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  1. Jellicoe

    Moderators please explain

    Would the moderators please explain why two threads discussing the current conflict in Colonia have been locked/moved? The discussions on both have been good humoured, without personal abuseand role played in character so why the heavy handed and, frankly, over zealous moderation?
  2. C

    Steam forum ban for "contesting moderation" for 1 week

    Okay, now I know this isn't really the place for this, however since I can't get in contact with "a forum moderator" I would like to ask if its possible to review this (totally out of place if I'm being honest) ban on the steam forums. I could maybe understand if it was 48 hours as a "don't do...
  3. and_ft

    JWE and its PEGI Rating of 16 - Moderate violence

    Greetings, A quick question for any of you parents in here. My 10 yr old - who's been heavily into dinosaurs since whenever - has fixed his gaze upon this game. He's previously enjoyed the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World park builder games on ipad, and this game looks to be along those...
  4. Sir.Tj

    Open letter!!!

    Dear forum... Can you please self block for 12 hours so the moderating team can replenish their medications? Thanks, The poor old moderators..
  5. Sir.Tj

    Open letter!!!

    Dear forum... Can you please self block for 12 hours so the moderating team can replenish their medications? Thanks, The poor old moderators..
  6. [MEOW] Lorenzo

    Why not just close open play fdev?

    So in that case.....there must be 5 mods reading this?
  7. Ian Phillips

    Call to Arms for a Free Colonia

    Everyone - the previous moderation posts made have the character of 'Last Warning' and were not meant to be a starting point for including forum moderation in your 'Lore and Roleplay' thread. Get back to the topic and do not stray from it please.
  8. C

    @CM Team & Forum Moderators - Beta Suggestion Thread

    ...for improvements, tweaks and ideas from the community. Is it possible to have an announcement thread, updated by the CM team or/and forum moderators, that bullet points the themes and concepts that have been made by the community. These do not necessarily mean they will be actioned or...
  9. [MEOW] babelfisch

    FDev ED-relevant quotes/videos

    What is a friendly moderator?!
  10. Robert Maynard

    Why not just close open play fdev?

    Four.... .... and we don't moderate threads we participate in nor can mods moderate mods.
  11. Rubbernuke

    Open letter!!!

    The irony is a lot of medications have a salt base of some kind.
  12. Ian Phillips

    Please don't attack defenseless...

    Closed pending moderation review of multiple complaints recieved and ignoring previous requests from the moderation team.
  13. Agony_Aunt

    Star Citizen Discussion Thread v12

    Also worth remembering that this "QA" guy is now a paid spectrum moderator, after they switched from volunteer moderators, on a forum where you cannot post unless you have paid CIG money, and he frequently uses his moderator powers to shut down any discussions that are negative of CIG.
  14. Robert Maynard

    Moderators please explain

    Complaints relating to moderation actions should be directed to as stated in the forum rules:
  15. Firkrayt

    Star Citizen Discussion Thread v12

    Sure, but as I see it, dude wan't discussing moderation, he just wrote that something was moderated. That's hardly qualifies as discussion, no?
  16. D

    Question for the moderators

    I want to ask all the moderators a question since Im just curious and I just want to know also anyone else can reply to if they want.the question is really simple what’s your favorite Dino in jwe? Mines is the indoraptor but I also really like the allo in this game.
  17. F

    Call to Arms for a Free Colonia

    Edit: due to moderator warning, post deleted by me
  18. V

    Why do people wait until a community goal, to be oles?

    Moderators dont / cant have 2 forum profiles so everything the post comes with the Mod tag. Its usually pretty obvious which is Mod hat on Moderation and which Mod hat off opinion on the topic. If you really cant tell the difference then just ask. Mods arent allowed to Moderate any threads they...
  19. Bigmaec

    Open letter!!!

    Well played (y) I endorse of this message. I blame… uh nevermind. Also you want your mediation salted, or sweet? Hint: it's salted. Always.
  20. Brian of Earth

    COMPLETED CG Steel Castle Starport Initiative (Trade)

    Kietrax!!!! Good to see you moderating over CGs once again! I thought those days were gone..
  21. Alien

    Dev stream tomorrow...hype police incoming....stay calm.......

    Anyone getting hyped for the dev diary/dev stream tomorrow, is going to be disappointed. I feel sorry for the moderators of this forum*, because once people see the dev diary and the stream, the moderators will have a lot of work to do. *- oh wait, no I don't, they've burned me too many times.
  22. Bottom Hat

    Question for Open players who don't like PVP/ganking... help me understand

    Does this include the holy work of Colonia Jesus, being off the table? At the moderation comments? ;)
  23. Arguendo

    The Quest To Find Raxxla

    FYI: Feel free to move on from that subject ;)
  24. M

    General / Off-Topic How to be a moderator

    Title says it all. What does one takes to be a Frontier moderator?
  25. SMcA

    Steam mods

    I would not think so. You could not call these forums moderated by FD staff. That is done by volunteers.
  26. Navigare Necesse Est

    Star Citizen Discussion Thread v12

    Slapping "Censorship!" on can be qualified as discussion. Or rather judgement.
  27. cheesenbiscuits

    Black Power Play

    Who’d be a moderator on this hot potato :LOL:
  28. Bottom Hat

    No Ship Interiors: - Oops!

    Don't argue with the moderators, you fool.... Said in my best Gandalf voice
  29. T

    I felt sad, because i will not feel like an Armstrong

    Ah, your post now makes sense. Drink in moderation, kids!

    Invitation to Fighter-1 Galactic Championship!!

    its strange but it cannot be erased still bear it no mind a moderator will close it if he sees fit
  31. VR StarLightPL

    SPEAR "leader" need pilots to fight for him...?

    Wow, this thread is still going? I guess moderation is working hard on moderating the New Era forums ;-)
  32. FlySwat

    ANNOUNCEMENT Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Announcement

    This really is a useless Forum. Moderators here do nothing to delete all the piffle and bickering.
  33. Bottom Hat

    How Dangerous Can Odyssey Be?

    Elite: Mild Mannered and Moderately Hospitable. (Sorry I just like making up alternative titles!)
  34. Theodrid

    Why not just close open play fdev?

    Sorry Ganks, even the more moderate, teachy almost touchy feel you - still just doggy bro, sorry.
  35. aRJay

    Does anyone know how long the discount on Imperial ships lasts?

    The details are available in FDev Towers in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Moderator'.
  36. Rat Catcher

    VR support 'not at launch' for Odyssey

    Yes - but not moderating this thread, otherwise he wouldn't be allowed to post in it... Here, same as you and me :) (and you do know that moderators know as much about Frontier's inner workings as you and me too, I assume?)
  37. Marklar_

    FDev ED-relevant quotes/videos

    Well TJ is friendly, but he ruins everything he touches (and everything else too).
  38. CMDR Luftsven

    How to become a moderator?

    Hello Commanders, I am a beginner at Elite Dangerous even if it's been some years since I own it. I would like to know what are the steps in order to become a moderator, even for free? Thank you.
  39. J

    Steam mods

    Just a quick question. Do frontier staff moderate the Steam discussions?
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