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Thread: Call of the wild - A list of pristine metallic rings

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    Originally Posted by Gorrister View Post (Source)
    SYNUEFE MQ-K C22-0 (A1)

    Nice pristine metallic ring, but...

    I can't fight the feeling being watched.

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    Hahaha, nice pic It looks a little sad...

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    Well, just great.
    I scooped too much fuel.
    Now I'm stuck.
    Now I've gotta drain the tank to nearly empty.
    I hope this helps, otherwise I have to dump some tons of Painite.

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    We so need a fuel dumping facility.

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    Please don't say I can't plot routes more than 130ly anymore...

    No there is something else not right.

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    Ok. now I totally shat myself.
    I managed to reconstruct my route that I took, coming along BE SCULPTORIS.

    Jumping into the system I dived through the corona of a sun right into the gap of that one and another.
    Usually I am not easily scared but this time my heart skiped a beat.
    Name:  EliteDangerous32 2015-07-24 11-10-03-19.jpg
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    Suicidal as I am I tried to do the jump again filming it.

    But this time I landed safe. Maybe the timing was better this time hitting the suns in the right position.

    Nonetheless the planet AB1 got a wonderful pristine metallic ring.

    Name:  EliteDangerous32 2015-07-24 11-32-55-69.jpg
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    But I still can't plot my route correctly.

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    Name:  EliteDangerous32 2015-07-25 22-53-34-68.jpg
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    looks like a horse...

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    Name:  EliteDangerous32 2015-07-26 17-40-20-49.jpg
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    BLANCO 1 SECTOR RO-H C10-1 (2)

    Pristine metallic ring

    Somehow they always have to be blue...

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    My worst yield of Painite so far on this one.
    Just around 2% in every rock I checked. And these are few.

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    List updated.

    Uhhh. I am so exited.
    There is something great coming.
    You'll see.

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    just hanging in HIP 51652 in the ring of that planet... wasted half of my limpet already and havent found a trace of paninite or anything worth mining... :/ where is this "heaven" of paninite supposed to be?

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    What did you find?
    If no gallite, berthranite, gold, palladium, platinum, osmium, silver and so on are present you are maybe in the outer ring.
    If that is the case you need to go into supercruise again and land very close to the planet. The rings are seperated by a thin gap. Sometimes hard to see.

    If you are in the correct ring, you just got bad luck.

    Painite heaven... well the ore is rare and maybe randomly distributed. So I could have been lucky.

    But if you got the metals I mentioned above in that ring, there is Painite. I garantee that.

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    superb thread. Subscribed

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    Thank you very much.

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    Had my best Painite haul ever last night, 9 tons worth. Was awesome since I managed to squeeze 7 tons of Platinum out of that haul too. Unfortunately there was little to no Palladium for the triple P combo meal. Gendenwitha and Bhotho so far have been my only two Pristine Metallic systems that I've been to. Do you guys usually just sell in the home system to avoid losing your cargo or sell it for the highest price based on who is buying metals/minerals?

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    Home system mainly.
    Roons heaven for example.