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#actualisation #cg #qwent #sirius 2.4 3.0 2018 acorn actualisation api appearance armor armour art attack bad bgs black bounty breaking bubble bug bugs buy capture cargo carrier cg cgs chaff cheaters clan cmdr's colonia combat commodities complaint complete corrosive corvet cosmetic cqc crew cruise customisation cutter data decal detailing development disappointed distributor draw drive dumbfire eagle edsm engineering esoteric exploration faction factions fed federal ferry filter fine flight four frontier fsd fuel fun galaxy galnet game game-wreckers goal gold got graphics greifers griefer grind grinding gripe group help hotas htc hudson human hunt hunter hunting hyperdiction idea ieagle imperial improvement in indominus instance intelligence intro introduction investigation invincibility invincible isao join jurassic just kieron kishino landing launcher lep lets lfg life livestream lock log lore loveelite making map marketing mastersson medium micro military minor missiles mission missionboard missions modules money multi nerf network never new news normandy npc nvidia objectives obsidianant of off one orbital outfitting passenger peregrina pirate planetary player powerplay pria pro problem ps4 punishment pvp quality qwent railguns rank reality recruit remembrance rep research resolution return rhea.lq running safe science score sdi sfx ship ships sight silent state-of-the-game steam story subscribe suggestion suggestions support synthesis tactic targeting technical thagoids thargoid thargoids that the theories thoughts time tool trading transport update usgf vertical video virtual vive vulture week wing xbox zombie