Hey Commanders,

I know there has been a bit of confusion around Powerplay merits so hopefully the following will help.

In PowerPlay, merits stay valid for 4 weeks, but decay every week. The following example shows the merit values over a 2 week period. Example values have been added to 'This week' then 'Next week' shows what happens to these values.

This week:

  • This week's merits = 5000
  • Previous weeks = 2300
  • Two weeks ago = 1000
  • Three weeks ago = 700

Current total merits: 9,000 (5000 earned this week, 4000 carried over)

At the end of each week (Thursday morning GMT on our servers) the merit values are halved and shifted to the next week until it reaches week 5, at which point they are removed.

Next week:

  • This week merits = 0 (So far)
  • Previous weeks = 2500 (5000/2)
  • Two weeks ago = 1150 (2300/2)
  • Three weeks ago = 500 (1000/2)

The previous week 4's 700 merits have been completely removed. All other Merits were halved.

To give another example with different values:

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I hope this helps to explain both how merits decay every week and when they are no longer considered in your merit total. For a further explanation from our developers please read this forum post: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post2493707

If you have any suggestions about this please let us know if the suggestions forums here, or if you need any help with this please create a support ticket or let us know in a new thread.

Attached you will find a table (in Excel and image formats) that illustrates merit decay.

Fly Safe CMDR's,

- Support-Falcon

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