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    Today, 12:10 AM · 437 replies and 13673 views.
    Can't name and shame and posting the video does that.
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    Yesterday, 11:37 PM
    It's a fact that you can request to dock at a station and fly in and out of the slot a dozen times, meandering around and just causing trouble without repercussions for using the station as a hiding place, without ever docking. There's no penalty for not docking when you request an open pad. When you're new, that extra time is good to have, and depending on your ship and loadout/cargo, etc... you might need more or less time depending on the circumstances, but do we really need as much docking time as we get now? I'd like to see a reduction of docking time permitted based on rank. Someone with a DC shouldn't ever worry about it, but let's assume you've played long enough to have docked a couple dozen times at least, and have been to each station/outpost type. I think you should have a very limited docking time, not stupid short but short enough that the timer actually means something and gets you scooting along. If you fail to dock within that time, you should have to request again and pay a docking...
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    Yesterday, 11:20 PM · 122 replies and 4282 views.
    That giggle you heard at the end is the "run run away" siren to women all over the world.
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    Yesterday, 11:00 PM · 29 replies and 953 views.
    Pretty sure you don't speak for everyone, and thanks for thinking you can relegate me to a private game. I've shot plenty of the hobos and watched them CL to safety. They often don't play along. If the hobo thought you enjoyed it he'd look for another target. That's why you see so many ships named "salt miner" or something along those lines. These folks aren't sharing the ball with you. They are hitting you in the face with it.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:26 PM · 42 replies and 1690 views.
    I lived under it for years. :)
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:22 PM · 228 replies and 6806 views.
    I did the "bloody nose" thing yesterday. I had 3 different "commanders" combat log. These are folks who were shooting at ships as they entered/left the station. I decided it wasn't worth it. CGs like this will push even more people out of Open.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:18 PM · 228 replies and 6806 views.
    What do you expect with a CG that doesn't have a component for the pew pew crowd, and the destination doesn't have any "rules" in place to prevent griefing at the station? It's a feeding frenzy. It's almost like it was designed that way.
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    Yesterday, 7:09 PM · 437 replies and 13673 views.
    The problem with this PvP vs PvE in the same instance is that there's no middle ground. PvE appears to be all co-op. PvP appears to be all conflict. The caveat here though is that a good portion of the PvP that PvEers experience is from edgelord type murder hobos. They don't often experience good PvP because those guys are too busy looking for a real challenge instead of seal clubbing. Then you have the folks who cross over and make videos of themselves exploiting game rules to create bad experiences for other players in hopes of getting some kind of response. So you go into Mobius, and you find that although you can see a few actual players here and there (think Ceos, Sothis, Quince, starter systems and CGs mostly with the rest of the galaxy devoid of life) everyone is going about their own business and rarely do I see any interaction between folks. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but you'd be hard pressed to go in and find co-op game play on demand. Of course, solo is just you and the BGS which...
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:33 PM · 29 replies and 953 views.
    When you're a murder hobo and you've run everyone out of the sandbox, you're left there with your murdering ways and no one to play with. Then you try to coax others back into the sandbox by telling them how easy it is to avoid being harassed by you when in reality the solution lies with you.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:29 PM · 20 replies and 625 views.
    The game is "arcade" enough without giving us warnings about these things. Sometimes finding out the hard way is the best way. Your new players get a feel for the game based on these things. I'd probably been less inclined to play ED if these pop up warnings were showing up when I tried to do something. The problem is that the message isn't part of the ship's display, but a game pop up message. It could be part of the ship's display that would be ok, I suppose. There's enough junk on the screen already. It's getting to where you have to use an external view just to see past it.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:22 PM · 42 replies and 1690 views.
    Seriously? Do we need rules to keep us decent?
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:16 AM · 228 replies and 6806 views.
    It's not that bad. There are folks hiding in the structure of the station shooting at you as you approach, hoping you shoot back and get attacked by the station. That same thing happened way back during the Hutton Orbital CG. It's on par with kids throwing water balloons at adults at a mall or someone shooting cars with a paintball gun just to get lulz. These guys aren't even participating in the CG, it's just a place where a lot of real players are going to be so the salt will flow freely. It just illustrates how the only reason the game is playable at all for most is that the galaxy is so large and they can avoid most of that, or they can simply play in another mode. Some of these guys are jonsing for some human interaction.
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    Yesterday, 2:07 AM · 5 replies and 244 views.
    This community is awesome.
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    Yesterday, 2:05 AM · 3 replies and 202 views.
    Is there any system that has the "unknown permits" for Horsehead Nebula area? I almost got stuck out there because I got in behind it.
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    Yesterday, 1:53 AM · 18 replies and 572 views.
    I'm looking at it on a 50" screen (larger image) and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. The fact that you think you have a "windscreen" tells me it's doing its job of creating that visual impression. Resolution is fine.
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