If you are having a issue with getting the game up and running please read the info in here and we can see what can be done to get you sorted.

This list in not complete in any way and will continue to be updated as time goes on, if you've found a solution to a problem let me know and I'll add it to the list of fixes.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Not all of these fixes and tips are Official, so take a bit of time to research before proceeding.

Official Support Portal [LINK] This is where you can log a ticket for your problem. depending on the issue your ticket may be added to a batch with the same problem and used in a future update.

Currently the minimum requirements for the game are as follows.

Direct X 11• Quad Core CPU ( 4 x 2Ghz is a reasonable minimum)• 4 GB System RAM (more is always better)• DX 10 hardware GPU with 1GB video ramo Nvidia GTX 260o ATI 4870HD• Internet connection

You can find a quick start guide for Elite: Dangerous on our website here:

And as a downloadable PDF here:

Frontier have a FAQ for many problems in the support portal. These are the official fixes.


Technical Support

Account support.

General questions


Fixes and help from around the forum.

Few things to check first.

Make sure the game servers are running


Check that your DirectX drivers are all installed and up to date.

You can download the latest DirectX drivers from here


Check that your graphics card drivers are up to date as well.

If you are struggling to download the launcher itself there is a direct link.


Blank tile in centre of HUD. POTENTIAL FIX INSIDE

Strongtium Dog posted some useful tips HERE

Mack has posted about the Validation Error - Data.ovx - Download link for the file (1.06)

Addict7 posted about the Black screen of Death HERE

If the launcher reports a error let it finish before logging out machine via launcher options etc sometimes it will finish even though the error had popped up.

If your having a problem with unhandled exceptions this thread may be useful LINK

Try running the launcher as administrator, just right click on the icon and select run as administrator.

I've trawled through various thread and picked up the info that's helped others.

So thanks to those who took the time to help.