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Thread: Words of Wisdom (1 per account)

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    Words of Wisdom (1 per account)

    So what's your one piece of advice to other players, new or not. It can be obvious or not.

    I'll start with:

    Do a little bit of everything early on and find what really inspires you.

    Thread rules: Only the advice, no commentary on your own or others please, let's keep this thread simple.

    Addendum: Excellent community response! Thanks to everyone who's replied to this.

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    Don't go to Lave. It is a silly place.

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    Take your time.. in all things.

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    Insurance dangerous......Ironman...............

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    Be wary of dragon.

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    Although the sidewinder is free, don't assume that it's a terrible ship. That thing can earn you your first million without too much effort or time!

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    strong signal source = strong chance of very bad things happening

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    If you think you are stuck in hyperspace, take a sip of hot tea to fix it.

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    Overconfidence will kill you.

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    Never engage in Forum Combat. No one wins.

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    Its not a race, but a journey.

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    Check above you before undocking.

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    Don't watch TV while docking.

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    If you are bored, find some wingmates

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    Get the boosting inside stations out of your system in the early game

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