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    Today, 2:48 PM · 1573 replies and 101671 views.
    Not sure. The UA/UPs are quite organic looking and so are the ships but they're not obviously the same design elements either. And I can imagine to alien eyes a nav beacon and a cobra might not look that similar in design (for example). It's not clear whether barnacles are thargoid in origin or if they are merely using them just as we do, so again hard to draw conclusions.
  • RedWizzard's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 PM · 1573 replies and 101671 views.
    I think it's reasonable to assume that nav beacons contain a map of the entire galaxy, just as our ship's nav computers do. It actually makes some sense as it would mean the manufacturer wouldn't need to customise the data or software each beacon has. That could explain how the UAs know all the names we give to systems. I agree with your conclusion that we're not much further along. There are still a lot of possible ways the story could play out.
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    Today, 12:21 PM · 17 replies and 262 views.
    Anyone ask brett if he fed the hamster?
  • RedWizzard's Avatar
    Today, 1:51 AM · 1573 replies and 101671 views.
    The game and the machines it's running on don't (intentionally) produce frequencies we can't see so there is no way to tell how Barnard's Loop or other in game objects look in higher frequencies. And how they look in real life in IR or UV or whatever isn't really relevant IMO, so I don't see how this is a viable line of inquiry. Another thing I've been meaning to talk about which your post touches on is that it's not valid to make inferences from human descriptions of alien things. The argument that thargoids are insectoid and Earth insects have poor long wavelength vision but good short wavelength vision, therefore thargoids have poor long wavelength vision but good short wavelength vision is not valid. Thargoids are described as insectoid but they are not in fact related to Earth insects. It's simply a description of their appearance. That's not to say that thargoids don't have different sensitivities, of course they would, but they could be just as easily more sensitive in red and less sensitive in...
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    Yesterday, 6:42 PM
    Today my lovely daughter Abbie took part in the Race for Life - Pretty Muddy 2017. As I'm a forum mod I din't advertise this on the forum but mentioned it on the Discord Channel we lurk in.... I should have known..... :D Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Mod team, Frontier, the Hutton Orbital Truckers , the Abrakadrabblers and some of the forum posters she raised an amazing... 516.00 including gift aid which took it to over 500
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    Yesterday, 11:32 AM · 1573 replies and 101671 views.
    Having just wasted an hour going through your post history on these threads, I can categorically say that you never speculated here that barnacles striped planets of resources or that they were connected to thargoids. So no one "poo poo'd" you on that, Canonn or otherwise. And everything you predicted has not come true. I found few posts that could even be call speculation let alone prediction, rather most of your posts have been whining about bugs, FDev, mods, or the way the mysteries have played out. The only real speculation I could find from you is below, so others can judge without having to waste so much time on it. As for trolling, that's what you just did by calling Canonn out for no reason, so congrats you trolled me.
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    Thanks for the rep cmdr :-) o7
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    Thank you for the rep comander 07
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    Harbinger, you legend %^]

    Many thanks for your support in that very long-running game of chess!

    Fly Safe CMDR!
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