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    Today, 8:36 PM · 3 replies and 3 views.
    I've no doubt Frontier will want MC networking to work as well as possible and will have optimisations to try for 2.4.
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    Today, 8:26 PM · 18 replies and 235 views.
    No resource extraction sites outside bubble. It's LAWLESS space which means no consequences for shooting any innocent NPC miner and taking his cargo but no bounty on pirates either, unless you KWS scan them first. You will usually see a wing of pirates, attracted by your wake drop when you first arrive. If you've no cargo 99% sure they won't attack you (not interested in limpets). After a fly past they will high wake and you won't see any more but they do sometimes fly back before they high wake out, so be aware if you started mining. Risk of engaging them of course, is you'll get no form of security help no matter what and if your canopy busts it's a brown trouser RTB in a hurry. I always mine on the bubble edge, not TOO far from a market I suggest, a couple of jumps is OK but much more than that and it can get a little tedious returning home and going back out after a while. Interestingly .. one system I mined at had a population of zero when I first arrived, not classified as having any type of...
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    Today, 11:52 AM · 18 replies and 235 views.
    The 3 P's .. (in descending order of value) are Painite, Palladium, Platinum ... But there are ways and ways, things like Osmium might be more likely to turn up in missions (which I tend to take when I get back and provide there and then, from my cargo stock). Industrial and Hi Tech economies in boom are a good place to build rep for mining missions and if you do like mission taking, ice rings are worth considering, even though generally the minerals are worth less ton for ton in commodites. Set up looks reasonable but before you start mining you need a good scan of the ring, to know what it's made of. I can't recall if a normal scan gives you that so I usually carry detailed surface scanner. You can always think of having a small recon ship for searching out good places to mine, in range of a market, with discovery and DSS scanners fitted, then you can go and get your factory ship. K class stars are a good place to start when looking for metallic rings iirc.
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    Today, 11:30 AM · 18 replies and 235 views.
    Nah. Premiership football on the radio, and a beer. Not torpedos .. fit a mining laser And find metallic asteroids to mine if you want metals, you can also mine ice rings.
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    Yesterday, 9:54 PM · 20 replies and 401 views.
    Yes, it could definitely be an NPC.. I think people possibly having trouble answering (like I am) because I've never complied with a demand yet! Next pirate I meet, I will .. jettison items from cargo bay .. just to see what happens.
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    Yesterday, 8:51 PM · 1 replies and 72 views.
    Mint. Congratulations on your Elite Explorer rank Cmdr. Many have tried, and quite few .. have died! :D If I hear distant singing on Comms, I'll be sure to check if the Mouse That Bit is passing by! o7
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    Yesterday, 7:50 PM · 23 replies and 749 views.
    If you want to take out FSD with seeker missiles, suggest spending some rep with (Liz Ryder) on Drag Munition special effect . (there's also a Penetrator Munition - module specialist - for dumbfire missiles)?
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    Yesterday, 7:26 PM · 98 replies and 2466 views.
    Rule number one in CZ for me is if you start taking hits from something on your six o'clock, stop whatever you're doing IMMEDIATELY and deal with ( or move away from ) any and all present threats, first. Really good fun. I never ever go into RES but love CZ's. Imperial Eagle myself, though I have had a whirl in FdL. Can get some 10 rebuys per one Python delivery mission on the iEagle, so small ship is definitely the way to go if you want to learn the ropes. Work up to something bigger fine but obviously don't break the bank, it's not worth the stress for some backwater faction. In PvE I tend to let ally ships choose the targets and attempt to assist them, definitely gets you more bonds. You might get a stray one to target but as said in rule number one, the tendency is to fixate on your target and ships can sneak up behind you, so kills aren't the be and end all (RTB for repairs is a major interruption). Break off, hopefully you can finish him later.
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    Yesterday, 6:03 PM · 212 replies and 4983 views.
    I don't think Frontier can be expected to produce a second NPC spectrum for Solo mode, in fact .. if you think the NPC's are too easy, in solo, why not play in open and meet some high end players? edit: It's an evolving situation and Dale's post in your link highlights, Frontier are not unaware of the need for both playability and challenge.
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    Yesterday, 1:36 PM · 12 replies and 516 views.
    Winterwalker replied to a thread [Gameplay] is this an exploit? in Elite Dangerous Support
    4 to weps .. improves heat dissipation (so you don't overheat as quickly) I believe. -- The way the comms panel is set up he could have been messaging furiously, "I'm allied to Borthers of Aeron, leave that NPC alone!" for all we know really. Similar thing could happen if you were in a stock sidewinder versus a stock anaconda, sometimes you're horribly outmatched but if you don't check out who's in the instance with you, this can happen in two seconds or twenty, same outcome. People are right, we need to know your shield and hull strength before being able to score his guns really. And yes, you are all offense .. Put the NPC down, and pips to sys while you invetigate, the new contact in the area I think.
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    Yesterday, 12:42 PM · 29 replies and 1158 views.
