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Thread: Work in Progress: Complete Full Colour ED Ship Size Chart

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    That's due to the height of them, the T7 is about 4mm too tall to fit in the medium hanger.

    I don't know why they don't just let it clip though, like the huge plasma accelerator on the FDL clips through the floor.

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    Outstanding work on the new version! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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    Have been hoping for these for a while now, glad to see you're doing well and still willing to update for us. Thank you!!

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    Originally Posted by Nimitz68 View Post (Source)
    … still willing to update for us.
    Yeah, about that…

    I think I no longer am.

    I have come to face the realtity that I have become increasingly disenchanted with the game and pretty much lost interest in it. The last time I fired it up at all was in February to take the screenshots for the new version of the chart. And even in the year before, I was playing less and less.

    I won't go into detail about my reasons, since I don't see the point on adding my voice to the already constant complaining here.

    But there won't be another version of the chart. I'm done.

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    Thank you for all the work done.
    Hope someone else can do it in the future.

    I also hope you find (or have found) a game that fulfills your gaming requirements.

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    Thank you for this amazing chart! It's now my desktop at work and will soon be at home as well I'm sorry to hear you are leaving the game, but thank you for what you've done and I hope you find joy and satisfaction with whatever you move on to! o7

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