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Thread: TDGUI: lightweight GUI for TradeDangerous

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    Originally Posted by dbeachy1 View Post (Source)
    It doesn't have those yet but I'll add them for the next TDGUI patch release. I'll add those two options and PM you a link to a beta version in an hour or two.
    Outstanding! Thx for the hard work!

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    Originally Posted by dbeachy1 View Post (Source)
    Great! I updated the readme file with the details and uploaded the new TDGUI zip to my Web site. Thanks for the heads-up!
    yvw! You've made a nice app here, perfect companion to TD. kfsone was hoping someone would take his monster and tame it with a GUI and you've done it. Question: does TDGUI assume the ED log files to be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Frontier\EDLaunch\Products\FORC-FDEV-D-1010\Logs? In my case (Win 8.1 install) they are located at C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Frontier_Developments\Products\FORC-FDEV-D-1010\Logs. Verbose logging is set to 1 in AppConfig.xml, however TDGUI can't discover my current system - clicking on 'Current' produces "unknown" (see screen shot below).

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    I'm guessing TDGUI can't read my log files because it's thinking they're somewhere else (did you hard code the path by chance? ). I'm guessing this because I have another program 'Elite-CoPilot' that needs to read the log files to know my current location, and the dev on that app has an in-app control that allows you to set the netlog path. Elite-CoPilot works fine for me (in fact it's the reason verbose logging was already set to 1 in my AppConfig.xml) so the fact that TDGUI can't decipher my location is making me wonder if it can find my log files. It isn't prompting me to update verbose logging if that helps.

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    Originally Posted by dbeachy1 View Post (Source)
    Great! I updated the readme file with the details and uploaded the new TDGUI zip to my Web site. Thanks for the heads-up!
    hey - never mind what I said! Not sure what changed, but your tool is now finding my current location just fine when I click 'Current' . Sorry for the confusion - Gremlins are probably playing tricks on me.

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    I believe what happened is that when you first ran TDGUI the latest Elite Dangerous logfile in the EDHOME\Logs directory did not have system information in it (Elite Dangerous rotates its debug log files continually), and so there was no current system information in that file to read. Then once you ran Elite Dangerous again and it wrote out the current system to the latest netLog file TDGUI then picked it up and kept track of it from then on.

    To put it another way TDGUI currently only parses the latest netLog file in the logs directory -- it never looks at the older ones. I could improve that for new TDGUI installs by making it loop and parse older netLog files until it finds the current system. I'll look into adding that to the next TDGUI patch release.

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    Thanks for ur effort in this UI.

    Could help me to get it work ? I have this error when i try to launch it :

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    That error indicates that TradeDangerous has never been run yet and so it has not created its databases yet -- that happens if you run TDGUI in a brand-new TradeDangerous folder before invoking any TradeDangerous commands first. The upcoming TDGUI patch release already has code to work around this by invoking TradeDangerous to auto-create its databases on first-time startup, but in the meantime the workaround is to either run a TradeDangerous command from the command line (so it auto-creates its initial databases) or just run this command once in the TradeDangerous folder:

    buildcache -f -i
    I plan to post the next TDGUI patch release shortly, which already has a fix for this. Stand by.

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    OK, the new TDGUI patch release is up on my site's download page. Changes are:

    Version 1.5.3, 10-Apr-2015  
      - Added Insurance, Max LS Distance, and LS Penalty options to 'Trade Route' and 'Trade To' tabs.
      - Added code to automatically invoke TD to create its database (" buildcache -f -i") if the database does not exist yet (i.e., on a brand-new install of TD).

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    cheers for the new release

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    I found your TD Gui a couple of weeks ago, and its so much better than my batch file ;-)
    Would it be possible to add a option to add the -MD flag for maximum price data age?

    Thanks fo rthe work you have done on this, might get a few more people using TD ;-)

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    Originally Posted by Bam View Post (Source)
    Would it be possible to add a option to add the -MD flag for maximum price data age?
    Sure, I'll add that to the next patch release.

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    TDGUI 2.0.1 Released

    Just a quick note to say that I've updated TDGUI to support Elite Dangerous: Horizons, and I just released version 2.0.1. Changes include:

    • Added support for the latest Trade Dangerous version supporting Elite Dangerous: Horizons data, such as planetary bases and new items. Also shows some additional fields for each station and outpost.
    • Added code to ignore duplicate (i.e., buggy) item names being imported from maddavo (fixed a crash on import).
    • Updated 'Import Prices' functionality to invoke " import --plug=maddavo --opt=csvs -i" so it updates everything instead of just prices, which also makes it work on a clean install of the updated TradeDangerous.
    • Changed default for Elite program directory to match a Steam Elite Dangerous: Horizons installation.
    • Implemented new '--toward' switch support in the 'Trade To' tab (there is a new checkbox on that page).

    Note that I've updated this version for the latest TradeDangerous Horizons version from this TradeDangerous fork, so that is the version I recommend for use with TDGUI. Installation instructions are included in the readme file in the TDGUI zip. You can download the new 2.0.1 version on the downloads page of my Web site.

    Happy flying!

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