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    Today, 2:26 AM · 9 replies and 111 views.
    E is minimum chips D is low weight. C is a compromise of weight and quality. B is high weight high quality high integrity. A is usually same weight as C with quality of B and price of YOU WANT HOW MUCH ?!?!
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    Today, 1:46 AM · 9 replies and 168 views.
    He took it too far:
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    Today, 1:44 AM · 7 replies and 124 views.
    Check out the threads of ToCoSo : Even the one that was closed because too many people approved of the concept and wanted greater visibility of this excellent idea moderator decided too many "shameless bumps" is terrific.
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    Today, 1:39 AM · 3 replies and 112 views.
    I don't know that it needs to be visoble "Roads" as such - it could just be AI paths with some extra dirt tracks.
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    Today, 1:35 AM · 77 replies and 2472 views.
    By Vectron's knees - I hope so.
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    Today, 12:52 AM · 31 replies and 1080 views.
    One half of this thread makes my ears burn. GalNet in its old form - public submission thread and key moderator - encountered some problems. There's an acknowledgement that lore and Frontier characters need to be respected. But everyone feels "My post does that" The very act of 'gatekeeping' puts Frontier in conflict with players. Frontier need to be able to ignore posts that aren't right. - They don't hav the resources to respond to each post "Why your post was rejected" and even if they did - that type of response sets them up for a back and forth argument. Rejection hurts. Doesn't matter whether it's for valid reasons - any rejection feels unfair. Example above - Oureboros is seeking to have a significant Player effort noted in GalNet. Does this need to be verified?
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:26 AM · 474 replies and 30216 views.
    Uh I can't Brain today - I haz the dumb. So uh, there's this Alliance faction I want to help. But I can only get Alliance bounties. Not Faction bounties. Alliance faction is only one, others are indy. Alliance faction is not ruling. Cash 100Cr in Alliance superpower bounties. Does my Alliance faction receive: a) 100Cr worth of bounty lift because sole Alliance faction?
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:07 AM · 12 replies and 283 views.
    If you see SDC o7 high wake immediately unless skilled and engineered. Although a plausible variant of OP's suggestion might be: PVP074 with the number being your kill tally. That would set some expectations.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:22 AM · 31 replies and 1080 views.
    Well I think she's genuine but misguided. You know - "she really believes she can bring peace through peaceful means" kind of Martin Luther King instead of Malcom X. Ghandi instead of Ghengis Khan. There was a lot of cynical noise around the refugee assistance CG she ran. Like: "It's obviously a cover for nefarious evildoing #nevertrustafed yadda yadda" But I think she's been bent out of shape by whatever happened out there and really does see herself as some sort of "touched" saintly peacenik. Edmund Mahon is pretty sharp - and he's running a different agenda. Those CGs out into the California Nebula have been expensive. Not just in economic terms. The first two bases were built on the back of CGs hosted by 'Alliance' group 160th SOAR. But that group turned out to be run by senior PvP Team Leaders and BGS strategists from Achenar Immortals. I don't know how that connection fits and here another AJP Taylor quote is probably apt: "Human blunders usually do more to shape history than human...
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:56 AM · 7813 replies and 478860 views.
    Logs just seemed so simple and obvious as a way of scaling heavy hitters and noobs into the same playing field. You know - give some balance to the David vs Goliath conflicts that happen between groups.
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    Yesterday, 2:38 AM · 31 replies and 1080 views.
    Entire Halsy saga to date here: With thanks to Texas Pete of the Alliance or wall of text under the spoiler here: Community Goal: The Search for Starship One 28 JAN 3302 In May 3301, the personal vessel of the Federal president, Starship One, disappeared en route to the Azaleach system. An investigation was promptly launched, but the fate of the vessel and her crew, which included then-president Jasmina Halsey, could not be conclusively determined. In a statement released earlier today, Federal President Zachary Hudson announced his intention to resume the search for the ship, inspired by the discovery of the remains of the liner Antares:
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