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Thread: Infinity Battlescape

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    Patch ( Sunday, 05 November 2017 )

    Originally posted by INovae Flavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source

    This patch introduces military land bases and gimbal weapons / auto-turrets.

    Unfortunately it also seems a lot more unstable, so expect a patchfix soon !


    • This version has a client crash whenever another player is in range and selecting something. Conclusion: don’t get in range with other players
    • This version will also most likely crash when pressing the M key - beware, especially if trying to chat

    Download link:

    Land bases

    • Land bases have been added, they’re now available in various locations around planets / moons of Rethe Prime.

    • They’re all called “Factor 1” in game - forgot to set the name properly. They’re also lacking a polish pass on their properties, will do that later this week.

    • The smoke industrial effect on top of some modules isn’t correctly affected by daylight, so expect it to look white even at sunset, or bright even in the night side on a planet. Will also get addressed later


    • Introduced gimbal weapons. Small weapons have a little bit of degrees of freedom - around 1 degree for the interceptor at the moment

    • Added auto-aiming turrets, which you can test on the corvette and capital ships

    • Currently this is a very very rough implementation, there’s no targets prioritizing, the weapons will all aim at the currently selected target

    • When a target is out-of-reach by a weapon, or not well aligned, the weapon will not fire, even if you press the fire button; this is normal behavior
    • However one downside is that for gimbal weapons, like on the interceptor, it’s no longer possible to aim at an offset from the center of the target (especially if that target is huge on screen), the weapon will not fire. While this is not a bug, this is only a temporary effect, and will get addressed in a future update.

    • Each weapon / turret aim-at direction is represented by a small dot on the HUD

    • Added energy cooldown for NPC AI bots, they should no longer fire without ever running out of energy. They’re still pretty bruttal (especially in this patch with the gimbal weapons), so difficulity will probably be reviewed soon too.


    • Turbo boost now increases maximum turn rate of all ships by +25%

    • Interceptor turn speed increased from 1.0 to 1.25

    • Interceptor linear thrust increased by 5 to 10%

    • Interceptor angular thrust increased by 50% (for yaw only)

    HUD / UI

    • Active players are now displayed on top of the leaderboard

    • Indicator bleep in/out sounds only happen when the actor is within a 1000 Km radius now. No more bleep spam from battles a million Kms away.

    • Target direction indicators around screen center are now using a filled color to be more easily readable, and are smaller

    • Planet name is now displayed in addition to point-of-interest name in the mission objective window

    • Fixed a small issue that could display 0 for hitpoints on HUD, yet the ship hasn't died yet (HP might equal 0.7, but HUD was rounding it at 0 instead of 1)


    • Since all ships are now much more effective at killing / focusing an enemy, balance is totally off. Ships will probably get a huge boost in survivability later this week.

    • New explosion effect: replace the old “fire” explosion with the Kickstarter’s plasma explosion. It looks a bit too dim, and pretty ugly for large explosions / capital ships. Need more feedback from players.

    • Fixed incorrect interpolation glitch with camera system, wasn't always taking the shortest route angle when being reset

    • Updates to AI commander, now sending multiple scout ships at once if has enough credits. Revamped credits timing a bit too.

    • Fixed some forgotten experimental code that disabled entities rejection in the distance when too small on screen. This optimization is now back in.

    Bug fixes

    • Air speed friction effect and sound are now matching better

    • Fixed incorrect selection targetting (using hidden mouse cursor) in direct control scheme. Now uses ship center.

    • Fixed a crash when you were loading a ship that doesn't have any hardpoints

    Patch 0.2+ - Feedback thread

    Infinity: Battlescape website:

    Infinity: Battlescape forums:

    Pledge upgrade:

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    Fan made video based on the current pre-alpha patch

    Infinity: Battlescape - new scenes - pre-alpha

    Kindly shared by Playbenni - on the Inovae forums - source

    Patch 0.2.x.x - Feedback thread

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    Some screen shots from the latest game update (

    Kindly shared by SpaceJay on the Inovae forums - source



    Want to see more?

    Go here >

    Infinity: Battlescape website:

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    Weekly Update #87

    Originally posted by #INovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

    Alpha playtest week-end starts tomorrow !

    Hey everybody. As mentionned last week, we’re about to enter the alpha playtest week-end. If you are an alpha backer and wish to participate, make sure to follow instructions provided in last week’s update: HERE

    Access will be granted tomorrow around 20:00 GMT ( 21:00 CET // 15:00 EST )

    Please keep in mind that the game is still technically in pre-alpha, therefore we ask everybody to be patient with technical issues and manager their expectations: the game is still pretty bare bones (no objectives you can attack, only one weapon available…), assets are a work-in-progress (none of the ships are textured yet, the cruiser and carrier’s assets are still simplistic placeholders, same for particle effects… ).

    If you like what you see during this play-test, make sure to spread the word and let your friends know about us. And more importantly: we hope that you enjoy your time and have fun ! Any feedback is welcome, and we’re hoping to see lots of cool screenshots, videos and streams this week-end ! Make sure to post all your feedback in our forums: HERE


    Last week we’ve released a new patch which amongst other things, adds military land bases to the game. See these pictures:

    Bases (and other points of interests like space stations) are currently just static assets and you can’t interact with them. After the playtest week-end, we’re going to focus on these and add static defenses, which players can destroy. We’re also going to have a pass at destroying individual buildings (like the nuclear reactor providing energy) which is going to affect how the base works.

    We’re also pretty soon going to introduce new weapons (with placeholder assets) and continue iterating on the gameplay. There’s still a lot before the game shapes up and is ready for the full alpha release.

    Top-right corner: can you spot the land base as seen from this space station ?

