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    Today, 3:01 PM · 6 replies and 101 views.
    Barnacle murderers will be hunted down by the Thargoid retribution service!
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    Today, 2:44 PM · 7 replies and 61 views.
    Ah right, that is what I was incorrectly calling parallax, thanks for that correction / clarification and the other excellent info.
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    Today, 2:23 PM · 7 replies and 61 views.
    I hope a more experienced user will come in with definite data but in the meantime... I have good distance vision, images sharp at tv watching distance and beyond but need glasses for reading and PC monitor. Using the rift I have no need for glasses so the apparent / effective focal distance (?) must be distant, if not infinity. I don't know how it works (I suppose parallax) but if I hold an object in VR at a distance I would normally need eyeglasses to focus clearly on - it is clear without needing glasses. As I said, I hope one of the knowledgeable will pop up with a proper explanation.
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    Today, 2:08 PM · 2 replies and 89 views.
    MalcYorks replied to a thread Newsletter in Horizons Discussions
    If you got it before then it has just become bugged. Raise a support ticket (not a bug report) at F D support site and they will fix it.
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    Today, 2:05 PM · 8 replies and 141 views.
    I have not looked it up but did you use the 2017 "true north star" or the 3303 "true north star". (I presume that precession will have made a difference in the intervening millennium plus.) ;)
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    Yesterday, 8:57 PM · 6 replies and 182 views.
    ^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^ PLUS: Before going anywhere else buy another 5A FSD in a Li Yong-Rui system (to get the 15% discount), selecting the Store module option when buying. Once you get to the engineer, go to Outfitting and transfer your stored 5A FSD. When it gets there you will have two 5A FSDs to modify in turn until you have the best you are going to get or your brain melts. When you buy your Python, if you keep the AspX (recommended) you have an engineered 5A FSD in each. (Or just sell one of the FSDs and keep the best.)
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    Yesterday, 8:49 PM · 11 replies and 222 views.
    Do they do refunds?
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    Yesterday, 8:46 PM · 94 replies and 1794 views.
    No, it is a matter of personal preference. I don't know why you would feel the need to sink to personal insults though.
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    Yesterday, 8:41 PM · 94 replies and 1794 views.
    Yes - have your read my posts? I mean that in all sincerity by the way.
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    Yesterday, 4:24 PM · 3016 replies and 325945 views.
    MalcYorks replied to a thread EDDiscovery in Elite Exploration
    I use Firefox with a script blocker. I don't allow XSS cross-scripting. I download EDDiscovery using IExplorer (which I abhor). Never needed to do this before 8.1.4 - sig was always recognised and download worked. (I allow Github temp script permission, this doesn't help now.) I don't like "safe mode" as it is not "safe".
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    Yesterday, 2:33 PM · 3016 replies and 325945 views.
    MalcYorks replied to a thread EDDiscovery in Elite Exploration
    The new download link still gives a XSS warning and a "signature does not match" error.
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    Yesterday, 2:30 PM · 94 replies and 1794 views.
    Not at all, just wondered is all. ;)
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    Yesterday, 2:29 PM · 17 replies and 294 views.
    Thanks very much, just what I needed.
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    Yesterday, 2:17 PM · 3 replies and 120 views.
    As stated, there is no "structure" for you to follow. Elite Dangerous specifically sets you as just another one of millions of insignificant humans in the Galaxy, the only difference being that as the game starts for you, you have completed Space-Pilot Training (somewhere) and have been gifted the loan of a fully-equipped spaceship. Where you go from there is entirely up to you, within the loose constraints of the game. There are no "boss monsters", no "enchanted boots", no secret society through which you can progress to become the Padeshar Emperor of the Known Universe. There are (or soon will be) Thargoids but defeating one doesn't move you to a different level, there are Engineered modifications but they are not all-powerful magic god-powers (well they are not supposed to be but it feels like that sometimes ;) ) and there are player-groups but they don't have the muscle of the Powerplay Powers (but we now have one Player-based powerplay power so maybe one day.... ). There are Powerplay Powers...
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    Yesterday, 1:52 PM · 94 replies and 1794 views.
    As I have said, there are lots of features about the VR experience in E D that I like but it isn't comfortable for me for extended periods, presumably due to my trying to accommodate the graphics issues I mentioned. When I put on the Rift to spend a little while doing things in E D or to play / indulge / experience different titles, that is fine. However I doubt I would wish to spend a few hours at a time in the Rift. I also said that as I learn how to tweak things and as I get more accustomed to the resolution / optics, that will hopefully improve. In the end though, I feel I will probably always prefer visual acuity over 3D effects. I also said that is a personal preference, just because I "don't see how people can accept" something, is not meant as a criticism of them making such a choice, it just means I differ in that choice. Sorry if anyone thought I was criticizing their choice. Why would you feel the need to make the same point, quoting my same post, twice?
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    Yesterday, 1:39 PM · 94 replies and 1794 views.
    If you are going to make a reply quoting me I suggest you read what I wrote, not write what you imagine I feel. e.g, (and just from this thread): "VR is great", "I am not sending my Rift back - I like it, it is great,", "if anyone is havering about buying-in at the 400 price, I can honestly say it is worth it", "I like the "presence" and sense of scale that ED has in my Rift". Your grovelling apology will not be accepted so don't bother. :rolleyes:
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    Yesterday, 1:21 PM · 17 replies and 294 views.
    OK I gotta ask - what on earth is ASW? (No smart-alec anti-submarine-warfare quips please, I went through that in my first 9 years in the RN.)
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    Yesterday, 1:09 PM · 31 replies and 771 views.
    That "cartoon" strip fails on so many levels. I am surprised that F D chose to feature it and I think the Commander who produced it shows a complete lack of any artistic, linguistic or humour talent. Oh yeah, the "f" word should immediately have precluded the inclusion of the rubbish. P.S. I only clicked the link to see what the OP was on about, the image in the newsletter looked so naff that I never bothered with it before. (I actually had assumed that it was some child's nonsense.) P.P.S. Why is this a "Horizons" subject?
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