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Thread: [PLEASE READ] When to contact support directly and when to use the support forum

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    I wanted to know the same thing about Horizons, like what is it exactly part of ED, a separate game, or a add on, I have yet to see anything that accurately tells me what Horizons is and how it is related to ED. In addition ED is tricky to get the hang of and its a very rough start, There should be a step by step mission that also tells us what and how to do it as we go, that would help us to get the feel of it, I will learn the game one way or the other, Ive tried the training and the combat is a serious challenge for me due to neurological problem so I may not be able to do much serious combat and win. but I see there are other things I can do that don't require that kind of control.

    at the moment Im worried because I could not locate where to put the activation id code, so im trying to find that answer to make sure my forum account is gonna be ok?????

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    where should i post if my ship blew up randomly? i was in my srv, i enter my ship and it says ship under attack (i had full shields) and then all of a sudden im destroyed. and it i wasen't destroyed by anyone/anything cause it just said ship was destroyed. im on xbox one and managed to get a gameclip of it if that helps

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    @ JJ obiwan
    Best thing to do is submit a ticket to support.

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    Not sure if this the right place, but the new support site (I haven't had to use it for quite a while so I got to experience it for the first time today) is, frankly, quite terrible. No way to stay logged in, so every time you want to check your ticket you have to log in past one of the worst captcha processes I have ever experienced, having to identify images that have come straight from the 65k modem era.

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    Not to mention the lack of support, how the hell can estimates be over four days? It was estimated response 3 days when I submitted my ticket on tuesday, now it's 4? Still not a sign of anything happening, my commander/pilot/save have become corrupted because of some transaction/connection reason and I can't play.

    This is starting to get real frustrating as I've had my two days off work waiting for a response and still none, I do get that you might get more tickets than usual because of Planet Coaster but please for the love of god, make sure to have enough people answering support requests for ED aswell.

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    I have no idea, if im in the right place to report my problem.
    But I`m nearly killed by this server issue. This means I was kicked out of the game during hyperspace. As I restarted the game I found myself helpless in a neutron star stream. I archieved to log out, but I`m lost if I can`t get any help.
    My exact position is unknown to me, it is aprox. 1000 ly from Sagittarius A* heading towards Colony.
    My commanders name is Kasady Earheart.

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    Was approaching Shajn Market in Kamadhenu when my TV decided to randomly turn off for absolutely no reason, by the time I managed to turn it back on my anaconda had been blown up along with my dangerous ranked crew member, I don't know exactly how or why I was destroyed but would appreciate it if I could get my crew member and rebuy back. I would settle for just the crew member honestly. My Gamertag on Xbox is RedivivusCrowd.

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