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Thread: Registered groups

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    Thanks for the update Zac

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    we have applied but not yet received something

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    Originally Posted by Retrograde View Post (Source)
    Are those the names of the proposed minor factions? If they are, could I suggest that "Elite dangerous" not be allowed as part of faction names? It really breaks immersion. I'd also prefer not to see "Italian community" etc. Comandante Italiani or something would be a bit better. Do faction names have to be in English? I think seeing non-English names would be cool.
    As the head of the Wulffpack I don't think just naming our group The Wulffpack is very immersive so we will be looking for a name that fits the lore and our group as according to the Email reply I got from Zac stated we would be able to choose things like this... And I'm a really big advocate of immersion in every game I play and always choose character names that fit the world in which I'm playing.

    I would like to see similar from other groups but it'll not be the end of the world if it doesn't happen.

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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)
    Crimson State Group
    Free Lugh.

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    Thanks by the guys of <E.D. Italian Community>

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    Mail received. Thanks again on behalf of the 8th Dragon Squadron!

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    Thanks for the update, Zac!

    And yes, the EDC Guardians got your mail. ;-)

    CMDR Igor Rock of the Flying Tiger Squadron (EDC Guardians)

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    I haven't had an email through, as yet. I'm not complaining, as I know you have a lot on at the moment.

    Is there any way of knowing if our application is "in process" though? I'd hate to miss the window to get added. Our PBSF members (only around 50 so far) would love to be a proper part of this

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    I received this first email, thank you Zac.

    As a quick correction, you can go for "Empire Corsairs" instead of "Les Corsaires de l'Empire". It doesn't matter for us. Furthermore, we already "branded" our website with Empire Corsairs.

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Noast View Post (Source)
    we have applied but not yet received something
    The Children of Raxxla have also applied, but not received anything yet. We shall find and return to our home!

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    Our club™ has signed up to this, when will we hear back from you???

    I sent the email today. EDC are looking forward to being involved in this.

    I have a little idea, would it be possible for us to be able to use our club logos in game, on our ships... Now that would be really cool, we already have ours!!! Name:  CLUB ONLY.jpg
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    It is also our trademark for all our clubs, that have been created. It would look cool as a badge on a ship, rather like the rank ones we now have... This would be great for our club members.

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    Coolness! 95th Squadron registered - don't think I have had an email though

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    Attempted to register for Black Aegis. Have yet to receive a confirmation email.

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    A few of us are yet to receive a "you're on the list" message.

    I know things are undoubtedly busy, but an auto "we have got your request" response to mail would be a GREAT addition if possible. just so we know our paperwork is in.

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