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  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 4:02 PM · 17 replies and 281 views.
    I like Fred's suggestion, plus I'm also fond of finding a good Civil War system and farming Massacre Missions. It really depends, though, on what kinds of activities interest you, OP. There are a number of efficient ways to build capital in all of the main disciplines in the game.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 4:00 PM · 17 replies and 290 views.
    Start out with gimbals, ascend to fixed.
  • Crimson Kaim's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 PM · 17 replies and 290 views.
    Fixed. 'Nuff said.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 3:09 PM · 1924 replies and 68041 views.
    The geometry looks compelling, but the beige is just terrible.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 10:34 AM · 198 replies and 7953 views.
    It's so weird when you say beta "tomorrow" because it's still Tues night where I'm at!
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 3:12 AM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    One of the best scenes from one of the all time great movies. I actually linked a shot from that movie on the previous page.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 2:52 AM · 1924 replies and 68041 views.
    Yeah, I just checked the dev responses to this thread, and those most definitely were not answers hinting at solutions. In fact, I'd say the odds of un-beigeifying the planets ever isn't looking very likely based on those responses. It's weird to see a game where the graphics get worse as development continues.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 AM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:15 AM · 49 replies and 1291 views.
    I sense the time is ripe for ME to make my bid to become a mod! I haven't ridden a Cobra in ages, perhaps I should dust the old girl off and take her for a spin
  • Truesilver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:17 PM · 289 replies and 8067 views.
    Nice to see a post from @askavir, someone I remember from back in the CG days. As ever, I agree. I know. Over the past year I've become an expert in doing things I don't want to do and in reading about how most efficiently to do things I don't want to do. The worst thing about it is that I and my children own games in which 'the grind' has been approached with 21st century spectacles on and so (although in some cases of similar duration) is just so much more fun.
  • Truesilver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:12 PM · 64 replies and 3201 views.
    Thanks for the question - the honest answer is that I would defer to the opinions of those with more recent experience of big ship PvP (of which there are many). I am a current PvP-er, but been small ship now for over a year (except in Fish Betas, when I try everything). However ... harking back to when I was an undefeated ED 1.3/1.4 Anaconda PvP pilot ... and updating for 2.1 and all that has happened since, including most importantly the speed of the target enemy ... ... personally if I was going to build purely to fight Ferdie I would probably work around one fixed huge laser, no feedback cascade (too hard to hit, they will clear range anyway at the crucial moment), and lots of missiles/packhounds (because even with TLB against me, one huge fixed is a machine, with an SLF on my side also, and when they switch to firing at the SLF, that's when I'd lock the missiles) and if I was going to to build to fight another big ship, Pacifiers would probably feature in every permissible hardpoint.
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:43 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    Shooting, anything, is only a portion of what the game offers. In the simplest view, something on the order of a third. Combat, Trade, and Exploration. Not even accounting for all of the activities that can and do go on, other than shooting. Fixating on combat, and PvP in general blinds you to the other opportunities for entertainment.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:58 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    Honestly, I read Dale's comment on this thread and it was literally like a breath of fresh air. Every since Sandro's comments and innuendo on Reddit and even this forum RE: c&p and karma, as well as the following emboldening of those whose primary desire is to do their level best to destroy Open, my regard for this game and Fdev in general has more or less been circling the drain. I know that Dale wasn't speaking "officially" but having someone from Fdev actually look at this game in a similar light as I do, as well as a way that actually falls in line with how it was marketed and advertised to all of us, is probably the first optimistic thing I've heard relating to ED in a very long time.
  • Enexemander's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:35 PM · 31 replies and 839 views.
    The FAS and Vulture are both in line with my preferred style of fighting- out maneuver, stay in blind spots, and frustrate the enemy to death. In going from a Vulture to an FAS, you are basically trading maneuverability for more firepower and toughness. You can compare the two ships by the numbers with Truesilver's thread here: For my personal choice? I go with the Federal Assault Ship. I love the cockpit design and brutal industrial look, and I'm a Fed to the core. That said, I take my Vulture out for a spin all the time. It's just super fun to fly.
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:12 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    Your views are completely focused on PvP, so of course you will see that stuff as PvP oriented. I look at the stuff you mentioned as combat focused, rather than PvP focused. Everyone wants more power. Speed is fun for everyone, it's certainly not specific to combat, nor PvP. Many of the engineering options are not combat focused, like the ones that drop mass, or extend functionality. Expand your vision beyond the tunnel vision of PvP. With that, why are all of the PP and Engineer stuffs dependent on PvE content, if they are PvP based? PvP is there for those that enjoy it, but it is hardly the focus of the game.
