effort, but they can be sure of getting what they need. So, you want CIF, the board will generate an NPC looking for a CMDR to do X, and in return, you get your CIF. Maybe generate 3 missions, easy, medium, hard, with the easy giving 1 CIF, the medium giving 3, and the hard giving 9. With a definite increase in difficulty of course. Maybe the hard missions require wings to complete. Just an idea.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 13 replies and 379 views.
    Universal constants, as far as we know, are constant within a universe. What would be needed would be a separate universe. Interestingly enough... you zoomed in when a Thargoid jumps out. Looks kind of like they may be entering a different kind of space. Most likely just a groovy effect, but imagine if Thargoids have access to a whole new reality in witchspace!
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 4 replies and 37 views.
    I presume you are not referring to cheeze only, but to all manner of dairy products? (sorry, couldn't resist the Monty Python reference). But this has to be considered a non-productive thread, and therefore goes lockety lock.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 8:52 PM · 8108 replies and 583665 views.
    That's a mental image that I could have done without.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 8:48 PM · 228 replies and 7697 views.
    Based off comments in the past on this topic, and FD's habit of doing things differently to what is usually accepted as the standard, to be honest, i hope you are proven right, and FD come up with a different way to increase player interactions AND allow people to gain what they want through appropriate effort while reducing the less savoury aspects of material gathering. I mean, i'm fine with going for polonium (like in Ziggy's example). I know if i go to a planet with polonium, i can find some with a bit of effort. But then we have things like CIF, where its understandable people look for cheezy ways to get it, because the "right" way to get it, is either relying on rather fickle mission boards or scanning bases, which can take a long time with no guarantee of result. In short, i know if i spend an hour on a planet looking for polonium i know i'm going to come away with at least 3-4 (x3) lots. But CIF? Unless doing something cheezy? I could spend hours looking and might get nothing. That's...
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 7:51 PM · 8108 replies and 583665 views.
    Indeed. There are two scenarios that can happen which will result in a lot of salt from backers. A) The game fails to release. Backers will naturally be upset. B) The game is released. Unless it is all things to all backers, then there will be salt, except from those who will take anything from CIG at this point and justify it in their own minds, but i can't imagine there being many of those. Currently its all things to all men because of CIG marketing, CR's promises and wavy hands, and due to things they have invented in their own heads that CIG have never even promised (seriously, just read some of the "When SC is released, i'm going to do...." - half of them are not even going to be possible even if CIG do everything they say they will).
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 1:53 PM · 8108 replies and 583665 views.
    Don't investors usually want a return on their investment though? If CR spends all their money, and the backers money, and needs to pay for running costs of servers, staff, etc, i don't think the sale of cosmetics will cut it. Of course, since we have never seen any evidence of such investors, maybe they never actually game any money... or maybe they did, and that money is part of the fund counter. So much for transparency then.
  • Allitnil's Avatar
    Today, 11:33 AM · 1445 replies and 62474 views.
    Erikson's Star needs a 91.03 LY jump.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 11:26 AM · 8108 replies and 583665 views.
    Don't recall anything like that. I thought it was always meant to be 100% backed by the players, the idea being, CIG would never be beholden to anyone except the players.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 7:46 AM · 8108 replies and 583665 views.
    Ooooh.... never thought of that.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 7:45 AM · 36 replies and 828 views.
    If you plan on using them, then keep them around. Its worth it. Train them up from Harmless. By Elite they take 10%. That's peanuts compared to what you pull in anyway. If you are only going to use them rarely, the hire and fire experts and you need them.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 7:43 AM · 19 replies and 433 views.
    If you can, wing up. A group of 4, all armed with prospectors, can find painite 4x quicker, and everyone then gets equal amounts.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 AM · 34 replies and 2775 views.
    Never found a single CIF using that method, even following the spreadsheets. The RNG just hated me obviously.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 AM · 34 replies and 2775 views.
    I'm already good on CIF from the last crack train. I'd noticed this already, but been using the mechanic to get different destinations rather than rewards. So, let's say i see a kill pirate mission, but the mission is to Ratri, where the planets are around the secondary star, 100k LS away, i would back out, go back in, and see (for example) its now in Brizo. Brizo is a single star system with planets close to the primary, so a much better and quicker system to do the kill pirate mission in. Or, for example, i'm looking for a quick delivery mission in a ship with only 4 tons of cargo space. I see a linked mission, but it is a 5 ton delivery. I can back out, go back in, and now its a delivery for 3 tons. Bingo.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 AM · 8108 replies and 583665 views.
