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    Yesterday, 3:01 PM · 31 replies and 1264 views.
    ElectricZ replied to a thread No 5th Aegis CG in Aliens
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:18 PM · 76 replies and 1992 views.
    Connectivity and other issues aside, how the turret got implemented didn't seem as arcadey and cheap as it seemed to be at first glance. Now, that's not to say I think it's good design, because when it came out I recall some hastily constructed explanation of how it worked (a "camera drone"? righhht.) that indicated they didn't actually think it through like the whole telepresence thing. But a third person turret view actually makes a lot of sense for a gunner trying to aim from a platform that might be moving in three different directions at once. Now, if you grew up in the past 40 years, this is what you wanted from being a spaceship gunner: But during that fight the Millennium Falcon didn't maneuver at all and flew straight and level while the Tie Fighters made strafing runs around it. Like the other dogfights in Star Wars, it was WWII style fighters vs a bomber. How hard would it have been able to aim, let alone see anything if the Falcon were jinking and dodging every which way? The turrets...
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    Yesterday, 12:43 AM · 22 replies and 740 views.
    Respect for owning up to a mistake is traditional. Doubly so for offering up an apology as well.
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    20/10/2017, 5:24 PM · 325 replies and 9244 views.
    Here's an easy test for you or anybody, and anybody can play. (works for black knights too) Open up your post history. Look at the posts you've made. Count up how many times you've posted in a single thread, especially back and forth with another user who you disagree with in the span of a few minutes not actually trying to change the person's mind, but trying to show to the community that the other person is wrong, usually ending with "You should go play another game/This game isn't for you/You don't understand game design/Haters Just go away" as a mic drop. (And on the flip side, "Frontier sucks/Frontier Sux/Frontier Suxxxxx/Fanboyz Go Away") If you've got more than just a few posts in your history that all say the same thing in a bunch of different threads to rebut someone else's criticism of the game... If you just can't let it go when you see a negative as you're browsing the forums and have to reply... you might be a White Knight. Same is true for the haters. If you look in your post history...
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 4:55 PM · 325 replies and 9244 views.
    Gotta disagree with ya on that definition... A White Knight, be it for a game, a person, a football team, a movie fan or whatever, isn't somebody who thinks something is perfect. A White Knight is someone who cruises around looking for dragons to slay and challenge anyone they perceive is threatening their beloved. They'll jump into any conversation or forum thread and raise their sword to beat back the attack - whether or not it's justified or the thing they are trying to protect wants it or needs it. White Knighting isn't about denying imperfection, it's about preserving the honor of your beloved. And there is plenty of that in the ED forums, along with the unrepentant haters who have to jump into any thread, positive or negative, to spread their views. Yin and Yang. Flip sides of the same coin. And some of them are in this very thread. :D EDIT: Ninja'd by NecoMachina.
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    19/10/2017, 11:03 PM · 89 replies and 2217 views.
    My indifference is at the point where I'll just copy/paste my reply from a different topic: My Thargoid-give-a-crap-o-meter is reading pretty darn low these days.
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:46 PM · 40 replies and 1868 views.
    Hey now, are you implying that Thargoid encounters are static, non-dynamic experience with defined triggers as opposed to an inevitable force like a flood or plague set to sweep across known space? Boy I hope not... I've had my hands full the past couple of years not being impacted in any way by the 12-way clandestine cold war struggle for galactic dominance known as "Powerplay." The threat of a legendary alien threat from beyond witchspace endangering all of humanity and making me actually notice there was an invasion would be too much for me to handle. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got more important things like farming arsenic and high grade emission USS's to think about.
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 8:00 PM · 40 replies and 1868 views.
    Woah, woah WOAH. Cancel the three ringed circus? Closing circuses means unhappy, unemployed clowns. Think Thargoids are trouble? The LAST thing we need are sad clowns with too much time on their hands. "You'll grind, too!"
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 7:17 PM · 3 replies and 97 views.
    Your best bet is to link up with these cats: They know a thing or two about it. For a little more history on the subject, have a gander at this:
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    19/10/2017, 5:55 PM · 2537 replies and 532745 views.
    ElectricZ replied to a thread Elite Memes in Dangerous Discussion
    Guess this should go here.
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 5:47 PM · 40 replies and 1868 views.
    You actually wanted another one? Frontier was wise in not instituting another trade CG for the Nth week in a row. They really need to get the "narrative" part going. The Thargoid war can't just be an endless stream of CG's... can it?
