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Thread: What game are we all playing instead of E:D?

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    I built a house in Fortnite...

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    Originally Posted by Mengy View Post (Source)
    Depends. Are you looking for addon planes or scenery? Big jets or small general aviation?

    For scenery, the stuff from ORBX is fantastic. I honestly own every region they have available, and whatever you buy from them you get the keys for all versions of FSX and P3D. ORBX stuff can completely transform how the entire game looks.

    For planes there are many choices depending on what kind of aircraft you want. I like the small planes so I own a lot of A2A, Alabeo, and Carenado planes.

    Let me know more specifics and I can get detailed.

    Mainly scenery at the moment. Locked at the OEBX stuff and I'll agree it looks fantastic, but I'm a man on a budget at the moment Plus I'm still learning to fly again, been a long time and it shows at the moment. Still working through the tutorials...