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Thread: Gratuitous Selfie Thread

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    Gratuitous Selfie Thread

    Apropos of nothing, a selection of my favourite photo's from my gameplay and travels so far.

    Name:  CobraBarnardsLoop.jpg
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Size:  22.3 KB Name:  CobraSun.jpg
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Size:  35.3 KB
    My Cobra, Apamée 1, approaching Barnard's Loop Apamée 1 escaping the heat
    Name:  CobraAfterburn.jpg
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Size:  32.8 KB Name:  CobraOrionNebula.jpg
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Size:  19.2 KB
    And safely away Entering the inky darkness of the Orion Nebula
    Name:  CobraRingedPlanetInNebula.jpg
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Size:  17.6 KB Name:  CobraMarsLikePlanet.jpg
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Size:  28.7 KB
    A ringed planet inside the Nebula Back to civilisation; a Mars like view
    Name:  AspSunrise.jpg
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Size:  38.1 KB Name:  VultureRES.jpg
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Size:  34.1 KB
    As dawn breaks, my Asp (Apamée 2) sets out on a venture My Vulture, Salisbury 2, RES hunting
    Name:  AspPleidesIn.jpg
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Size:  15.6 KB Name:  AspCaliforniaOut.jpg
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    Apamée 2 entering Pleides Nebula And exiting California Nebula in moody light
    Name:  ELWNearCali.jpg
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Size:  36.5 KB Name:  AspWitcheadIn.jpg
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Size:  27.5 KB
    An ELW near California Nebula On to The Cave Nebula
    Name:  AspCaveOut.jpg
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Size:  17.9 KB Name:  DoubleSun.jpg
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Size:  28.4 KB
    Leaving The Cave Nebula region A tight scoop over a close binary
    Name:  AspElephantIn.jpg
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Size:  15.8 KB Name:  AspElephantOut.jpg
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    I imagine some malevolent creature of the deep watches as I enter the Elephant's Trunk Coming out the other side, we get this nice shot with The Cave Nebula in the distance

    As I said, no real reason other than perhaps a break from SC whilst exploring. I head, now, onwards to who knows what next.

    I hope you enjoyed them. If not, click away to another page.

    Safe flying all.

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    Some of my selfies. A lot more will be posted when I will reach Sag A.

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    Very nice - thanks for sharing

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    Nice - like a starry bow-tie. Thanks for sharing

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    Me orbiting New Baconia, My first ELW
    Name:  jhrp6c.jpg
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    Cool. Is that an ice-cap or some serious cloud cover, do you reckon?

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    My shiny new Python. Couldn't wait to get rid of the T7

    Name:  Screenshot_0020.jpg
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    Originally Posted by Matzov View Post (Source)
    Cool. Is that an ice-cap or some serious cloud cover, do you reckon?
    Its an ice cap, I did a few full rotations of the planet and it looked utterly beautiful
    I've found 6 ELW's now and all look different and have different polar ice caps and cloud formations

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    Name:  EliteDangerous32 2015-05-18 18-38-52-55.jpg
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    here is one I've just done

    Name:  EliteDangerous32 2015-05-18 20-50-31-69.jpg
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    and this one

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    This Water World

    Name:  Screenshot_0019_zpslzg0tvl3.png
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    orbiting this Water World

    Name:  Screenshot_0020_zpshpxlupuz.png
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    Both terraformable and in orbit around a Neutron star....

    Also got my first Earth-like around a Carbon star:

    Name:  Screenshot_0017_zpsbfwglga0.png
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    Not a bad haul

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    Great images. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like that ringed planet in darkness one antonygoldrick.

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    Very impressive shots Ziggy

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    Originally Posted by Bacon Sarnie View Post (Source)
    Me orbiting New Baconia, My first ELW
    Name:  jhrp6c.jpg
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    That's an awesome name for a planet. Since we can't name them in game, there wouldn't happen to be an external fan-maintained database anywhere that lets discoverers properly name their ELWs, would there? I'd start one myself, but being new, I don't have any ELWs to name.

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