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  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Today, 1:55 AM · 23 replies and 246 views.
    I like it, you don't, next question? Chief
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 AM · 108 replies and 1784 views.
    1. OK 2. Yes it does answer your point because it invalidates it. 3. Whining Complaining about Open BGS and PP being disadvantaged by players in Solo and PG ignores the fact that you can't interact with a whole host of other players no matter what mode you are in (consoles and time zones). Therefore the whole premise (smokescreen) is fatally flawed. (It was not mentioned in response to the risible 2 server nonsense.) 4. a. The fact is that my response to you is entirely valid and you just choose to ignore it's veracity. b. That suits me as your Axiom is axiomatically flawed and as far as I can tell from your contributions here there is nothing humble about you. :)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 AM · 12 replies and 135 views.
    According to (updated 27min ago) there are 1,118t available.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 AM · 55 replies and 674 views.
    No not really - that was a name picked by us the peeps on the forum from a shortlist which was compiled from suggestions from - yep we the peeps on the forum.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 AM · 108 replies and 1784 views.
    1. Asserting sarcasm does not mean it exists. 2. No - I just refuse to go back into open again in the bubble since engineers meant I got ganked by a three-shot hyper-engineered murderer. 3. I ignored it because it is even worse nonsense - F D has consistently said we all do and will continue to share the same galaxy. 4. Talking of ignoring points, have you thought up an excuse about how to account for XBone and PS4 players and also the various time-zones we exist in? No - didn't think so. 'Bye again ....
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:32 AM · 22 replies and 330 views.
    MalcYorks replied to a thread Best Pirate ship? in Ships of Elite
    T-9 /thread ;)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Today, 12:29 AM · 88 replies and 3230 views.
    It is not my place to defend another's post but their words "fudged some of his data to make his mathematics work" could refer to his invention of the Cosmological Constant to make the maths fit expectations - but whatever. Similar accusations are made about the calculations to suggest "dark matter" explains the galactic rotation speed anomalies. The ability of "Emergent Gravity" calculations to predict the rotational speeds without using "fudge factors" is what makes it so intriguing to me. However it is not my field and I am just interested in it is all.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:01 PM · 5 replies and 72 views.
    They are different, because one is red and the other is green. That is my protest, due to my disappointment, when I found i was not mentioned; after reading the thread title. Is it because you have unsubscribed?
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:12 PM · 17 replies and 437 views.
    Oh, don't misunderstand me - I see no reason why the corroded paint-jobs shouldn't be available "sans pointes ou crampons" so to speak - I like my AspX corroded jobbie and don't "wear " any of the bits.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:04 PM · 99 replies and 11320 views.
    PC - worked for a couple of jumps then an extremely long jump animation, arrived in front of star - star not detected, ADS produced nothing - quit to do something less frustrating.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:33 PM · 17 replies and 437 views.
    ... for example? (I might have missed some but I thought all other ship kits were just "bits".)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:25 PM · 88 replies and 3230 views.
    Einstein famously created a "Cosmological Constant" to make his equations fit with the expected steady-state of the universe. He is reported to have said that doing so was the biggest blunder of his life when he withdrew it after expansion became accepted. (I believe it has been resurrected as Lambda in the Dark Energy proposition.)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:16 PM · 17 replies and 437 views.
    Not liable to be rusty in the vacuum of space are they? ;) I presume they are corroded by the blood from the poor innocents that the blood-thirsty pirates have slaughtered. :)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:14 PM · 17 replies and 437 views.
    You don't need to apply the spikes. The paintjobs and bumpers, spoiler, etc. are separate items in your livery options.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:48 PM · 8 replies and 129 views.
    Cobra MkIII is cheaper and much more versatile than a DBS. However if you are going to concentrate on combat, get a combat ship (ViperIII probably) - then with your ill-gotten gains from that you can buy and equip a multi-purpose like the Cobra.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:41 PM · 342 replies and 18045 views.
    .. or "Validating" ... ;)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:39 PM · 342 replies and 18045 views.
    You really really need to stop relying on twitter for this - you have a forum + you have a launcher you can update with messages - get the message up on the top here. crazy stuff
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:35 PM · 108 replies and 1784 views.
    ... don't you kinda think that the players most likely to mask their hollow icons would be those hunting down the hollow ones? So no - stupid idea that I'm glad died a death.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:37 PM · 342 replies and 18045 views.
    Some of us don't "do" antisocial media. Why not stick a banner at the top of the fora - like you do when trying to sell us something? ;)
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:29 PM · 10 replies and 277 views.
    Perhaps it is more apposite to ask you "le what?" The OP was talking about docking music, which is where I asked if he meant the music used during docking computer operation which is the Blue Danube as was used in the film 2001. (Also Sprach Zarathustra was the main theme in the movie). The OP subsequently clarified that he meant the short "jingle" that sounded on opening the Station Services menu in Federation stations. I'm afraid that your attempt to look clever had rather the opposite effect (l'effet inverse). :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the rep and also for being a good sport. Cheers!
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    Cheers 4 the rep , glad you liked the animation

    Fly safe Cmdr o7
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