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Thread: Buckyball Racing Club presents: The A* Challenge

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    Good luck Tom. o7

    I think you're crazy, but everyone here's crazy, including me.

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    Originally Posted by tomparkes1993 View Post (Source)
    And now for something completely different.
    I'm taking every ship to A*, and for the 13th trip it's time for the good ol' Sidewinder Mk. 1. This one's got a twist to it.

    Start time: 18:35:00 UTC 28 July 3304 (2018)
    Insane ... Awesome ... unlucky for some? Bah Humbug ... god speed you crazy fool!

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    It might be a long hot summer back on Earth, but we still have commanders choosing to head into the cold of the deep black - en route to the heat of the galactic core...

    Cmdr Edelgard von Rhein returned for her third entry in the Classic class, this time in a more common sight at Buckyball races, the Cobra mkIII Null Geodesic. Cmdr von Rhein reported peak speeds showing that the Cobra mkIII record should be achievable, but in the end a need for breaks combined with occasional problems from flying while tired pushed the final time for Null Geodesic out to a little over 26 hours.

    In typical fashion, it didn't take long between a new ship being released and Cmdr Crotalus flying it to Sagittarius A*. This time his choice was the Krait mkII. Making good speed yet again, and finishing with little enough heat damage for the cargo hatch to still be functional (just about), Crotalus set a benchmark for the Krait in Katla with a time of just over ten and a half hours.

    Meanwhile, another serial A* runner, Cmdr Darplata94, continued his attack on the records of the classics. Only ten days after taking the class record for the Diamondback Explorer, Darplata94 returned in an Asp Explorer, Naja. Once again he managed to set a blistering pace and jump into the lead for the class with a sub-9-hour time, though this time round he only just squeezed past Rusticolus' longstanding record by a margin of a mere two and a half minutes.

    Finally for Classic class, Cmdr turkwinif returned, to set what will probably long stand as the biggest improvement on the leaderboard. This commander's first run in the Anaconda Liberty One was languishing down at position number 200 on the leaderboard. Since then, turkwinif's Asp entry had shown a much better potential for speed, joining the sub-10 hour club. Now Liberty One has returned, to set a fabulous time of 8 hours 16 minutes and 19 seconds, and jump up to second place.

    Only one entry in Unlimited class this time around, from Cmdr Darplata94 yet again. This run marks a first for the A* Challenge, though, as Cmdr Darplata94's Anaconda Space Between Stars was the first to make use of the Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster. Taking the direct route, using plenty of FSD Injection but no neutron star boosts, Darplata94 set a fabulous time of just under two hours and forty minutes, showing that the direct route with Guardian booster is comparable on time with the neutron superhighway; and leaving us all wondering just what stupendous time will result when the two are combined.

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    Intent to race:
    CMDR turkwinif
    Liberty One
    Anaconda Standard Class

    I'm going to give this run at least another go this weekend, because there was one "major" problem that persisted throughout the entirety of the previous run: Insufficient Fuel. Nearly every single jump had this message pop up simply because I couldn't fill the tanks fast enough to make the next jump after the FSD spooled down. This problem, roughly estimating, made me waste around 1 second per jump. Punching the numbers shows that this alone wasted about 12 minutes. Ever since that run my suspicion that the 8 hour barrier can still be broken, even after the changes to the direction of which ships exit out of hyperspace, was confirmed. I'm not exactly doing these runs in an attempt to take 1st (although if by a miracle that does happen then it may force Esvandiary to make a new A* Challenge video! ), just the fact alone that the 8 hour barrier is still breakable is motivation enough.

    (Small update: Pushed run to Wednesday, NMS base building has me hooked)

    (Another edit: Scratch that, turns out my vacation day was the 14th, not the 15th, so this run is starting a little late in the day. Started 20:20:00 in-game time)

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    Commander: Crotalus
    Ship type: Federal Corvette
    Ship Name: Calypso
    Class: Unlimited
    Time: 4 hours 44 minutes 5 seconds

    Neutron stars and Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster



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    Final time: 08:05:42





    (It's edited slightly better this time I promise)

    Internet and servers were perfect this run. The time can still be brought down! Need more practice and testing.

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    Originally Posted by tomparkes1993 View Post (Source)
    And now for something completely different.
    I'm taking every ship to A*, and for the 13th trip it's time for the good ol' Sidewinder Mk. 1. This one's got a twist to it.

    Start time: 18:53:00 UTC 28 July 3304 (2018)

    finally made it. -
    Better late than never eh?

    IRL time taken: 45d 23h 46m 20s
    In-game time taken: 5d 6h 47m 27s

    systems visited: 2466
    distance jumped: 30,081.17ly
    objects scanned: 1,228
    est. value: 229,243,698Cr

    [edit] by my calculations, i'm the fourth *slowest* ship on the leaderboard. this makes me happy

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    CMDR name: turkwinif
    Ship type: Alliance Challenger, Classic Class
    Ship name: Xeno Chew Toy
    Time: 14:38:22





    Squashed down into 1 minute of footage

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