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    Yesterday, 2:00 PM · 16 replies and 492 views.
    Puts a few bugs, and a week's wait for a point update, into some perspective don't it.. Spent a day around the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey some years back, pretty intense place and though I'm a Pom and the OP obviously an Aussie .. wouldn't want to be without you Digger. (No really!) :D o7
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    Yesterday, 10:55 AM · 116 replies and 5269 views.
    Pretty sure there's some work in progress because 2.3 makes detail on planet approach much, much better for me. That being said the blurring on arrival star is in your face obviously so I hope can be sorted. For the meanwhile I'm putting it down to me / pilot suffering a decelleration G-LOC 'hyperspace sickness' and taking a few seconds to come around? If you want to know what I mean, timestamp 01:45 should demonstrate.
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    Yesterday, 10:18 AM · 52 replies and 1582 views.
    Don't know about that myself, I like the wave scanner a lot (allegedly bug fixed now? haven't tried it for a while). Also a BIG fan of the SRV's moon-buggy feel. You can get them up to pretty high speed .. and when 82 m/s is 180 mph, maybe no wonder it gets 'twitchy' at, that's F1 speed! Looking forward to more ways to use, seeing different SRV designs and such, but even for mountaineering, base jumping or just Mario Kart donuts, the Physics, of the suspension and such, are 1 million percent awesome and this is still my favourite SRV video;
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    Yesterday, 8:54 AM · 37 replies and 1147 views.
    If you had Uranium balls and table (heaviest naturally occuring element) would there be enough microgravity to hold to the table? You might need a rocket assisted cue, to break off though. I assume the jacuzzi would need to be a sealed room with a wet-lock, scuba breather required, but the bubbles would kind of sit there ... Brilliant funny thread in all .. in space no one can hear you karaoke!
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    Yesterday, 8:40 AM · 92 replies and 2928 views.
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First played Elite on an Acorn Electron, 30 years later I'm enjoying Elite: Dangerous. Married, cats, no kids.
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