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    Yesterday, 10:11 PM · 84 replies and 1229 views.
    Damn, this sums it up brilliantly for me :)
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:10 PM · 41 replies and 540 views.
    Cmdr Travers replied to a thread Money in Suggestions & Feedback
    Sorry, but there should be no fast route to greatness :)
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:20 PM · 19 replies and 500 views.
    I fight like a whale. I steer like a cow :P
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:16 PM · 19 replies and 500 views.
    I'm quite happy to avoid all Thargoid contact. I'm not a fighter, I've got the reflexes of a tree. I remember the Thargoids from my Speccy as being an alien I could NEVER win against. I don't need those odds back. It would ruin the game for me if I could just randomly get blown up at any time :(
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:01 PM · 44 replies and 983 views.
    Nope, two reasons... One, my Commander is in Colonia. Two, on the 29th I'll be checking into Claridge's for the weekend :) Have fun though
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:23 PM · 84 replies and 1229 views.
    Exactamondo... as the Pope might say. For me it's something that, unless implemented in a very clever way, I'd have a very short attention span for. - - - Updated - - - Hmm, I think that's stretching the definition quite some way. I don't shoot limpets, I launch them, and I don't shoot scanners, I activate them. In fact I do no "shooting off" at all... I love Elite very much, but there's a limit :P
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:13 PM · 84 replies and 1229 views.
    It's only a first person shooter if you shoot stuff.
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:14 PM
    I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, but please be polite to people. I saw a thread here today from somebody who said he'd recently bought a copy of Star Citizen and was considering jumping ship (no pun intended!) It got me thinking about space legs and why I really don't care about them. If you look at what Elite Dangerous (and especially the original Elite) is, it's an exploration, and space trading game. If you look at Star Citizen (please don't move this thread, there's a point to this) then that's primarily a combat and first person shooter game. I don't care about combat in Elite and I never go anywhere near first person shooters. I'm curious if you want space legs, but if you're not a FPS fan, as I can't think of many other reasons to have it in Elite, short of moving with the times, expanding the potential sales reach of the game, etc... In No Man's Sky, for which there could never be an FPS feature, as it's not designed that way, being able to walk around is engineered so that it...
    84 replies and 1229 views.
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:15 AM · 78 replies and 1735 views.
    Oh, sooo much... Additional money earned for planets containing some form of life (amoebas upwards) Wrecked ships with salvageable materials / components / cargo New types of astronomical phenomena such as comets and dust clouds New materials discovered that are only available in certain regions The occasional mystery (alien?) encounter The discovery of abandoned generation ships / megaships perhaps with mysterious messages New exploration megaships sent throughout the galaxy that can be used for repair and restock, and as staging points for deep exploration missions
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:19 AM · 7 replies and 209 views.
    Such an Engineer should have blueprints that don't appear in the bubble for another six months :)
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:02 AM
    There's plenty of stuff going on at Colonia at the moment, but nothing that can't also be found in the bubble. Colonia really needs to be expanded, and soon, and I'd be interested in what you think, but this is my list... An Asteroid Base, a dockable Megaship and different outpost types when the current expansion CG ends A narrative storyline of its own, such as... A huge exploration, megaship or colony ship to be discovered adrift Alien artefacts to be discovered on planets, or alien ships discovered adrift, or a mystery ship graveyard These tied to a region of space nearby (I think there's a locked one) where we can find alien activity
    7 replies and 209 views.
  • Cmdr Travers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:52 AM · 284 replies and 9930 views.
    2 / 3 #Meh There's much more needed before we get his, such as finishing the features that are already in the game first! See my footer for a link to my own feature requests list.
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  1. Cheers for the rep (Wolverine's thread) ;-))
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