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:05 PM · 31 replies and 839 views.
    I am not trying to evangelize for the FAS, but one fight with a tough opponent shouldn't be your guide. I never advise for the FdL. I hate that thing. Mine is collecting dust. Mostly due to it's flight characteristics. Venturing out of the blue zone murders the agility of the thing. But, if you are married to shield tanking it is the way to go. My success, even against Elite 'Vetts, and 'Condas stems from circle strafing. Thank you TrueSilver. It is not uncommon for me to finish off an Elite in one of the big ships, one on one, without my shields breaking. When I do end up taking some hull/mod damage, the bounties always make up for the cost easily. For me, the bigger threat is wings of more than two. The death of a thousand cuts is more dangerous than one big threat.
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:48 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    Thanks for your help in making my point. o7
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:40 PM · 31 replies and 839 views.
    With the addition of MRP's and dedicated combat slots, the FAS has re-emerged as a great combat ship. It was never nerfed, but missiles were buffed and made shieldless FAS's a problem. And, they all become Shieldless at some point. You just have to accept some hull/Mod damage as you go. I am quite successful in an all-'rounder FAS build, even in CZ's and HRES's.
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:30 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    There is absolutely no reward for PvP. None. Not within the BGS, PP, nor CG's. None. The only way to succeed in Elite is by filling PvE buckets. All of the rest is just a figment of one's imagination. Open is not the yardstick of E|D play. It's simply a matchmaking choice a player makes as he/she logs in. Right from the beginning the game offered equal access from all modes. The game was designed for PvE play, with the ability to PvP, but some people only see/saw the potential to shoot other players, and jumped in. Not realizing how futile PvP is. Research before a purchase could have saved a lot of bent noses out there, as people adjust their choices to get the experience they, individually, are interested in. As to the ganking, it started with release. I was there, and no one was bored. People just use boredom to justify being HoBro's.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:27 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    I'm not the one who needs protection. But to answer your question on a technical level I'd suggest the scientists and bodyguards wing up, and once on the ground use one of the wing members to "anchor in" more members of the party as required. This is how massive wing battles with more participants than wing slots are organized. As far as pay goes, that is a weak link in the formula. Dropping precious cargo is pretty much it at this point. Personally, I'd do it just for roleplay reasons.
  • Truesilver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:22 PM · 64 replies and 3201 views.
    I used to think the same but the SLF is one heck of an equaliser and a Cutter or Corvette built for raw Mj can tank a lot of plasma before resorting to SCB's. Ofc the right weapon set on the Cutter/Corvette would be a must, indeed. Basically I used to think that Ferdie was No.1 in 2.1, but since then things have perhaps moved back a bit towards the Big 3. If we ever get another Fish Beta it would be great to try to organise an event to thrash this question out! (Mental note made.) Assuming that both pilots are reasonably skilled and experienced in PvP, 'very light engineered' is I'm afraid a suicide note. Most serious PvP-ers aren't just rocking in full g5, it's very very high-end g5 across drives, distro, shield and guns.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:20 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    Exactly. Like gunslingers for hire in the Wild Old West.
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:19 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    On it's own, this sounds like a nice idea. But, it can't work. There is no mechanism to hire others. There is no way to ensure instancing. In short, the idea is a pipe dream. More wishful thinking. Do a test. Try this idea out with some of your friends and see if it even works. I'm betting it won't be effective.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:15 PM · 382 replies and 11605 views.
    Ideally the pilot in the Courier would be doing something besides watching his clients be destroyed. A decent pilot could make himself pretty hard to ignore. Besides, I only use one courier pilot as an example; scientists should also feel free to hire more than one pilot, and there are certainly other more effective combat ships. The point being: Open provides for numerous ways for a CMDR to take steps to ensure their own survival, there is no mandate that only gankers/griefers/PvPers act proactively.
  • Mohrgan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:11 PM · 31 replies and 839 views.
    The FAS and Vulture have nearly the exact same speed. The FAS has a slightly higher Boost. FAS: Speed = 210, Boost = 350 (Base) Vulture: Speed = 210, Boost = 340 (Base)
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