    Well, very interesting. 10k per month given as a norm there. Hmm.. i wonder if they had a particular company in mind when giving that example.
  • Allitnil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:51 PM · 81 replies and 2035 views.
    But is it really a QoL improvement for all explorers? Maybe for you or me who are seasoned examples and will use it to get to or from areas to explore. But look at what most novice explorers do. They tend to visit nebulae or take part in an organised expedition. Either way they are going to be travelling from waypoint to waypoint with typical distances between them of 5,000 to 15,000 LY. . As it currently stands they have to choose systems to break up the legs and with so many stars to choose from they are likely to all pick unique ones and generally diverge from a straight line. But if you can plot the whole way in one go then that is what they will do. The route plotter will take the most direct route so the only differences are down to jump range and those will quickly get exhausted. This QoL enhancement will reduce the number of new systems visited to the detriment of the very people we are supposed to be encouraging. The only way it wouldn't is if people deliberately don't use it. But that's the thing...
  • Allitnil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:04 PM · 81 replies and 2035 views.
    I would go further and argue that a 20K route plotter is an anti-exploration tool. It won't be long before the use of it between POIs less than 20K apart all but guarantees that every system you travel through has already been visited by others.
  • CMDR -=REAPER=-'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:01 PM · 13535 replies and 1414622 views.
    For those interested in the pursuit of Raxxla, Thread can be found HERE
  • CMDR -=REAPER=-'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:37 PM · 13535 replies and 1414622 views.
    Stay safe fellow Rifter! Let us know once you're through the other side safe & sound :)
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:02 PM · 12 replies and 380 views.
    Battering rams!
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:01 PM · 16 replies and 398 views.
    I believe the correct answer is, David Braben and Ian Bell made Elite :P
  • CMDR -=REAPER=-'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:22 PM · 13535 replies and 1414622 views.
    I hear you brother! FDev did say that there would be more to the Thargoid content than just combat, so I'm crossing my fingers it's not just an afterthought. As far as the rift mystery is concerned, I think its done... which is kind of sad. I have a nagging feeling Drew's story-line will take a backseat and fizzle in favor of more Thargoid stuff. I hope not though. The glimmer of hope with regards to Drew's story telling in Elite is the reappearance of Alessia Verdi... we shall see if that turns into anything... other than that I'll see ya on the Raxxla thread!
  • Erimus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:32 AM · 237 replies and 9896 views.
    Agreed. Planetary surfaces are an untapped wealth of potential interesting gameplay like that :) Rewards associated with the risks taken is where its at (I'm oldschool though :D). One trick FD missed (imho) was putting rare elements like Polonioum and Ytrrium in challenging environments instead of what they did, which was to make it spawn willy nilly anywhere but with the random spawn generator turned down. Instead imagine if those rarities only spawned in deep ravines, or high-G worlds, or in challenging terrain like steep mountain ranges. That's an incentive to seek out those kinds of worlds - thus gives exploration and prospecting a purpose to chart those worlds (emergent gameplay right there!) - but crucially you shouldn't be at the mercy of the random number generator to get your reward. Explore the challenging recesses of a world and you're rewarded with rare elements when you get there in your SRV. To me that's more interesting gameplay than mode switching on a featureless surface and waiting...
  • Erimus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:14 AM · 237 replies and 9896 views.
    One other issue for the Fdevs if they're still following this thread, Elite exploration has had a lot of convenient perks added over time, which is fine if balanced against risks. This was already a simplistic playstyle, so adding QoL perks without a counter balance just compounds the problem of eventual tedium and burn out imho.. Whereas risk keeps you on your toes and challenges the player. New features, like longer range FSDs, star filters, hull repair limpets, route plotters, are fine but there maybe should have been an equal number of risky or challenging gameplay content introduced to offset the risk vs reward balance that most games strive to aim for. In ED, specifically when it comes to exploration and travel, its all been heavily biased toward reward, and not a sniff of any risk introduced at all. Neutron travel being the one exception, which is completely optional anyway. But that addition was a step in the right direction because it added a perk and a different way to get about, but with a...
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