To continue Glyn-ie's excellent work on his list of Earth-like planets, I've made an online spreadsheet with its data and, with his permission, taken up carrying the list forward. I'm currently working on an extended version of the list, which you can find here:

This also includes plenty of new information and calculations, for example: total number of submissions for each player, number of Earth-likes counted by star luminosity and type, and some others.
If you have any suggestions for more calculations (based either on existing data or data that's not too difficult to get), feel free to share them!

Now, the important information for submitting entries:

I recommend using EDJP for making your posts. However, if for some reason you can't use it, here are some other options:

If you elect to do it manually, please provide everything that you can to make an entry for the "Data" sheet. Specifically, the following:
  • A screenshot that includes text which shows that the planet is Earth-like, preferrably a system map shot with the planet info. Of course, any other shot that includes the "Earth-like World" part will be accepted, but the planetary info could be useful for future projects.
  • The system's distance from Sol
  • The system's galaxy map info, the exact star type of the star(s) in the system, in the same order and way it's presented in-game

If you'd like to add your entries into a spreadsheet yourself, please go to and request write access. After you add stuff there, do notify me please so that I don't accidentally miss it! Also, if you'd like to have your separate sheet there that only you can edit, let me know and I'll set that up for you.

Here's an example form to aid you in making your submissions:

Planet name:
Distance from Sol:
Exact type of star(s) in the system: for example, K2 VAB. In case you aren't sure how to find this, check this post.
Your in-game name: CMDR if submitting multiple planets, no need to put it next to every entry
First discovered by: optional, in case it's not you

Alternatively, if you want to be very helpful and save me a good amount of work, then you can use the following template to post your entries in spreadsheet form:

System name Planet ID Dist. from Sol (ly) First discovered by Contributed by System star(s) type Ringed EL? Moons Screenshot URL Notes
system planet distance discoverer contributor star types ringed moons insert URL here insert notes and other screenshots here

To use it, copy-paste and edit the following code:[TABLE="class: grid, width: 1500"]
[TD="align: center"][B]System name[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]Planet ID[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]Dist. from Sol (ly)[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]First discovered by[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]Contributed by[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]System star(s) type[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]Ringed EL?[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]Moons[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]Screenshot URL[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"][B]Notes[/B][/TD]
[TD="align: center"]planet[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]distance[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]discoverer[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]contributor[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]star types[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]ringed[/TD]
[TD="align: center"]moons[/TD]
[TD][URL]insert URL here[/URL][/TD]
[TD][URL]insert notes and other screenshots here[/URL][/TD]

(I'm not going to ignore entries that don't use this exact form, it's just here to make things easier both for you and for me.)

Also, if you happen to have the system's coordinates (which the game stores in the logs since the release of Engineers, and can be viewed with third-party tools like EDDiscovery) and include them in your submissions, I'll add that too.

Useful stuff related to Earth-likes:
  • In case you somehow missed it above, MattG's EDJP is an application that'll help you make your ELW submissions much easier
  • MattG has created a map of the procedurally generated systems from the list, which you can see here.
  • based on CMDR EfilOne's and Jackie Silver's work, I've created a sector map of ELW-s in procedurally generated systems, which you can find here
  • _Rukus_ used gbiobob's ED3D-Galaxy-Map to render a 3D map of Earth-like worlds, you can find it here

Notes on the sheet:
  • If you decide to post your finds here, I won't be removing them later on request. Note that this only applies to finds made after 2017. Jun. 25, as that was when I made this clear.
  • Incomplete submissions will still be listed (on a separate sheet), but will not be used in the calculations.
  • If the "Submitted by" entry is empty, that means it was submitted by the first discoverer.
  • Only Earth-like worlds are counted, water worlds or any other planet types are not.
  • Earth-likes in inhabited systems at the time of their submission do not count. To qualify, the system must have allegiance type 'None' on the galaxy map. Earth-likes that were colonized some time after they were added to the list won't be removed, just noted as such.
  • Once I've added your post to the list, I'll notify (and also thank) you by adding rep, unless I can't.
  • An explanation of how the rarity score is calculated can be found in this post.
  • If you find any errors, please let me know!

Sources and contributions beyond submitting entries:
  • Glyn-ie, for creating the original list and also for suggestions on this one
  • MattG for lots of things, including the map mentioned above and providing help (ideas, troubleshooting) with the rarity score calculation
  • Jackie Silver for work on decoding the proc. gen system names and helping determine approximate in-sector positions for them
  • Albreicht, for help with maintaining the list for some time
  • SpocksOddSocks, for looking up the regions of lots of the non-procedural systems
  • Myser, for some initial editing and testing
  • Nicomak for the first ELW maps and coordinates for over one thousand systems
  • drkaii for the list of nebulae
  • thadius856 for plenty of help, including looking up heaps of missing coordinates and screenshotting systems found via EDDB
  • Everybody who submitted entries to the list - see them on the "Submitters" sheet!

See the "Misc" sheet for the post number of the latest update.