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  • Cdr Voorheez's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 AM · 1485 replies and 64623 views.
    I'm advertising it through posts on EDC Mobius group on Fb as well. Yeah.....;)
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 AM · 3 replies and 51 views.
    Hey l200ster, Thanks for the report. Please follow these steps to clear cache on you Xbox One to improve performance: - Press and hold the power button on the front of the console until it powers down completely. - Unplug the power cable from the back of the console so that the power brick in not connected to the console. - Press the power button on the console three or four times. This will ensure that any remaining power in the battery is drained, clearing the cache on the console. - Plug the power cable back into the console.
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 AM · 4 replies and 66 views.
    Hey Beomir, Thanks for the report. I think that might just be the raised parts on top of the ship, but I'll check it out.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 9 replies and 211 views.
    Trying to figure out if VJ is playing SC or knows something I don't... :P
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 9:16 AM · 52 replies and 1418 views.
    There is only one rational course of action...
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 7:20 AM · 79 replies and 2847 views.
    Fashion is smashin'? And, where there's money to be made... I at least much prefer cosmetic type options for this sort of thing than pay to win type stuff. As I understand it, Frontier had been considering those options as well early on. To be fair, I'm not really hung up on the idea of sunglasses in the game either, leastwise not for my character. But hey, if some people want them and are willing to pay for them, have at it.
  • Raiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:45 PM · 2128 replies and 183646 views.
    Raiko replied to a thread [EVENT] Buckyball Racing Club in Dangerous Groups
    Sorry, I've not had much chance to post for a couple of days. Thanks, the text was the main thing I was thinking about. I'll try tweaking the colours a little before finishing the race thread. Totally understand if you don't manage to race, I hope everything goes well for your mother. I didn't notice any drop in responsiveness when I switch graphics cards earlier in the year (or since), albeit I only switched from an AMD R280X to a RX 480, and I only play in 1080p.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:30 PM · 8227 replies and 593574 views.
    Same can be said of many aspects. I think the truth is closer to players not being able to adequately describe what they want. And the worse you can do with that is try to appease everyone. That's how you end up with major scope creep ;)
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:56 PM · 5 replies and 113 views.
    Hello Commander Check these chaps out
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:05 PM · 44 replies and 595 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Heat sinks in Elite Exploration
    any thrusters on any ship will give you at least 5 m/s acceleration on any planet. so leaving is always possible. problem here without shields is to get the thrusters starting and to 20% ascend without touching the ground.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:47 PM · 8227 replies and 593574 views.
    Now I would be the first person to call foul here but I am struggling to see any direct evidence for aim-botting or cheating in general here?
  • EdzUp's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:28 PM · 51 replies and 1627 views.
    so do I it's the bug bear of today's games is the free to play model where you have to pay to progress. If Elite ever done that it would like a huge chunk of player's immediately being the way it is gives it a certain charm. As I said it was a idea and up for discussion I would love to see the old ships back, it's one of the reasons I'm still in a Sidey.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:27 PM · 11 replies and 266 views.
    Woah. Dude, this was like over a year ago. I thought you meant something more recent :P EDIT: If anything, I saw a noticeable improvement in the 2.4 beta both in my rift and 2D
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:21 PM · 11 replies and 266 views.
    Thx. As he does like a video a day it's hard to tell which one you mean :P
  • EdzUp's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:05 PM · 405 replies and 37362 views.
    No engineering just A-Spec :)
  • goemon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:52 PM · 44 replies and 595 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Heat sinks in Elite Exploration
    the chance of jumping into a close trinary are tiny ... i have met one in over 15 000 jumps, and that was in the bubble. with hullrepair-limpets, there is even less reason to take heatsinks, but heat will damage the powerplant. i have a G5 lightweight heatsink launcher on my dbe which i'll take for the upcoming circumnavigation nevertheless. better safe than sorry ...
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    Thank you for the rep CMDR!
    May you mod stick never fall to heavy, nor to light ...only just appropriately (from what I've seen that is your normal way of doing it anyway)
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    Thanks for the rep. Have some in return for your contributions to the BGS thread.
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    Hi mate,I wanted to rep you for being very helpful to players who need help on the forum's,you are always ready to help and I've never read a negative post from you...respect Cmdr o7.
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