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Thread: No sound with bluetooth headphones

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    No sound with bluetooth headphones

    I don't know what the problem is, I have tried all the troubleshooting I can think of. I just upgraded to win10 and now, whenever I log into the game, after about 10 seconds my audio stops working. I checked my drivers and even uninstalled my bluetooth driver and put it back in. Speaker audio works fine, but upsets my roommates. Is there anything any of you can help with to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey yourevilgod,

    Does this happen with any other game or if you are just playing music?

    Bluetooth connections can be a little flakey, so can you confirm that this was working on under the previous version of Windows that you were running as well?

    It might be worth changing the default format that is sent to the headphones, you can do this though the Speaker Properties panel under Sound.

    Let us know how you get on and if you are still having issues do try sending in a ticket.

    Fly safe,


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    They work before and after launching and closing the game. Even without turning them off and back on again. The only other game I have had this problem with was warframe and I stopped playing it because of the issue. If I must, I will get wired headphones but I really don't want to.

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    I think I've just, accidentally, found the solution
    Try to start the game with speakers as Your sound output and, when the game is already loaded, turn on Your bluetooth connection with headphones and make them Your default playback device.
    Works for me now, but I didn't check yet if I can successfully repeat that workaround.

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    Another two times successfull. so I can confirm it's working - at least with Gembird BTD-MINI4 V4.0 CLASS II + Sony MDR-ZX550BNB Black BT/NFC

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    Hi yourevilgod,

    Can you give the above workaround a try to see if this correctly recognises your Bluetooth headset?

    - CMDR Sticks

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    Years later, same issue. The OPs workaround does not work for me, and I'm not sure where to change the default format. Do you mean sound settings in windows or in game? I looked at both and found no "default format". Everything worked fine yesterday. I get sound with all other apps I tried, only ED fails.

    EDIT: I cannot play like this a) no speakers (family) b) head tracker attached to these headphones

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    I think he meant Windows sound settings. Right click the speaker in the taskbar, click playback devices, this is where you can set the default playback device. So start with speakers and once the game is running turn on headphones and alt-tab back to playback devices and set the bluetooth headphones as default.

    It's strange that it's been working fine until yesterday. Has anything changed in your system/settings?

    -CMDR Kosmos, Support Wing

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    Thanks for your reply. Nothing has changed as far as I'm aware. But: after a PC restart, it eventually worked again. The funny thing really is that it always worked with all programs but ED. But I have not tried with other games, so maybe it's some DX thing. Anyway, it's fine again.

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    So just bought a Mpow 059 bluetooth stereo headset with a mic and I couldn't get sound to play past a split second of the loading screen. After looking around online and trying to find a solution I couldn't find anything that would help me get the mic to work at the same time as the stereo headset. I could either use the Mpow as a mono headset with mic or as stereo headphones without a mic, but not both. Mono by the way sounded like I was talking through a tin can.

    Long story short, I let windows trouble shoot and it suggested that I disable all enhancements in the head phone properties and now its working perfectly. I hope this helps people who had trouble using a bluetooth, stereo headphones with a mic combination.

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