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  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:33 PM · 10 replies and 150 views.
    No doubt inserted in the newbie's forum as it would soon vanish down the waste pipe in the D D shark pond where it belongs.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:59 PM · 9 replies and 252 views.
    Drop the landing gear, before hitting the '0' throttle and she behaves beautifully.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:51 PM · 7 replies and 116 views.
    ... I should point out that I don't know what E D produces but I do know that the SPDIF output from my MOBO is fed from the audio circuitry on the board so any DTS encoding is done by that equipment, the same on-board audio equipment that is decoding whatever E D is producing and providing the direct 5.1 surround connectors on the rear of the MOBO (clustered with the TOSLink connector).
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:41 PM · 7 replies and 116 views.
    There was a hint there in my post: "... prior to re-equipping with HDMI stuff my previous ...".
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:13 PM · 7 replies and 116 views.
    Interesting - prior to re-equipping with HDMI stuff my previous home cinema system used fibre-optic connections and the AVRx decoder produced good quality 5.1 from Dolby and DTS sources. Although originally an electronics engineer I have not followed things very much after I moved into education many years ago so I am not going to argue with you. EDIT - Just checked and it seems that my mobo (Maximus VIII Hero) uses DTS Connect over the SPDIF so that explains how the decoder is actually decoding 5.1 and not just producing simulated surround. Still prefer the direct outputs though. :) Further Edit: Just realised that I never mentioned that I am running W7 and there does seem to be some issue with W10 and the "audio stack" (whatever that is) so my contribution here has been worse than useless, sorry @OP.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:06 PM · 5 replies and 85 views.
    You might be interested to voice support in this suggestion thread: It might do no good but it can't hurt to have people ask for it.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:30 PM · 56 replies and 1218 views.
    I understand that if you put a Cobra III into one of those spinney star things, 100Lys is very easy. As to the Covra III? I have no idea.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:21 PM · 56 replies and 1218 views.
    There have probably been a million words written about the virtues of the Cobra III and is possibly the most flown in ship from the game. Fantastic ship, if you are looking for a fun way to play. As to the lack of space: The Cobra IV answers that one, just fine.
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:14 PM · 9 replies and 491 views.
    Another good Rise of Flight video ... Chief
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:49 PM · 101 replies and 2199 views.
    I don't know how many of those cinnamon whirls would get to their destination or if I could get my fat space but out of the chair on landing ... but hey ... LOL Chief
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:39 PM · 5 replies and 85 views.
    No that is wrong, as Viper says you can only hire crew for fighter specific tasks (them piloting or to allow you to pilot a fighter). Flic is one of the Engineers that you can gain access to by jumping through some annoying hoops means of various methods. You can have real-players join your ship for non-fighter roles, that's the multiplayer thing, NPCs can't fit in that niche.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:26 PM · 7 replies and 116 views.
    I have a 5.1 surround system, connected via the surround channel output connections on the rear of the motherboard and the spatial presence is really good. I have also tried using the SPDIF fibre-optic connection and used the decoder in my system to do the surround - that works well but the direct channel connections sound better to my ear. So E D provides good surround audio signal for your machine to process and output - but make sure the DTS surround for headphone in E D options is disabled (as Duck says, that produces a stereo output from E D).
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:21 PM · 7 replies and 65 views.
    Have a REP to help you own your way to posting else where ... Welcome to the forums and to ED ... Chief
  • ChiefRedCloud's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:17 PM · 93 replies and 1782 views.
    Lets break it down as simple as we can .... some people like ED, some people love ED, and some people either do not like it or plain hate it. I get all this as it's pretty rudimentary. And I even get the suggestions and it would be better IF threads. But what I do not get (unless it's just plain TROLLING) why any one would stick around the game or the forums IF they truly hated the game. Perhaps the old phrase of "Misery Loves Company" is the reason. Some seem to be so miserable about the game that they want everyone else to be just as miserable. Or are they just trying to be informative, in their own sharp way? Anyway, I too like ED. It's not perfect (in my opinion) but I do not believe I've played a perfect game yet. Chief
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:56 PM · 35 replies and 648 views.
    Main point - size. Secondary point - switches/buttons. Size - The Warthog throttle is built like a battleship, the base box takes over a large part of your desk and the throttle handle height makes it uncomfortable after a short period because you are basically holding your arm up in the air. If you have it side-mounted (like it is designed to be) then this is not a problem. If, like me, you use your desk for other things and don't have a sim-pit then the size is a real pain. - The CHPro on the other hand has a smaller footprint and the linear-movement handle is at a lower level so you can have your arm resting on the desk. The Warthog is all metal and the CHPro is a fibre-glass / epoxy construction which is much lighter but really robust. Switches / buttons - Warthog: The throw switches need modifying to work as expected when used outside the DCS AC-10 simulator game (or a work-round used). The pinky switch feels horrible and is prone to failure. Unless mounted to the side of your thighs,...
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:04 PM · 180 replies and 6314 views.
    They already are scaled to your combat rank (ish) and the AI spawned ships are scaled to yours too - mission AI have different rules. I'm not saying it couldn't be "better" but just saying there is some of what you are on about.
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:21 PM · 180 replies and 6314 views.
    This is abject nonsense - MoM has to "hobble" her AI's capability so that inept buffoons like me can survive.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:13 PM · 10 replies and 104 views.
    You could go on a rampage in imperial space and throw snails in to the Emperor's garden to reduce your reputation?
  • MalcYorks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:55 PM · 11 replies and 126 views.
    Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS) only comes as 1C (as does the Advanced Discovery Scanner {ADS}) - I hope you have not just thought to engineer A grade Sensors.
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    Fly safe Cmdr o7
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