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Thread: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro? - NOT FORCE 3D PRO

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    Originally Posted by fireundubh View Post (Source)
    Did you press and hold Ctrl+Shift when you clicked the Properties button?
    Yes. I also tried just [Ctrl], just [Shift], [Ctrl]+[Alt] and [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt]

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    Originally Posted by Mysturji View Post (Source)
    Yes. I also tried just [Ctrl], just [Shift], [Ctrl]+[Alt] and [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt]
    Strange. Maybe you need to update the Logitech support software?

    This is what happens here:

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    There's more than one way into properties. which confused the issue (and me).
    I tried calibrating it, but that totally fubar'd it. I tried again, and again. The calibration doesn't seem to recognise what I'm doing with any of the controls and sets it into a forward spin with no reverse thrust and no right yaw.
    I reset it to defaults, and although I need to keep the deadzone at nearly 50%, at least it's usable.
    Thanks for all the help and advice.

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    Horizons 2.3.00 released, here's my selectable bindings file for Horizons (Elite: Dangerous 2.3.00 & onwards) :
    File goes to:
    <Your E: D Install Dir>\EDLaunch\Products\elite-dangerous-64\ControlSchemes

    ALERT !
    This particular file if for Finnish keyboard layout.
    You may need to edit (or delete) line 3 of the file to make it work.
    Do not use Windows Notepad, it may render the file inoperable - working editors are for example Windows Wordpad, or the excellent Notepad++.
    To find correct language code for you:
    - start the game
    - go to options/controls
    - hit APPLY
    - open Custom.2.0.binds (found in
    C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings
    AppData is a hidden folder)
    - if line 3 is <KeyboardLayout>xy-XY</KeyboardLayout> (xy-XY is your language code), just change the "fi-FI" part in LogitechExtreme3Dpro2300.binds to that
    - if there is no line <KeyboardLayout>xy-XY</KeyboardLayout>, delete it from LogitechExtreme3Dpro2300.binds

    Might as well explain some additional stuff, like k/b & mouse controls I included:
    Forward thrust = A
    Backward thrust = Z
    Open/close Galaxy Map = M
    Open/close System Map = K
    Rotate Galaxy Map = left mouse button & mouse movement
    Zoom Galaxy Map = mouse wheel
    Toggle Rotational Correction = C
    Toggle Lights = L
    Toggle Orbital Lines in SuperCruise = O
    Engage/Disengage SuperCruise = J
    Engage/Abort Hyperspace = H
    Look around = right mouse button & mouse movement
    Navigation/Contacts Panel = 1
    Comms Panel = 2
    Systems Panel = 3
    Radar / SRV Deployment Panel = 4
    Reset Focus (return to 'normal view') = Left Shift
    Back in panels & menus = Q
    Back to Galaxy map from the System View = Q
    Next Tab in Panels = E
    Previous Tab in Panels = W
    Quick Comms = Spacebar
    Deploy/Stow Weapons = Enter
    Next Firegroup = .
    Previous Firegroup = ,
    Toggle Silent Running = Del
    Deploy Heatsink = V
    Increase Scanner Range = PageUp
    Decrease Scanner Range = PageDown
    Power Distribution = Arrow keys (SYS = left, ENG = up, WEP = right, balanced = down)
    Eject all cargo = Backspace
    Target 1st wingman = 7
    Target 2nd wingman = 8
    Target 3rd wingman = 9
    Select wingman's target = 0
    Wingman Nav-lock = -
    Select next Nav Target on Route = +
    Added "U" and "I" as additional (digital) Yaw controls, since my stick's twist axis started acting up.
    Toggle Vanity Camera = Tab
    Toggle Camera UI = NumPad /
    Toggle next Camera Preset view = NumPad +
    Toggle previous Camera Preset view = NumPad -
    Toggle Free View camera mode = NumPad *
    Toggle Ship Lock in free mode = Ins
    Toggle World Lock in free mode = Del
    Free View Camera controls = ship flight controls

    And Joystick functions:
    Pitch/Roll/Yaw = Y/X/Z -axes, Z-axis = stick twist (for Yaw)
    Throttle = Throttle (forward only)
    Toggle Reverse Throttle = Button 9
    Primary Fire / Deploy Hardponts = Trigger (Button 1)
    Secondary Fire = Thumb Trigger (Button 2)
    Select Target / Select Menu Item = Button 3 (bottom left button around hat switch)
    Cycle Previous Subsystem = Button 5 (top left button around hat switch)
    Cycle Next Target = Button 6 (top right button around hat switch)
    Boost = Button 4 (bottom right button around hat switch)
    Lateral/Vertical Thrusters / Move Cursor in Menus = Hat Switch
    Toggle Flight Assist = Button 11
    Toggle Landing Gear = Button 12
    Toggle cargo Scoop = Button 10
    Fire Chaff = Button 7
    Use Shield Cell = Button 8

    SRV Controls:
    I assigned SRV controls to mimick ship flight controls.
    - throttle lever should accelerate/decelerate, button 9 toggles reverse
    - stick (roll) left/right to steer left/right (pitch just as ship, when SRV airborne & roll is stick twist)
    - Button 4 toggles Turret Mode
    - Turret right/left = mouse right/left
    - Turret up/down = mouse up/down
    - Fire weapons = Trigger (Button 1) or Mouse button 1
    - Datalink Scanner = Thumb Trigger (Button 2)
    - lights = L
    - cargo scoop = Button 10 on stick
    - hand brake = Button 12 on stick

    Assigned new Fighter Controls to function keys:
    - Request Fighter Dock = F1
    - Defensive Behaviour = F2
    - Aggressive Behaviour = F3
    - Focus Target = F4
    - Hold Fire = F5
    - Hold Position = F6
    - Follow = F7
    - Open Orders = F8

    The reference sheet:

    because it was so in Elite and is so in Oolite
    if you were playing any previous Release version, the game most probably updates your Custom.binds so that this file is not needed. (Better to check your bindings in Options/Controls to be sure.)

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