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Thread: Black Birds Squadron

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    Thanks Cmdr Abacus

    You're every time welcome and as promised, I will come to add my little stone in your Wildcard CG

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    A very (VERY!) fun and interesting presentation of the group. Many (MANY!) information about us, in this document, created by CMDR Krewstache
    Download an read the PDF file

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    The CG Begin,

    Support the Black Birds Squadron CG in NAUNIN!

    Thank you

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    13 june 2016

    Learn more about our group, our LORE and Wildcard:

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    A Black HQ Station for the Black Birds (Samson / Munfayl). Thank you Frontier! (2.2 feature)

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    NEW! We launched, this evening, our web radio "La Voix Du Consilium" (the consilium voice). Please, turn on:

    And enjoy!

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    Last news:

    A new group's organizational chart is available on prezi: or in our website:

    And, a good new from Frontier: The Black Birds Squadron became a Triple Elite group since november 16.

    Happy hunting, CMDRS

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