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    New POI

    POI Name: deGrasse Nebula
    POI Type: Planetary Nebula
    GalMap Ref: Eord Flyuae WP-X E1-1011

    Desc: "A blue planetary nebula to the galactic east of the area called the Festival Grounds. Named after Neil deGrasse Tyson, a respected astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator from the late 20th and early 21st century."

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    Guardian ruins - site 29, 33, 34 & 35
    Col 173 Sector LY-Q d5-59

    From a distance I'm approaching what looks like an Egyptian tomb, and simultaneously voices and shreeking sounds approach me. I have heard these dark sounds before and this time one cannot avoid thinking of the many corpses that must lie deep beneath the sand.

    In the middle stands some kind of obelisk, glowing like those relics I've seen in other ruins, but also a hint of a pattern showing through the cyan glaze. I activate the guardian decryption codex... it reveils something about technology or so it seems. As I read the message carefully, hints of "social aspects" and "fast progression" scatter around their technological descriptions. In fact, the monolith network I'm standing in right now was apparantely used to share (and manipulate) thoughts ! They used it even at young age to care for children but equally for their esteemed scientists. Wait a minute.. would those sounds be ... voices of their past .. ?

    Guardian ruins - site 76, 77 & 78
    Col 173 Sector WN-B b29-1

    "Whole cities were protected by huge shields..." says a decoded message from the set of pillars in the north-west section of these ruins. This place invites you to head there as the large nose-shaped hill seems to ask you to come closer. But if this is true, and our technology is indeed inferior to the guardians, the next message should intrigue us even more. It changes subject: "Created creatures expressly for use in battle". Biological manipulation ?! It seems their affinity for genetics have given them a path we do not walk on. Towards the south-west is another elevated area which unveils the weakness of that path, it's obelisk returns a coded entry: "Sadly.. biological weapons were of little use against the AIs". Strength indeed stays a paradox for us all, guardians or humans: one's biggest strength can become one's largest weakness.

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    Originally Posted by Corbin Moran View Post (Source)
    Erimus has spent some time in the beta scouting out the locations of the new deep space asteroid bases that has been added in 2.3. These has been added to the map, so you know where to find a safe port in a storm. Most of these are currently lacking images and descriptions though, but you could help us with that
    On it

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    "New Growth" Asteroid Station
    Pencil Sector EL-Y d5

    The Pencil Nebula is only 800 ly away from Sol and yet we might never have even looked at it, prey for the linear appearance triggering its popular name. However, this asteroid station now gives us more reason then ever to visit this place, where one can look out in peace at shapes of wind made by the neigbouring planet D5 A 5. Very close by this station, in the Regor sector, are some interesting guardian ruins to visit if the traveller so wishes. But please do not do so before chatting with the barman of the "Seven Stages Movement". He will tell you this cooperation has invested quite a lot in building this rocky place but he might also ask for your assistance against a growing mysteriously named anarchy faction called.. "The Shunned".

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    Dockable Megaship "The Harmony"
    Yum Kamcabi

    Resized High-Res

    Unresized High-Res

    Dockable Megaship "Fisher's Rest"

    Resized High-Res

    Unresized High-Res

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    Just thought I'd add my full picture of Fisher's Rest

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    Outer Arm - Bovomit Permit Locked Region

    Greetings Commanders,

    I've just completed a survey of the Bovomit permit locked region, located in the Outer Arm, beyond the Formidine Rift.

    Located approximately 21,600 LY from Sol, Bovomit is permit locked, requiring an unknown permit, as are many regions in the game. Generally spherical in shape, the region intersects the Galactic plane, and extends roughly 600 LY above and 400 LY below the plane, encompassing a volume at least 1000LY in diameter. No astronomical anomalies were encountered during the survey, however this Commander did note that star density inside the spherical region did appear to be noticeably lower than the surrounding space.

    Apologies for the rough course plots - my Asp Explorer did have some minor difficulties during navigation, as star density above the Galactic plane did diminish noticeably above 400 LY.

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    Station X Asteroid Base
    Crab Sector DL-Y d9

    The Crab Pulsar at the heart of the Crab Nebula was the first pulsar that mankind ever discovered all the way back in the 20th century, by Jocelyn Bell Burnell. Though her contribution was recognised by her peers, it was not by the body who awarded the Nobel Prize. Although the Nebula that surrounds it is small it is one of the most beautiful and intriguing, so it is no surprise that people would want to set up home here. The Crab Operations Syndicate have made this system their home and it boasts stunning views of the nebula as well as a safe place to rest. Though make sure you ask for somewhere to stay nicely, as the station crew are said to be somewhat short tempered.

