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Thread: Two accounts, no connection

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    Two accounts, no connection

    I have two accounts up and running now, launching both clients which goes without issue aside from the verification troubles. Though i logged both into open play and tried a test message as I was going to invite an account to wing for beacon purposes. These two accounts apparently have issues communicating and winging even in the same instance. I checked contacts and found exactly the same ships in and around the station.

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    As i often have a forgetful mind, I will now update as I found a solution.

    Wing / connection issues were resolved the night i posted this message by running the launcher from a Steam Account.I added the launcher as a ' Non-steam game' to my library by browsing to the launchers .exe file. This Immediately remedied the issues with connection until the most recent launcher update ( the day after initial post). This seemed to bring up similar connection issues with the clients.

    Steps taken from that point included launching the games without steam and with steam, logging out of the machine and using the standard log out from the launcher. Eventually the connection issues we're resolved, though no known change of settings or combination of logging out and in could be specified as the end all solution.

    Of note, I had also enabled SIP NAT on my router. I also allowed the bypass options for VoIP both SIP and IAX2 versions as well as PPTP, although again, these changes may not have helped. If anyone is having similar issues I would suggest the following...

    1) Attempt to launch the game through the Steam application ( this provides a steam overlay etc. which may or may not be useful).
    Benefits: may be able to easily connect to a second client. Will have steam friend access, and promote E : D through friends list.
    Detriments: Having to run Steam in order to dual-box. I personally am not a big steam fan, nothing against the company in the slightest, however more CPU usage and Network usage can be a concern when dual boxing elite.
    2) If that has not helped, i would suggest enabling SIP NAT on capable routers through the routers interface, possibly adding uPnP support ( netlogs showed a problem with UPnP connections which suggests it is used for E: D connections).
    3) Enable bypass rules for VoIP ( or create your own). Voice comms may or may not actually be an issue and should not in my opinion be an issue for connections between clients, as text messaging in game is a simple way to test connectivity between characters or clients regardless of voice comms.
    4) Enable PPTP ( point to point tunneling protocol) this is used in virtual networking implementations and I am unsure how effective this may or may not be.

    In summary it should be simple enough to connect both clients regardless of steam, or router settings. These are the configurations that I personally changed when attempting to resolve connectivity issues. If None of these options work, especially the router based ones I HIGHLY suggest returning the settings back to their original configuration. If any of these steps helps you to connect, please reply to this thread stating the steps that worked for you!

    p.s. Of note, SIP NAT and VoIP bypass most likely had nothing to do with the connection issues resolving, these are Voice over IP services which I do not believe are used within Elite Dangerous, however they are noted here simply because the changes were made to router configuration before the connection issues resolved.

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    Originally Posted by Korlan View Post (Source)
    I will now update as I found a solution.
    Thats great Korlan, thanks so much for letting us know how you solved the problem. Hopefully if anyone else runs into this they will follow the steps that you took to solve this. :-)