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  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 4:02 PM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
    I hope they don't go too far with character faces for each and every NPC unless we can toggle them .. on/off? .. is playing havoc with my beta game - performance.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
    They obviously don't have NPC heads yet (I will guess that's stuff that got dropped due of time constrains) so having helmets might be fun but tedious with time. Nice to see ship names finally getting proper function in game. Overall nice changelog and hopefully full release not so far.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 12:47 PM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
    Still better than Yours
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 12:35 PM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
    THe point is to make RNG, 'faction' specific, faces. Different to empire/federation, and maybe also characteristic to PP region. How do You think, we really want to see a clones?
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 11:14 AM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
    I don't care of player avatars, they are ugly in most as their owners in RL. I am not seeying them often (fortunately). I prefer to see NPC avatars because they are communicating to me in most. Imperial pilots should be different than Federal navy, and of course characteristic pirates, traders, and other, they all should be different but similar at some point by group.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 11:10 AM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
    Idea was good. It should be tweaked, not removed. RNG faces + frame text move to right and overall immersion would be better. I would be more than happy to see an NPC faces when they are communicating to me.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 AM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
    Why they turned it off? It was an great option to see NPC faces in comm panel.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 10:51 AM · 41 replies and 637 views.
    Kyokushin replied to a thread [Ships] Big Three Masslock in 2.3 Beta Discussions
    Definately a Vette should have a masslock as Cutter.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 AM · 87 replies and 11769 views.
  • Neo-ST's Avatar
    Today, 9:35 AM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    Not white, because then we, who use light themes, won't see anything. Just use automatic, that's the only way to work both ways.
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Today, 8:38 AM · 27 replies and 475 views.
    In real world also. Deal with it, and move on.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 AM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    Ah yes. You surely must be talking about things like Nyx: "Coming soon" since August 2015. Or maybe you are referring to the pupil to planet video?
  • Neo-ST's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 AM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    Yes you have. You've missed cmdr Orlando. Admit it.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:32 PM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    Maybe. But look at how even AC was barely (barebones, extremely buggy and seriously late) delivered in 2014, nevermind anything else. Look at the actual progress (i.e. in our clients) even with the extended scope after 4-5 years... and then just consider the possibility for a moment, what does your heart tell you? I just think the extra money made the dilemma much easier for him at the time.
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:09 PM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    My personal take is less devious. I just think CIG and CR simply were not competent enough to even deliver the original scope in the estimated timeline (i.e. 2014). They then simply used the extra money to rationalize delays by virtue of promising added scope and fidelity.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:09 PM · 25 replies and 709 views.
    This must be why axial tilt is an important thing to know about when delivering to surface stations. Did have a Canadian girlfried once, who put the clock back instead of forward and yes, two hours late for work. Mind you, she also took the liberty of turning right on a roundabout on one, quite scary occasion. Travelling 'counter-clockwise,' as my life flashed before my eyes, every hour lost at spring daylight saving, seems a bonus ever since.
  • Neo-ST's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:09 PM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    insert Stigbob's list of CIG's fails and broken promises here
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:26 PM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    That is a nice strawman though. I do not think anyone is blaming CR for not delivering the new scope by the old original kickstarter timeline. That is by the by. What some people are blaming CR about, among other things, is for changing the original promised campaign scope without any public apology or offer for refunds for it and for seemingly not being able to deliver this enlarged scope according to his own quality standards / promises and own estimated timelines, putting at risk the communitys 150+ million dollars all the while exploiting commercially the hype he has created and fosters in what could be considered reiterated and opportunistic false advertising.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:37 PM · 9 replies and 523 views.
    So if FD Secretly forcing anyone who plays in Open into running full Meta? It would be like saying before engineers everyone ws being forced to fly corvette and before corvettes and cutters it would be like saying everyone was being forced to fly an Anaconda
  • Neo-ST's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:18 PM · 38676 replies and 2449799 views.
    Not surprised at all. That's why he chose the Cryengine, it's a perfect businessman's pick.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:15 PM · 45 replies and 1355 views.
    Also use my lights around ports dark or not, I like to feel people can see me coming! I never forget to turn them on when leaving but sometimes forget on approach (my take-off blindspot, is not always waiting for the engine sound to spool up, before hitting the up thruster). Lights also go on when I have my cargo scoop open, either mining or collecting cargo/mats in space. Would be nice to have a little dot indicator in the HUD somewhere; When you're aware of whether they're on or off at a given time, lights are good for lots of things, not just 'for dark places'. Happy to hear I'm not the only one with a 'lights protocol' of my own !
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:56 AM · 14 replies and 208 views.
    Am I correct to think that if you store your mining refiniery, you'll lose your bin assignments? If you store your ship, the bins are remembered, but I haven't got around to trying it with a stored module yet. Would be nice if you could be sure the bins would keep their assignments (I have mine set up for metallic rings), then you could have specialist refineries for different ring types, to outfit as necessary?
  • Kyokushin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:16 AM · 30 replies and 1088 views.
    Yes, it is not fine. FDL need a buff of jump range. Or one more 4 class military slot. FAS have the same firepower (power distributor 6) as FDL and is much more tanky, have more MJ (in SCB), more agile and faster. Python have larger firepower (power distributor 7, like in a cutter) as FDL an can take more MJ (base+SCB), is much more tanky, is a bit less agile and slower. And now, only one really big advantage of FDL, a base shield with stacked pure megajules will be nerfed a bit. People learned how to play in FDL from a half of 2015 then sticked to it and now everyone who pretend to be ganker is flying FDL not because its OP, but because he want to have the same thing as folks who are playing good, a backyard solution, without trying something different.
  • Vandaahl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:19 AM · 45 replies and 1228 views.
    Should of taken a hauler with a mining laser. This is too easy. Boo. His.
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