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Thread: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro? - NOT FORCE 3D PRO

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    Originally Posted by fireundubh View Post (Source)
    Did you press and hold Ctrl+Shift when you clicked the Properties button?
    Yes. I also tried just [Ctrl], just [Shift], [Ctrl]+[Alt] and [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt]

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    Originally Posted by Mysturji View Post (Source)
    Yes. I also tried just [Ctrl], just [Shift], [Ctrl]+[Alt] and [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt]
    Strange. Maybe you need to update the Logitech support software?

    This is what happens here:

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    There's more than one way into properties. which confused the issue (and me).
    I tried calibrating it, but that totally fubar'd it. I tried again, and again. The calibration doesn't seem to recognise what I'm doing with any of the controls and sets it into a forward spin with no reverse thrust and no right yaw.
    I reset it to defaults, and although I need to keep the deadzone at nearly 50%, at least it's usable.
    Thanks for all the help and advice.

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    Horizons 2.3.00 released, here's my selectable bindings file for Horizons (Elite: Dangerous 2.3.00 & onwards) ³ :
    File goes to:
    <Your E: D Install Dir>\EDLaunch\Products\elite-dangerous-64\ControlSchemes ¹

    ALERT !
    This particular file if for Finnish keyboard layout.
    You may need to edit (or delete) line 3 of the file to make it work.
    Do not use Windows Notepad, it may render the file inoperable - working editors are for example Windows Wordpad, or the excellent Notepad++.
    To find correct language code for you:
    - start the game
    - go to options/controls
    - hit APPLY
    - open Custom.2.0.binds (found in
    C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings
    AppData is a hidden folder)
    - if line 3 is <KeyboardLayout>xy-XY</KeyboardLayout> (xy-XY is your language code), just change the "fi-FI" part in LogitechExtreme3Dpro2300.binds to that
    - if there is no line <KeyboardLayout>xy-XY</KeyboardLayout>, delete it from LogitechExtreme3Dpro2300.binds

    Might as well explain some additional stuff, like k/b & mouse controls I included:
    Forward thrust = A
    Backward thrust = Z
    Open/close Galaxy Map = M
    Open/close System Map = K
    Rotate Galaxy Map = left mouse button & mouse movement
    Zoom Galaxy Map = mouse wheel
    Toggle Rotational Correction = C
    Toggle Lights = L
    Toggle Orbital Lines in SuperCruise = O
    Engage/Disengage SuperCruise = J ²
    Engage/Abort Hyperspace = H ²
    Look around = right mouse button & mouse movement
    Navigation/Contacts Panel = 1
    Comms Panel = 2
    Systems Panel = 3
    Radar / SRV Deployment Panel = 4
    Reset Focus (return to 'normal view') = Left Shift
    Back in panels & menus = Q
    Back to Galaxy map from the System View = Q
    Next Tab in Panels = E
    Previous Tab in Panels = W
    Quick Comms = Spacebar
    Deploy/Stow Weapons = Enter
    Next Firegroup = .
    Previous Firegroup = ,
    Toggle Silent Running = Del
    Deploy Heatsink = V
    Increase Scanner Range = PageUp
    Decrease Scanner Range = PageDown
    Power Distribution = Arrow keys (SYS = left, ENG = up, WEP = right, balanced = down)
    Eject all cargo = Backspace
    Target 1st wingman = 7
    Target 2nd wingman = 8
    Target 3rd wingman = 9
    Select wingman's target = 0
    Wingman Nav-lock = -
    Select next Nav Target on Route = +
    Added "U" and "I" as additional (digital) Yaw controls, since my stick's twist axis started acting up.
    Toggle Vanity Camera = Tab
    Toggle Camera UI = NumPad /
    Toggle next Camera Preset view = NumPad +
    Toggle previous Camera Preset view = NumPad -
    Toggle Free View camera mode = NumPad *
    Toggle Ship Lock in free mode = Ins
    Toggle World Lock in free mode = Del
    Free View Camera controls = ship flight controls

    And Joystick functions:
    Pitch/Roll/Yaw = Y/X/Z -axes, Z-axis = stick twist (for Yaw)
    Throttle = Throttle (forward only)
    Toggle Reverse Throttle = Button 9
    Primary Fire / Deploy Hardponts = Trigger (Button 1)
    Secondary Fire = Thumb Trigger (Button 2)
    Select Target / Select Menu Item = Button 3 (bottom left button around hat switch)
    Cycle Previous Subsystem = Button 5 (top left button around hat switch)
    Cycle Next Target = Button 6 (top right button around hat switch)
    Boost = Button 4 (bottom right button around hat switch)
    Lateral/Vertical Thrusters / Move Cursor in Menus = Hat Switch
    Toggle Flight Assist = Button 11
    Toggle Landing Gear = Button 12
    Toggle cargo Scoop = Button 10
    Fire Chaff = Button 7
    Use Shield Cell = Button 8

    SRV Controls:
    I assigned SRV controls to mimick ship flight controls.
    - throttle lever should accelerate/decelerate, button 9 toggles reverse
    - stick (roll) left/right to steer left/right (pitch just as ship, when SRV airborne & roll is stick twist)
    - Button 4 toggles Turret Mode
    - Turret right/left = mouse right/left
    - Turret up/down = mouse up/down
    - Fire weapons = Trigger (Button 1) or Mouse button 1
    - Datalink Scanner = Thumb Trigger (Button 2)
    - lights = L
    - cargo scoop = Button 10 on stick
    - hand brake = Button 12 on stick

    Assigned new Fighter Controls to function keys:
    - Request Fighter Dock = F1
    - Defensive Behaviour = F2
    - Aggressive Behaviour = F3
    - Focus Target = F4
    - Hold Fire = F5
    - Hold Position = F6
    - Follow = F7
    - Open Orders = F8

    The reference sheet:

    ² because it was so in Elite and is so in Oolite
    ³ if you were playing any previous Release version, the game most probably updates your Custom.binds so that this file is not needed. (Better to check your bindings in Options/Controls to be sure.)

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