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Thread: List of Earth-like worlds, v2

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    A little more info for you on the earth-like at IORANT PR-N D6-4

    It's in orbit around a single star classed F9 VB.

    No first discovered tag on it as yet...

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    Originally Posted by marx View Post (Source)
    @ SirAdelaide: it might just be a problem on my end, but I see your screenshots in a very small size only (480x270 px), at which size the text is mostly illegible to me, so I can't really add the entries yet. Could you post the screenshots in higher resolutions please?
    The high res should be in the spoiler rags. I'll check distance and type and update in a few days.

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    CEECKIA EG-F C14-1 <--- This one's in orbit around a single star class K4 VAB.

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    @ Stupid_hippy: thanks! Every system people provide info for is one that I don't have to look up, which means that I can spend that time on looking up another entry with missing info. That in turn means that the list will be complete sooner.
    Anyway, I'll update the credits in the first post and add anyone who helped out by contributing missing info.
    Also, it's nice to see that there's someone currently so far away exploring. Good luck out there!

    Originally Posted by SirAdelaide View Post (Source)
    The high res should be in the spoiler rags. I'll check distance and type and update in a few days.
    I see the shots inside the spoiler tag, but if I open the screenshots, they are still too small no matter what I do. Could someone confirm if I'm doing something wrong?

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    Another far out one..

    Planet name
    :MYEIA THAA GV-X C14-0 A 1
    Distance from Sol: 64882.70 Ly
    Exact type of star(s) the planet is orbiting: K4 VA with a L1 B companion.
    Your in-game name: Same as forum
    First discovered by: Me eventually?

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    First discovered by QUUHOD -

    DRYAO AOWSY PE-C C15-126 2
    18,808.41 LY FROM SOL
    Name:  DRYAO-AOWSY-PE-C-C15-126-2.jpg
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Size:  121.6 KB

    DRYAO AOWSY VZ-N D7-2628 B 3
    18,878.76 LY FROM SOL
    Name:  DRYAO-AOWSY-VZ-N-D7-2628-B-3.jpg
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    DRYAU AOWSY YG-U C16-2079 A 5
    18,855.68 LY FROM SOL
    Name:  DRYAU-AOWSY-YG-U-C16-2079-A-5.jpg
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    MYRIELK HI-B C13-7837 9
    25,118.57 LY FROM SOL
    Name:  MYRIELK-HI-B-C13-7837-9.jpg
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    OGAIRY GG-Y D2715 A 4
    19,504.91 LY FROM SOL
    Name:  OGAIRY-GG-Y-D2715-A-4.jpg
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    PRIELEA GJ-T C3-14 1
    8,105.81 LY FROM SOL
    Name:  PRIELEA-GJ-T-C3-14-1.jpg
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    PRIELUIA HN-K C8-54 B 2
    8,282.29 LY FROM SOL
    Name:  PRIELUIA-HN-K-C8-54-B-2.jpg
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    Ok, finally got around to sorting out the EL from my Elite trip.

    Blo Eurl TR-B B56-1 (2 EL) 6295.51 ly
    Syralie AW-K B10-3 6588.14 ly
    Lysooch GD-Z CI-3 7709.39 ly
    Blo Aip IA-A D280 15452.09 ly
    Iockolt HJ-K C8-92 (2 EL) 17060.22 ly
    Ongairk IA-A D906 20683.61 ly
    Pheia Auscs QY-H D10-666 28109.9 ly
    Eorm Chruia SD-B E1739 (Ringed) 28049 ly
    Eorm Chruia HM-C D727 28020 ly
    Stuemeou PA-C D14-2167 27942 ly
    Cleeqai F5-H D11-1151 26240 ly
    Cleeqai SZ-M D8-2079 (2 EL) 26014 ly
    Cleeqai DB-W E2-966 25815 ly
    Shrogeau VG-5 D5-114 21857 ly
    Eorl Auwsy RT-Q E5-28 21108 ly
    Eorl Aurb XD-K D8-377 20771 ly
    Pueloea PI-S D4-40 13770 ly

    Here's a screenshot album:

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    Hi there!

    Commander Archimbaust reporting in,
    all first discoveries.

    Just made a trip to Sol to determine distances for this set of ten EL discoveries.
    (More to come, just can't seem to search and find anything with "Sector" in its name on the map, atm.)

    Athaip VG-S D5-4244 A 2
    22,525.06 LY
    G3 VAB, L1 V

    BLO Eurl VX-L D7-84 A 6
    6,072.60 LY
    A8 VB, K4 VA

    Flyua Dryoae LK-C d14-69 5
    1,804.82 LY
    F3 VB

    Flyua Dryoae LK-C d14-74 8
    1,813.75 LY
    F5 VB

    Flyua Dryoae VA-C d14-25 D 1
    2,334.15 LY
    F9 VAB, K7 VA, M7 VA, K9 VA

    Hypou Auscs DE-T D3-1050 6
    26,002.36 LY
    A9 VB

    PRU EUQ NL-Z C28-2 1
    1,693.21 LY
    K5 VA

    Swoilz KO-O D7-5 A 8
    991.01 LY
    A9 VB, F2 VB

    Synuefe PX-S C20-12 6
    506.10 LY
    K3 VA

    Synuefe QX-S C20-18 B 4
    526.52 LY
    K2 VA, K4 VA



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    First off, thanks for your submissions, and welcome to the list!

    Originally Posted by Archimbaust View Post (Source)
    (More to come, just can't seem to search and find anything with "Sector" in its name on the map, atm.)
    Unfortunately, that's a known and long-standing bug.
    Even if you don't know the distances to Sol of those yet, I could still add them to the incomplete list, and complete them later when the bug will be fixed.

    Also, a request to anyone out there: could somebody look up the distance for SYNUEFE GE-F D12-31 please? I found a screenshot of an Earth-like while I was looking through my old screenshots. (I also found one from the Aries Dark Region, but I can't search for that.) Right now, I'm too far away from the bubble to check it anytime soon.

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    found another but gonna wait til i get back and sell the data....

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    two more (now safely back in the bubble and data sold)

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    Star type - K
    Distance to SOL - Approx 480LY.

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    1 more to add from me THE DOC

    1666 LYs from sol
    Orbiting M3 VA star (2nd star in system)
    Name:  13 swoiwns nd-j d9-2.jpg
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    Just seen this thread. Here's my only Earthlike so far:

    Name:  Earth Like 1.jpg
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    It'll be ages till I can tell you how far from Sol though. Sorry!

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Vincent Cable View Post (Source)
    It'll be ages till I can tell you how far from Sol though. Sorry!
    No worries, I've added it to the incomplete list in the meantime. In a couple of weeks, I should make it back to the bubble myself, so I could fill it then if nobody else will tell us the distance. Thankfully, there are only a handful of systems right now where the distances are missing.
    Also, welcome to the list, and good luck out there!