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    Today, 3:23 PM · 25 replies and 14 views.
    The sentence for many station violations is death. So the stations need the tools to do the job. Escape used to be possible and many laughed in the face of the authorities, because of this. Now with no real power limits and pulse lasers the size of your average sidewinder, no one is laughing any more.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 3:03 PM
    That is the question: How we generally respond to a poster, due to their Avatar? Some posters change there avatars from time to time; for a number of reasons and some will just stick to the same one, but does the avatar, affect the way we respond to the poster? Do we take a poster less seriously, because they have; in our minds, a silly avatar? This is something I have always wondered about, across the many forums I have taken part in over the years.
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  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 2:46 PM · 18 replies and 124 views.
    Of course there are differences between groups of players, but that has nothing to do with what type of machine they use to play the game. More to do with the type of game they generally play and how they go about playing it. How they have programmed themselves to play games and therefore, what they expect, from the games they play in the future. There is not one single demographic that singles out a difference, when it comes to the machine used to play this game.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 2:32 PM
    BBC news science vid about the MeerKAT (ex Karoo Array Telescope) radio telescope array in S A - soon to become part of the SKA Square Kilometre Array: It is not a great video, not very informative but - what the hay, I am bored waiting for a delivery. ;)
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  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 PM · 31 replies and 456 views.
    ....and if girls could run as fast as boys, you would be so dead. That was the slippery slope. Voting, wanting to drive cars, equal working conditions, equal pay structures, access to credit, rights within marriage; have all contributed to the down fall of civilisation, according to the religious fanatics of the last 100 years.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 PM · 31 replies and 456 views.
    It goes wrong, what the 'antis' are given something to focus on and shout about. The add that appeared on the back of a bus; with the pretty girl and the message; 'You can ride me all day for 5', is just asking for trouble. The statement could have been made, without the pretty girl being there and this is the problem. Every one know sex sells, but some will take it too far and cause offence and then the minority 10% get to make the rules, for the rest of us.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 1:49 PM · 31 replies and 456 views.
    Advertising has always been a grey area. Sex has always sold things; especially to males and no matter how many shout about it, or who they are; it is still a fact. At the same time; if it is not acceptable to have a bikini clad babe drawing our attention towards the latest Ford rust bucket, then it is also not acceptable to have the same babe dressed in the latest power suit; raising her eyebrows and tutting, because the male in her life is washing the baby in the kitchen sink. Or to have male Adonises clad in skimpy white shorts, serving yoghurt. If it is good for the Goose, then it is good for the Gander. However, as pointed out above. Orwell would have having a fit of giggles, if he saw how things are turning out; in these genderless days of political correctness insanity.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:43 PM · 13 replies and 224 views.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ WOT ASHNAK SAID ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PLUS - First off - go to your options / controls and make sure "Silent Running" does not have a binding set. Your troubles sound a bit like normal overheating. Second, learn that as your distance to the target decreases, when the TTG (time to go) numbers below the speed get towards 0:07 if you set your throttle to 75% (set a control or just move to centre of blue band) then your speed will be automatically controlled so that the TTG stays at 0:06 until the blue "safe to disengage" notice comes up. (That's the top-tip by the way.) Last - in the training menu is an item called Challenge Scenarios - apart from some combat challenges there are Docking and SRV training scenarios - so you can do the simple docking one time after time until you feel happy with docking (it saves going through the long one in the main training tutorials again).
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:13 PM · 13 replies and 177 views.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:09 PM · 42 replies and 927 views.
    Sorry to cover this non-vr subject. I use a CHPro Fighterstick (which hs all the same buttons etc as the Warthog stick) so no twist axis, but I bind the pinky-switch as a press-to-hold "Yaw to Roll" in E D options / controls - holding that down, moving the stick sideways gives yaw rotation rather than roll rotation. It works really well and becomes second nature, much more convenient than using my CHPro Pedals.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 11:54 AM · 17 replies and 538 views.
    Why do you keep spamming that page? (It doesn't even cover anything over 27".) :rolleyes:
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM · 274 replies and 5809 views.
    When can I get it for my kids WiiU? That's what I want to know. ;)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:10 PM · 29 replies and 1148 views.
    At the risk of "having a new one ripped" by the VR aficionados I'll tell you my feelings about this. I have not done any tuning-up of the graphics yet, I am taking my time over the whole thing, so my experience in Elite is not complete. I found that only the area directly in front was sharp, peripheral detail seemed blurred, meaning there was a definite sweet-spot (well, area) so I found myself moving my head to bring anything into the sharpest relief instead of being able to just move my eyes. This was most noticeable in the cockpit or SRV when normally I glance to an instrument or suchlike, here I found to have that sharp I needed to move my head. Now a caveat - in the VR titles I have looked at, this does not seem so apparent. So I think maybe it is either something I can overcome in the E D graphics "tuning" or maybe one just gets used to it. Coming from a pin-sharp 27" 1440 display, the loss of sharpness is difficult. As people will tell you, the 3D E D in the Rift is terrific, sizes,...
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:46 PM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    This video appears to have come out in 2014 and seems to reflect Jump Gates like in the original Freelancer .... interesting ... I see no mention of them now but this is the direct link that someone posted earlier ... Chief
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:30 PM · 147 replies and 5792 views.
    If the stations were programed properly I would think that their sensors could detect weapons being deployed as well as they can someone getting stuck in the slot. One needs a tow but get decimated and the other is in violation of the NO weapons zone. It would seem the last would be subject to fire before the other. But it's not evidently. So yes, FDev's need to tighten this up. But until if and when they do, there's not much that can be done that I can see. You could take names and arm yourself and perhaps challenge them in an honest PvP fight. Or you can try to avoid them the best you can. Question, did the OP have a bounty or contract out on him? Chief
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:11 PM · 7 replies and 138 views.
    MalcYorks replied to a thread Sytem map keys in Newcomers Forum
    Arrrrrrrrr..... sorry, I got the wrong keys - it is Q and E to move the tabs in top left of system map, not A and D - I'll edit out my mistake in the earlier post. :o
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:00 PM · 13 replies and 391 views.
    Errrrrrrrrrrrr......... nope you have that wrong. Just in case we didn't get the message in post 1 that they were having a moan, they then proceeded to go full tantrum in post 4. :rolleyes:
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:54 PM · 42 replies and 927 views.
    I won't have Saitek in the house any more. I have a full CHPro setup, Pedals, Throttle and Fighterstick (plus a couple of Thrustmaster's Cougar MFDs) - CHPro are pricey but really reliable and nowhere near as massive as the Warthog.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:50 PM · 7 replies and 138 views.
    MalcYorks replied to a thread Sytem map keys in Newcomers Forum
    The default on PC is A and D I think. (Not in game at the moment.) actually Q and E - the normal tab left and right controls. (Sorry for getting it wrong before.)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:22 PM · 274 replies and 5809 views.
    There is obviously a lot of trolling going on here... Otherwise why won't a console player answer the straight question: "Does each of those accounts on your console have their own commander in E D?" Instead of answering it, we seem to just get obfuscation to troll...
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:17 PM · 27 replies and 1434 views.
    That's just basic. ;)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:07 PM
    Trainy McTrainface is on the rails in Sweden "A public vote to name four trains running between the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg has resulted in one of the four being called Trainy McTrainface"
    2 replies and 99 views.
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:50 PM · 104 replies and 2641 views.
    Agreed ... but I don't think this is meant to be an exploit. Of course I could be mistaken. Chief
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:47 PM · 44 replies and 2819 views.
    When worlds collide brings back good memories of the book I read many moons ago. I read the reprint as I was not alive in 1933. Chief
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