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    POI Update:

    POI Name: Great Annihilator Black Hole
    GalMap Ref: Great Annihilator

    Desc: "20th century astronomers discovered a source of intense photons at 511 keV, which was known to be the result of positron-electron annihilation. After study determined that the source was equal to annihilation events of 10 billion tons per second of positron-electron pairs, it was dubbed The Great Annihilator. The only possible explanation was a large black hole.

    Recent surveys found two black holes and a set of T-Tauri stars in orbit. The primary black hole has almost 200 solar masses and an unusually large radius of 550 kilometers. The secondary black hole has 66 solar masses and a radius around 200 kilometers. The system appears to be located in an unusually dense field of dust, obscuring most nearby stars."

    Image annotation: "Great Annihilator A and B can be seen by the optical distortion near their child stars. Note the high density of dust in the area."

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    POI Name: Astraeus Nebula
    POI Type: Planetary Nebula/Supernova Remnant
    GalMap Ref: LYAISAA UJ-R E4-4590
    First Discovered: 15/04/2017 CMDR LivewareCascade

    Desc: A greenish-blue nebula consisting of stellar ejecta following a supernova. The neutron star remnant now orbits a barycentre it shares with a small K class star (0.63 solar masses, 0.72 solar radii), and this pair is itself locked in a binary orbit with a G class star (0.96 solar masses, 1.0 solar radii). No other bodies are present in the system.

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    New POI

    POI Name: Ring of Fire
    POI Type: Planetary Features
    GalMap Ref: Zunuae IU-D d13-363

    Desc: "The second gas-giant in orbit of this MS-class giant has a high axial tilt. As such, it appears be a glowing, baleful eye when viewed head on. A tourist beacon has been set up here for travelers."

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    New POI

    POI Name: Three Little Pigs
    POI Type: Black Hole
    GalMap Ref: Croomoea NI-B e89

    Desc: "This system contains nothing but a black hole and three neutron stars along with a stunning view of the galaxy from above. The discoverer imagined that the three neutron stars were being persued by the devouring black hole, much like the child's tale of three small pigs."

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    Name: New Growth
    Game map search ref: Pencil Sector EL-Y d5
    Description: New Growth is an asteroid base with a terraforming economy. It orbits an as-yet-unnamed planet which is a candidate for terraforming, although the process hasn't been started yet. This station is notable for having full facilities, including a shipyard, which is quite rare for deep space outposts. Not only does New Growth's location offer beautiful views of the Pencil Nebula, but it's also in the immediate vicinity of the Guardian ruins.
    Screenshot reference:

    Name: Iris Vacations
    Game map search ref: FW Cephei
    Description: Iris Vacations is the name of an asteroid base with beautiful views of the Iris nebula. The station's economy is built on tourism, and as such, it is quite busy with plenty of cruise liners arriving at and departing from it. Given that it's approximately 1,500 ly away from Sol, Iris Vacations is a great choice for budget-conscious tourists who would like to spend time away from inhabited space, but can't afford (or aren't willing) to travel very far. The base is also a popular stop for both cruise ships and explorers who are headed farther west.
    Screenshot reference:

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    Name: Medusa's Rock
    Game map search ref: Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8
    Description: Planet 1 of the system is a terraforming candidate with beautiful views of the nearby Crescent Nebula. Orbiting the planet is the asteroid base Medusa's Rock. It is an currently owned by the faction The Privileged. This faction is a dictatorship and the economy of the system is devoted to terraforming Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8 1. The nearby moon Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8 1 A is a pristine source of several raw materials, including vanadium, tellurium, niobium, and mercury. The asteroid base in the system provides several services, including Universal Cartographics, commodities, outfitting, repair facilities, and even ship livery facilities.
    Screenshot reference:
    Name:  Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8 (20170415-215927).jpg
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    Since I was in the general region of space, I took a jaunt over to NGC 6820 Sector GW-W d1-36. In EDSM, this system was listed as the possible location of an asteroid base. I was sceptical, since that system was not listed in the galactic map as having any population or any government. Nevertheless, I decided to take a short trip from the Crescent Nebula and check it out just to be sure.

    There was nothing there, not even any planets.

    Name:  NGC 6820 Sector GW-W d1-36 (20170416-083004).jpg
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