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 4:33 PM · 18 replies and 507 views.
    That's the problem with fleshing out the naval careers for all three factions, not just Alliance. Trying to backfill the career/ranking system after it's been in place for three years is going to ruffle feathers no matter how they do it. Adding ranks to Alliance? If you've already got the Alioth permit and have run 10,000 missions for them, do you start out as an Alliance rookie and have to work your way up from the bottom? If they add actual military careers and missions beyond "take a random mission and add Naval Ascension to it" are players who've ranked to Admiral or King going to have to go back and re-certify? If not, will the players who want the gameplay offered by such a thing be able to go back and play them? Will they scrap the current model altogether and make everybody start from scratch? Will they make fleet allegiance a requirement, where you can only serve in one military at a time, and if so what happens to your other ranks?
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 4:23 PM · 166 replies and 4980 views.
    How about that they're both in Colonia? :D Hope you have an engineered FSD in that combat barge! Friendship drive charging, 4...3...2...1... engage! Friendship drive charging, 4...3...2...1... engage! Friendship drive charging, 4...3...2...1... engage! Friendship drive charging, 4...3...2...1... engage!
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 1:17 PM · 89 replies and 2217 views.
    Ya think? We're racing to a red light here. It's just a very slow race, advancing one week CG at a time...
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 5:29 PM · 126 replies and 2938 views.
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it reads like opposite of what you said: Unless by "there is" you were referring to some other measure by which the game measures skill and achievement of the player? Either way, it's sad that the ranks can be ignored, especially since the top rank is, you know, the name of the game. Elite. That reduces it to window dressing. It could be removed without affecting the game at all. Having use for ranks in game other than gating would provide some of that mysterious element known as "gameplay." :D
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 3:58 PM · 126 replies and 2938 views.
    Can you provide examples of how the ranking system actually separates by achievement? Honest question, because I don't see it. Your rankings go up regardless of what you do. There's no way to fail. Trade long enough in any ship, running the same cargo back and forth between two ports long enough, you'll eventually reach Elite in trading. It'll take forever, but you can do it. Fly around in any ship doing basic scans and especially running passenger missions and you'll eventually fill the Explorer bucket. Again, it'll take forever, but you'll eventually become an Elite explorer. Combat? This one actually takes a little skill but once you've learned the basics there's a plateau where you can either get a bigger ship with more powerful weapons, or just go to CZ's and farm Elite sidewinders. Either way, there's a easy, but time consuming path to Elite. As for never what the ranks have measured or depicted, even the original Elite had challenges you had to overcome before making that rank. Most games...
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 3:05 PM · 126 replies and 2938 views.
    I don't get this attitude at all, especially in a game which has ranks from "Mostly Harmless" to "Deadly" for combat, "Penniless" to "Tycoon" for Trader, and "Aimless" to "Pioneer" for Explorer. The names themselves are supposed to evoke achievement, with all of the ranks culminating in "Elite." Players should have to overcome challenges to reach the top in the careers. There should be stratification between those who make the effort to become experts at the game and those who just enjoy messing around. To climb a mountain one person will gatherer equipment, practice the skills to use it, make the ascent plan and scale the vertical side with all the risks that accompany it. The other will drive slowly up the paved road to the scenic overlook at the peak. Even though both people get to enjoy the same view, only one of the two should call themselves a mountain climber. Elite has nothing but paved roads to get to the top. There is no distinction between CMDRs who reaches Elite by being the best at what...
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 3:58 PM · 126 replies and 2938 views.
    This represents a fundamental flaw in Elite's game design, IMO. Ships are gated by rank, but there is no skill required to attain those ranks, only repetition over a timespan. Just like with the Pilot Federation ranks up to Elite, Naval ranks don't require any special skills or knowledge for players to attain. There are no tests to pass. No achievements to attain. Just do the same things over and over until you make a certain counter reach a certain value. Some people will piddle their way up the ladder, incrementing that counter here and there without paying much attention to it, until they look at their stats and notice "oh hey, I finally made Rank and can get that ship. Yay!" Others will set that ship as their goal and use every method possible to increment that counter as fast as possible, taking any shortcut they can. But in either case, it's all about making a number. Or two numbers, actually: one in rank, the other in credit. I agree with those that say the big ships should be the...
  • ElectricZ's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 3:10 PM · 62 replies and 2924 views.
    +1. So... that being said which side does Frontier represent in this instructional video? Hint: it's not the guy doing the hitting.
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