    On individual development news, between doing technical support and answering e-mails/PMs, Keith has found some time to fix the issue we encountered with patch 0.2 with our upload admin portal which failed for files over 2 GB. He’s also been working on various bug fixes for the installer and patcher, which should be made available right before the alpha test week-end starts.

    On my side, a new patch is actually planned later today which should include the latest hotfix for crashes, reduce the bots AI difficulty and address some server side performance issues. Another patch will be released tomorrow, containing mostly polishing, bug fixing and balance adjustments (especially related to the AI and weapons).

    On the art side, Jan went on a trip for a couple days, while Kristian is busy reworking some textures and adding more buildings for the factories and land bases. Jan should be back today and will be focusing on factories, however we are not sure they’ll be ready in time for tomorrow. I guess we’ll find out soon



    Pledge upgrade:

    Infinity: Battlescape website:

    Infinity: Battlescape forums:

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    This project is on a roll at the minute.

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    Patch v0.2.3.0 ( Thursday, 09 November 2017 )

    Originally posted by INovae Flavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source

    This is an intermediate patch right before our alpha play-test week-end tomorrow ! As such, it contains a bunch of fixes ( including the crash bugs hotfix from last version ) and improvements. A new version with more polishing and tweaks will be released tomorrow, so I would suggest to only download patch if your connection is fast and don’t mind to have to re-download another patch tomorrow

    Still it would be helpful if a couple people could download this patch and test that the crashes from the previous version have disappeared, prior to making the game public tomorrow. They typically happened when players were in close range and selecting targets ( NPCs or players ), especially related to this target dies. As usual, if you experience any crash, please report to the forums with the entire log file, thank you !

    Download link:

    Infinity: Battlescape website:

    Infinity: Battlescape forums:

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    Patch v0.2.4.0 ( Friday, 10 November 2017 )

    Posted by I-Novae Flavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source

    The alpha play-test week-end is starting today 10 November at 20:00 GMT and will end around the same time on Monday 13 November. Please keep in mind we’re still in pre-alpha and that you might encounter technical issues, framerate drop or server crashes. We’ll be working diligently all week-end long in order to address these issues are they come.

    For all issues pertaining to the installer / patcher or access rights to the play-test ( make sure you've pledged at the alpha backer level or above ), please contact INovaeKeith by private-message on the forums:

    For in-game issues, crash reports or gameplay feedback, feel free to contact INovaeFlavien by PM on the forums.

    Alternatively, you can post your feedback in the appropriate threads on the forums ( we’ll read everything, although with a bit of delays due to the busy week-end )
    or send us an e-mail at: contact (at)

    Thanks everybody for your participation and support. We hope you’ll enjoy this test week-end and look forward to hearing from you !


    This patch introduces factories on various planets. At the moment there’s only 3 layouts, located on Sarake (Earth-like planet), Aresthia (Mars-like planet) and Semnoz (Ice planet).

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a small bug that prevented active players from being displayed at the top of the leaderboard
    • Fixed a stats bug with the kill count when it went negative

    Balance and tweaks

    • Added a new gimbal weapon with 4 degrees of freedom to the bomber
    • Revamped AA light turrets on all capital ships. Destroyer should now be a lot more deadly towards enemy interceptors
    • Increased warp coefficient by a factor of x2. Added back a bit of strafing while in warp. Still not happy with the warp overall, will get reworked in the coming weeks
    • Decreased credits given after killing an enemy and revamped credits costs for all ships - they should now be more difficult to obtain and will require you to be more focused and careful

    Other improvements

    • Target warp is reset when entering warp, which should prevent players from accidentely getting out of warp as the warp drive is engaging
    • Replaced old loading splash screen
    • Updated lights on various station assets
    • Critical hull damage is now temporary. The little explosions should stop after 10 seconds, assuming you’re not getting hit anymore. Getting hit resets the “repair” timer
    • Added a global info message when a player kills another player

    Alpha play-test week-end: issues or feedback thread

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    Is it 100% newtonian or is there a way to travel between planets faster???

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    Alpha weekend Live stream.

    Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source

    Alpha play-test week-end: issues or feedback

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    its newtoni-ish and there's a warp-speed.
    in warp you,re still connected to the environment!
    its a bit like it was done in Frontier-eilte but now in a multi-player environment.
    thus before you get out of warp you already see what's happening in real time.
    I'm impressed by how good it plays thus far.

    development is slow the company is punie so be patient

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    Originally Posted by Snarfbuckle View Post (Source)
    Is it 100% newtonian or is there a way to travel between planets faster???


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    Curious - how much is alpha access, is it available? Last time I heard they weren't selling alpha access after KS right?

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Eagleboy View Post (Source)
    Curious - how much is alpha access, is it available? Last time I heard they weren't selling alpha access after KS right?
    As far as I know this is still the current pledge platform: - (read Notes #1- #3)

    $60 USD
    Lunar Supporter + Beta

    $110 USD
    Planetary Supporter + Alpha

    $275 USD
    Stellar Supporter + Dev Access

    And if you want to upgrade an exsiting pledge then its here:

    Pledge upgrade:

    Currently still in Pre-Alpha and a little behind schedule for moving into Alpha.

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    Some screen shots from the latest pre-alpha game update (

    Kindly shared by Sab1e on the Inovae forums - source

    Want to see more ? then go Here.

    Infinity: Battlescape website:

    Infinity: Battlescape forums:

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    Fan made video based on the current pre-alpha patch

    Alpha Backer Play-Test-Weekend! Infinity Battlescape Patch

    Kindly shared by Playbenni - on the Inovae forums - source

    Alpha play-test week-end: issues or feedback