    Yeah .. I would think you have some kind of adventure, SRV exploding sends a signal to your ship to get to your location, and you get to the landing spot either on foot or with your junior birdman rocket pack. If ship destroyed, surely you go into an escape pod chloroformed or in some kind of statiss. Your beacon is found and you're traded on several blackmarkets before being liberated and returned to your point of origin. Just because you've never failed to refind your last station on rebuy, doesn't mean thousands of pilots are never seen again, every day of the week?
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    Yesterday, 12:10 PM · 12 replies and 158 views.
    Some good ideas there Iskariot. Would be awesome in the long term to have SJA AI assistance in the side seat .. don't know if they do or not as part of their program but if NPC's manage pips, translate to my ship? Pretty indepth though, so your modifiers would be a good place to start and maybe the Crew Lounge lists NPC crew by specialism .. one catergory giving you one set of modifiers, another giving you a different set? Sure you've thought of that. Many out there wouldn't mind Zeeman's escorts either .. hire a crew person, stick them in the spare seat with no effect. I would, but ultimately people might see Frontier as selling themselves short unless escort crew were a catergory of their own and free to hire (maybe they'd pay you for the chance to intern seeing as all they're really good for is making a cup of tea?) +1
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    Yesterday, 11:44 AM · 151 replies and 6183 views.
    Interesting because DDF might have discussed before the game went live but perspectives might (might not) change when the feature goes into the wild .. and it does seem quite a few people (and I do) like the 2.4B effect, especially in open I would think. Can see why Mobius group might prefer the other way around, re: the social side of it. The social is good in open too, but there is at least your contact history and a list of players in your current instance with you already showing on your comms panel. Two things jump into my mind .. 1/ like report crimes, a Player Beacon that I choose use, to declare my presence (hollow square) or not. Mobius could have a rule that this must be on at all times. in open you're free to choose. 2/ a bandwidth indicator into the HUD, giving a "player ship detected" light. This is covered already in your comms panel, players in your instance are already showing. That could trigger a more visible proximity HUD indicator, giving you info you can already get in...
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    Yesterday, 7:05 AM · 18 replies and 586 views.
    I think so too. The overall isn't likely to change overnight and the galaxy go on developing, along the lines we have with new variants each time that you don't see unless you drop in on a USS etc. When Aliens return too, I think there will be times when 'knowing your enemy' is less of a thing. (I basically know which ships I can take on at the moment, Thargoids I think might be less obvious).
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    Yesterday, 6:44 AM · 24 replies and 437 views.
    I think it is based on gravity but USS kind of illustrates what happening. I think pretty certain the FSD forms some sort of warp bubble that allows you to fly faster than light. Real world experience might lead you to think it takes vast effort to hold that bubble up but actually I think in ED it takes the engine effort to increase or decrease the bubble, almost as if space kind of plastic, push to open, push to close. There's a limit to how quickly the engine can grow a bubble (bigger warp bubble, faster speed) and this is affected by gravity, which tends to prevent a <change> in the warp bubble, making it harder to accelerate (when space is sticky) and harder to slow down, as when you target a USS and you're close in, the engine can't disassemble your warp bubble quickly enough (without imploding) and you overshoot. That's my theory anyway.
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    Yesterday, 5:36 AM · 71 replies and 1704 views.
    A bit smaller obviously but I'm at dangerous with Imperial Eagle so, another PvE option for you? One medium beam on top, pair of engineered missile racks under for me. Obviously as much hull tanking, thruster and power distributor engineering as you can. Mine has a 3Ly range (!) which you can do better these days because it's a cheap ship to transfer around. (Keeps you off the traffic reports too, all very hush hush). Good giggles in CZ's - I don't do RES myself, basically ever - I also play a slow-earning lifestyle, short range system patrol, interdicting ships with bounties on intercept sorties. You do have to stop to reload/repair so it's not the most credits per hour you can get .. but recommended by me because bagging your first gunship / clipper is a good feeling and in your Cobra (one ship class up) you can quicker earn back cash for rebuys if you have a bad run of luck.
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    Yesterday, 5:10 AM · 212 replies and 9638 views.
    Winterwalker replied to a thread [PROPOSAL DISCUSSION] Ship Rebuy Penalty Cost Discussion in 2.4 Beta General Discussion
    On this, and also speaking to having some pirate-player play in RES sites. One of the earliest features in ED to get you into contact with a battle, and places to 'farm', if there was to be tweaking of the RES make up (and a big subject / technical challenge I think) I'd love to see a discussion on whether RES's could be a bit more transient? Maybe lasting for a period of time, fading away (reintensifying) but eventually timing out, to be replaced by a new RES somewhere else. Fine, but acting a bit less like a single location where pirates and miners go to die, when ED launched you might have thought, 'hey I was enjoying that' and there weren't as many other game options. By now - I feel - there's enough ship traffic / USS / mission around to offer a few more alternatives, and RES on/off could (arguably) afford to be a bit more dynamic?
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