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Thread: What game are we all playing instead of E:D?

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    Originally Posted by Buio View Post (Source)
    It's a great game, except I don't like the ship combat. Personal combat is much better. I'll probably get into it again sometime in the future.
    I agree with the ship combat not being so great. My ships are always rigged for boarding so I can get face to face with the opponent. It's more interesting and I collect intel along with looting the commodities. It's changing constantly and more is being added. They're taking a 10 day break from updating right now, but will be back at it soon.

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    Space engineers, because self built guided cruise missiles and kinetic battering rams never get old. Dont tell Clang that I secretly love his destructive ways.

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    Chilling out in FH4's design garage section and smiling like a Cheshire cat Drifting a couple of the 'Drift Car Pack' vehicles. ( on xbox ).

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    Playing x stillbirth, trying to figure out how to finance my hardware station building without having to travel to each sector again.
    Pirate time?

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    Originally Posted by Redomus View Post (Source)
    Space engineers, because self built guided cruise missiles and kinetic battering rams never get old. Dont tell Clang that I secretly love his destructive ways.
    Yeah, a game I have a love/hate relationship with, more love (& indeed respect) than hate. Got in early and have played around 1700hrs. I think its possibly the best space game available, that gives players most sides of ship ownership, having built it yourself, sort of thing. I build in creative and then move them into survival to play the game. Its incredible to be honest.

    Its just that damn floating point issue. Way back Marek said "you can now fly almost infinitely within the same space", which is my dream space game really ie. no loading screens. Space to planet landings, again, with no loading screens etc, mine asteroids find abandoned stations, ships etc. A perfect space game for a solo player. Then after Mareks comment, they introduced jump drives within the same space, albeit smaller jumps depends on how many jump drives you have. I thought that was great too. Everything about it fell within my perfect space game...
    But I travelled out a fair distance and in SE that is 'true scale' as such, using the ingame scale. Unlike other space games. But the games engine was stretched too far I think and the 'fly almost infinitely' comment, fell at that point for me.

    Unfortunately the games engine didn't handle it that far out and I had lots of issues. I put those issues to the devs via reports etc (mostly ignored). So I stopped playing for quite a while. I'm back into it again, can't keep away really, and just trying to update an old ship I built way back that wasn't lost through the updates. I have travelled out again some distance and the game is, so far (fingers crossed), holding up. Some mod planets don't work out this far, but the games planets are better for stability out here. A KSH dev did say to me to try it out again and see, so I'm hoping he/she is right.

    A space game that you build your own ship and can travel huge distances in the 'same space' is my ideal, in this genre. Plus the script and modding side are fantastic. I'm just using MMasters here below to get my screens sorted. Very customisable.

    It is possibly the best space game available, for me, for what I want from space travel and adventure, I just need it to stay stable... So far

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    At the moment my games are: Fortnite, ED, ETS2, ATS.

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    Actually back playing more ED at the moment than most things. With DDO, Portal (1 and 2) and a bit Of Deus EX:MD to break it up

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    Hello 15 FPS!

    Well, at least it's Descent until 26th of October when RDR2 gets released.

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